Tutus and hotdogs

I've been working on my Robot Parent Mom costume and just finished it for the Doomfest this weekend. I now have overalls, purple tank top, yellow gloves and a bright red ridiculous tutu. I can be Invader Zim's robot Mom. Yup...tutus are fun to make, even with 2 cats helping...
Yes we specialize in the obscure here at Geo's Costume Emporium.
Geek likes the tutu. I cannot keep him out of it now that it's finished. I've wrapped about 7 m of red toulle in 4 inch strips around a ribbon to ties around my waist. Pooftastic. It is utterly ridiculous. Perfect.
Me? I like the Natalie Dee shirt my brother got for my birthday. It just arrived!
I, and it, are both equally awesome.
That is all...


Corey said…
the Bag Lady said…
You ARE awesome! And the shirt is cute, too.
Love the cat in the tutu.... too cute! Cats are so funny that way.

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