Mmmm...oatmeal bread.

Mmmmm. last night to cheer up my achy ass I made a loaf of bread in my new breadmaker. OK I put the stuff in it and then came back 4 hours later to scrummy bread...he heh. I love this little robot!

My Mum had one and I helped her figure out how to use it, and ended up making delicious bread and buns with her. Her friend had the same model she never used and sold it to me for cheapedy cheep. I figured it was worth a shot. Since getting home with it I've made the best kaiser buns ever and last night my first loaf of bread.

I got all ambitious and it still turned out. My grandma always made oatmeal bread and I was craving some. So I found a recipe from an old Black & Decker bread machine book and used it -lots of whole wheat flour and oats and some molasses and walnuts. YUM. Nice and soft and delicious. Not heavy at all - turned out quite nice actually. The top fell a bit so it doesn't *look* perfect but I had some last night with honey on it and it was divine. Today at lunch I scarfed some more with the last of the beet borscht my Mum-in-law made me.
Mmm...having a bread machine is a good thing! I just have to not eat bread all the time! Now I just need a good bread machine recipe book for lots of kinds of breads. Anyone got any ideas? You get very few with the machine and I want to make any and all breads! Next loaf will be potato bread I think.


And yes, I'm feeling better now. Still a bit achy and the odd cough but not nearly as dire as I'd worried about this morning. I think I will survive after all! :)


grapecat said…
glad you're feeling better.

beet borscht - seriously yum.
Colette Ernst said…
Better home and Gardens: Biggest book of Bread Machine Recipes. Deadly good. Includes an amazing Challah recipe (although I double the honey...), Raisin Rum loaf, Wild Rice bread, Cheese bread and soo many more!
Corey said…
I have the exact same bread maker :)
But I do not have any good recipe books for bread machines. They hard to find in my opinion.

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