I have a bunch of sour candies and Fizz candies left over. Mee hee. This year I got candy I liked so I can nibble at it for ages...yum. I'm not a huge sugar fiend so it'll last for a long time...

And (sniff) as a final farewell to my beloved Halloween, check out this song about Halloween Candy.

Now, I am pleased to put the pumpkins and zombies away and happily point out that it's very nearly blinky lights season. I had a nice Halloween despite the sickies. I carved pumpkins with my brother and Yukiho - her pumpkin had heart eyes and a huge cartoon grin. She has a Hello Kitty costume to's rediculously cute :) She is loving Halloween...back in Japan they take ghosts and things so much more seriously, that she likes the fun part of Halloween. She thinks it made her less scared of spooky things than she was in the past. I'm sure the candy doesn't hurt either!

I'm just settling into the comforting idea very soon I will have free reign to begin putting blinky lights all over the house...Bwahaah!
Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.....


Anonymous said…
It was a relief to get from my Google Reader to your dark blog. I can't abide sites which are pure glaring white!

Am looking forward to blinky lights season myself. Already bought a stuffed reindeer from a charity shop... couldn't imagine why no one else wanted him. He looked round our house and said to Mum "where's the Christmas tree?" and Mum said "NOT YET!!!"


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