It's a wawwy

I love my home town. I like living where people still speak up and have opinions...and act on them.

For some reason George Bush is booked to come here and speak next week at a lotsa $$ per seat banquet, and lotsa people here are angry about it. I'm not impressed...the man, in my opinion, did little to further America and a lot wrong with Iraq (including starting a war for greed and business and turning a blind eye to war crimes)... to top it all off, he is not someone I would call a good public speaker. This is the guy who can't pronounce nuclear. Who continued to read children's books when the twin towers collapsed...why would you pay $$ to hear him speak? I just don't get the appeal.
I suspect it will be a gathering of uber conservative rich business types who will pat each other's backs and applaud loudly...after all, if Bush can make it to the presidency, why can't they be great public figures too? In my mind all I can forsee the event as is a big business networking shmoozefest. Ech.

There is a rally against him on Wed, Oct 21 when he is scheduled to speak. Turns out a lot of people (myself included) don't like the fact that he is coming to speak here. They want him to be held accountable for what happened during his presidency. The night before his arrival and speeches in town there is a showing of "Taxi to the Dark Side" at the local library (a film that touches on America's attitude towards war crimes and torture). The day of, there will be a rally...I'm stuck at work so I can't be there, but I do hope there is a strong non-crazy showing of people to express what needs to be said. Maybe if enough level headed, average people speak up against corruption and bad leadership something will change.

Ya think?


The rule of war appears to be that the winner doesn't get tried for war crimes.

We won, right? We overthrew two evil empires and instituted democracies (right?) that everybody loves (right?) and that are even better than our own (right?).

Wait a minute. What "war"? I don't remember Bush asking Congress to declare war. I don't remember the Senate voting to approve a declaration of war. Oh, that must be why captives were called "enemy combatants" instead of "prisoners of war" and why such basic rights as a speedy trial were suspended, such that prisoners... er, combatants, are still being held against their wills, with no evidence, no charges, and no fair trials.

Oops. Sorry for the rant.

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