Sometimes you don't realise what you have until it's spread out before you.
This weekend I got to be with my family in one of my favourite places on earth. I got to walk in the snow with my handsome (mustached) husband, and relish in in our being together...still. I got to bake in the kitchen with my Mum. I got to watch J and Dad build a shelf for our house. I had supper with family and friends and visited with good food, good wine and fantastic conversation.
What struck me most of all was seeing how life can turn the tables on you and bring back joy. This weekend I got to witness joy and love...My Dad's friend Gavin, who lost his wife Shirley to cancer a few years ago, was at supper...and he was happy. He was laughing and smiling...and holding the hand of another old family friend. She lost her husband to cancer about 10 years ago...and over the past year she's helped him deal with his grief, because she could understand it...and oddly enough, they are now together. There is joy in their lives again. It makes me so grateful to see how life brings things together, and offers us things to be thankful for. To know that things go on, and life still happens and joy returns: Yes. I am thankful. :)


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