In the week before Christmas my Geo sewed for me...

28 dinner napkins
2 bunny hugs
and a fuzzy toque of fleece, Mee hee... :)

I'm in the home stretch.
We've gotten the gifts we've had to buy (is it just me or are the stores particularly crowded with particularly grumpy people this year??) and I'm nearly done making the rest.
So. Much. Fun. I love making gifts.

I've serged up 3 sets of nice dinner napkins for my sis-in-law and two of the 3 bunny hugs are done for my 3 little nieces. Grandma has her bath salts...and I can see the end of it all. One little jacket to go! Victory photos when I'm done...I promise.

I had a nice visit with Mom & Dad. We worked out the grand scheme for renos when they are here in January. Mom is tired, but doing OK. They're safely home again.
Add to that a family dinner today with Mennonite cabbage rolls, deer sausage and tonnes of turkey and I must say:
Ho Ho Ho!


grapecat said…
ohh cabbage rolls - yummmmmm

glad your mom's back on her feet :)
the Bag Lady said…
Are those the little tiny cabbage rolls made with rice and bacon and sour cabbage? The ones that can be SO-O-O good (or really, really bad, depending on who makes them!)

My SIL's grandmother makes them and hers are out of this world fabulous!
Okay, now you have me craving cabbage rolls at 6 am......

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