Remembering Wicket

I'm a little mopey. I found out my friend's cat died yesterday.
Wicket was a incredibly fluffy cream coloured tub ball of a cat. He could shed more than any cat I have ever known...he was scared of the strangest things, and I will miss his little fur face when I visit. I used to keep an eye on him when Heather was gone for her weekly shifts at the mine lab, and I'd get to hang out and play "catch the thing" with him and let him shed all over me. He'd "help" us play Wii by sitting on the controllers and loved to sit in our laps when we watched movies and try and lick the potato chips when we weren't looking.
Wicket got diabetes a few months ago, and wasn't eating well, and was going to start needing insulin shots daily if his appetite didn't pick up. Because she wasn't home all the time from work and she didn't want to burden me to go out and check on him and maybe give him shots, she brought him out to her parents farm tohave her mom keep an eye on him...he seemed to perk up well and really liked the farm. He spent his time running around the farm and making buddies with the other mousers there...and still came up for daily skritches and laptime. Unfortunately, after initial improvement, he didn't get better...and so he's buried under the tree he liked to curl up under in the sun. It's nice to have somewhere to go to remember his plumpness...but sad to see him go.

Bye furball. We'll miss you :(


Pacian said…

Named for an ewok as well...

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