No fair.

I'm a little pissed. OK more than a little.
Every year on my birthday for years now we have had a bonfire...birthday and halloween and bonfire and awesome. In my favourite firepit across the lake. Last year J and the crew taped their halloween episode there too. This year my birthday is actually on a friday - even better! I was going to start inviting people and begin planning it next week. I checked with the crew and some friends and they were all in for coming...I was starting to plan it all out.
Yeah...on facebook I just got an invite to the halloween birthday bonfire...but it's not mine. But yet it is mine. I was invited to this year's crew and host halloween birthday party there for them and 2 people on their show, on that day...and apparently I'm invited. How nice of them to invite me to my own bonfire, pretty much take it over and not mention my birthday at all (but 2 other people's, including the inviter) in the invite.
I know it's just an oversight and it'll be fun having the people there (I had invited them all anyways) but fuck me if I'm not slightly bitter about having my birthday thing taken over by someone else...
I feel like a 4 year old, but bah humbug and fucksticks galore.


Diddums said…
Sounds as though they didn't realize it was your birthday.

Anyway, it's your bonfire... you can put who you like on it. ;-)
the Bag Lady said…
Awww - try not to roast anyone. (that diddums could get you in trouble.... don't listen!!)

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