I'm sorry, I don't follow sportsball

I swear...if one more person asks me if I watched the game yesterday I will kill them. :)
There is something in Saskatchewan about *having* to like the provincial football team, the Roughriders, with a crazy sort of love. People wear watermelons on their heads. It's a crazy level of pride for a team that, more often than not, loses spectacularly most years. This year has been a good year and yesterday, apparently, we won the western championships which means we will be in the Grey Cup. And that the province has permission to go nutbar over football for the next week until the Grey Cup is over on sunday.
Here's to a week of green and white stuff everywhere and rider flags hanging from every visible free surface. God forbid we win the cup!
Don't get me wrong - I don't hate football or our team, it's just the insane and manic insistence from everyone I meet that I must love them or I am somehow mentally deficient that gets to me after a while. I just don't care one way or the other...perhaps I should. By the end of the week I may be sucked into it. We'll see.
It's more contageous than swine flu...:)

Green is the colour...football is the game...


solarity said…
Deepest condolences on your win.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, where they act this this about basketball, too.
Pacian said…
Wait, I can't tell, did you watch the game last night or not?

Oh sh-! O_O
the Bag Lady said…
It'll all be over in a week, Geo. Well, unless they win. Then you'll have to put up with all those green faced (hungover?) folks for a few more days.
Rimshot said…
Well, as my Bears have no hope of showing signs of life for the remainder of the NFL season, I suppose I'm not above jumping on a winning bandwagon, so...


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