Tiptoe through the painttray

Heh...the cats were apparently very curious about all the painting I did on the weekend. I ended up having to clip the paw fur of Gavin...he's wandered all around the painted stuff after I was done and managed to get it all over his paws. I figured it was fingerprints in the paint. Nope...Gavin prints.

The snow melted over the weekend and we're back to our regularly scheduled fall...kind of. There are still some leaves left on the trees and it's my favourite season, so I'm glad to get a little of it. I am pumped...it's fuzzy everything season. Fuzzy socks. Fuzzy hats. I broke out the micro-fleece sheets last night. They are so warm and cozy - like a giant fuzzy cocoon. :)

As a random odd link, here's a good one for you. In planning for emergency awareness and response, the University of Florida has included zombie awareness in their plans. Go here to see their written plans to respond to (*snort*) "zombie behavior spectrum disorder" or ZBSD as they so quaintly describe it. Good to know film scifi trends are trickling over into regular life. Now all we need are response plans for the coming apocalyptic robot hordes and we'll be all set.
Erm...I'll make sure I have my chainsaw ready and renew my zombie squad membership...just in case...
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Tom Bailey said…
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I like your blog.

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