Leaping Lemurs

I have a confession - I want a pet lemur.

This weekend J and I had a little mini getaway. It was fantastic. We had tickets to see Moby in Edmonton so we made a little romantic getaway out of it. Moby and his band were performing in the Edmonton Event Centre which is attached to West Ed Mall, so we decided to stay in a themed Polynesian room and have a fun weekend. And we did.

Fantastic! The concert was fantastic. Really. Mehee. I got to hear Moby say "thank you thank you thank you thank you" after a song. Squeee. He was very nice guy, performing with his band and two women with the most amazing voices singing lead vocals to most of his songs. Phenomenal pipes on these women. He played a bit of everything - even his old techno stuff! Meep! I got to hear Go live and jump around like a fool. They played a lot of my favourite songs....lots of energy and a real personal cozy feeling to it all. Fantastic show...Loved it. The Ed Event Centre is a great place to see a show - no matter where you are you can see the stage. I was about 5 feet from the stage and could see Moby and his band all very well. Not even the large drunken troll who took up residence near me in the crowd could dampen the show for me - it was great! His opening act, who was also one of his lead vocalists, was Kelli Scarr. She has a few of her tracks to download or free on her website - check her out. Her voice is amazing...

Then it was still a full weekend in a cool theme room with a ginormous hot tub shaped like a rock pool, a nice romantic dinner out, bangers and mash for breakfast (mmmm) and even Where the Wild Things Are in Imax. That movie is so full of imagination...by someone who had an imagination filled childhood. I have never read the book, but J has many times. We both enjoyed it.

West Ed mall is huge with lots of stuff to do and see. They even have lemurs there. You can watch them. Tee hee. Half monkey, half cat critters. Cute and hoppy and furry...and I want one please. Please?

Yes my friends...it was a wonderful weekend. :)
Hope you all had a great weekend too. I'm off to the lab. Things are afoot! :)


the Bag Lady said…
Glad you had such a great time! I've never stayed at W Ed. One of these days, perhaps.

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