Whew...what a day

Well, yesterday was a bit of an adventure...we returned home from seeing Avatar again (so good) to find a number of messages about my Mum being airlifted to the hospital here in town from the smaller city one she was at near the cabin. I was quite worried at first, but I am overjoyed now that she is here. Because her heart beats weakly and rather erratically, her lungs and ankles have slowly filled up with fluid over the past week or so, and until they can get her heart stronger they can't give her too many water pill meds to reduce the fluid as it would lower her blood pressure too much. So that is why they flew her here where the experts are so they can figure out what to do...and I am so glad.
The doctors here in the hospital where I work are indeed the best in the province...and I am being selfish in that I can now go visit her and see her. Last night after the messages, a call to my brother relaxed me a bit, as he had been in to see her and said that while she was not well, she is not critical yet. J and I went down to see here in emergency for a bit.
Today a cardiologist who I know and trust will be seeing her today and getting her set straight, and working to get her heart stronger. They are moving her out of emerg once a bed is free and will begin to remove the fluid from her lungs and legs. Once *that* is looked after they can focus on her heart meds more...for some reason the doctor she saw a few weeks ago had decided to reduce her water medication...and this is the result of it all. That particular doc is on holidays now, so we don't even know why he chose to do that and they are basically starting over from scratch to fix all of that...grrr. I'm sure he had reasons, but all I know is I sure am glad Mum is here under the care of someone I trust.

Last night she was in relatively good spirits, despite not being able to keep much food down or breathe very well, but she was cracking smiles and the people looking after her are doing a great job. My dad is here in town at my brother's now as well, having packed up the lake, so he can visit and be here. I'm hoping to see him this afternoon for a bit and will be off to visit mum again this afternoon. I'm hoping the cardiologist has been able to start helping her out and that they've moved her to somewhere a bit more quiet so she can get some rest. It's been a tough few days for her. For such a tiny lady she's very very strong. I wish her heart could keep up with her...
I for one was just glad to see her with my own eyes...I know she's far from being OK, but she's under good care and we are all together. For now that is enough.


grapecat said…
oh - sweet - good thoughts and wishes for you and your family from us - hang in there
the Bag Lady said…
Good thoughts coming from over here, too! Hope the doctor gets your mom straightened out and she recovers well.

Loved the pictures of the sewing you did for Christmas (in your previous post) I've been a bit under the weather myself and haven't been checking blogs as diligently as normal!

Happy New Year!
Pacian said…
Here's a smile in case you need one later:


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