Ahhhh...I had the luck getting in to see Gogol Bordello last night at a steamy sold out show.
Gypsy punk insanity. It was a great show....crazy energy. Seeing these guys live is a great time.
And now back to regular everyday life. Pledge drive? Done. 15 hour day helping J shoot a Halloween episode at Camp Crystal Lake (jay jay jay jay son son son son)? Done.

5Km Breast Cancer Walk for the Cure? Done. So inspiring.

All finished off by the gypsy punk insanity that is Gogol Bordello. Jumping up and down to Start Wearing Purple was a great way to end off 2 insanely busy weeks... Plus J shaved his beard off for the pledge drive...the masses chose his new "look" and now I find myself married to Tom Selleck for 2 weeks.
Bizarre, amusing and slightly unsettling :)
(yes...photos to come)

Ahhhh :)

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