Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quite undeserving. Quite happy. I have the day off and I love it. It's been ages since I've had this much time to myself.
J is back at work, but I have off until the 3rd of January, and altho I should do a few things over the holiday, it is a morning all for myself and I just can't bring myself to do much of anything except drink coffee just yet. The holidays were nice and not too rushed this year. Christmas eve was fun and Christmas day was a nice day spent with J's family nibbling food and playing games. It's fun having a 2 year old around at really makes it a lot easier to remember what makes it so magic when you get to see the magic played out right in front of you. And yesterday, well J and I just hung out together and relaxed, nibbling on food made in my new wok and watching Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. I hid from the real world for a few days and it was lovely.

It was all so very nice...altho I have learned this holiday season how incredibly unobservant I can be. J left out a surprise present for me Christmas morning...which I totally somehow missed and didn't see until boxing day. So I recieved it then. And couldn't figure out why he was so mopey on Christmas day (oops). When I *did* finally open it I was brought to tears...he has replaced my galilean thermometer with a beautiful new larger one. It's 50 cm tall and measures 18-28 degrees...I feel blessed and ever so silly. Only I could totally miss a shiney wrapped present over helf a metre high. Luckily the man loves me a great deal and was patient enough to wait for me to recieve it. And it is beautiful...
Our inner geeks are really quite satiated after this holiday...I now have a fully operational Muppet Labs with Dr. Honeydew and Beaker and a robot rabbit. J has a motion control Tardis with lots of whoops and wheezes.

Merry Christmas again to all of you.
I won't be in much over the holidays but please have a wonderful holiday time and eat lots of cake and hug lots of people and generally have a nice time off relaxing doing whatever it is you least for a bit.
Me? I'm off to read a while...

Monday, December 24, 2007

On the eve of good things

It's Christmas tomorrow.
I love Christmas.
Today I can break out the Christmas music (I try not to inflict too much of it on J) and finish up the few homemade gifts. Then it's over to my brother's for pizza and eggnog and Carsicona for the evening, and then to my in-laws Christmas day to relax and nibble and watch my 2 year old neice enjoy her first real Christmas. Can't wait..
It's been a very nice Christmas time so far...lots of time to relax, not too much food (yet) and plenty of time to relax with J. And the snow is fluufy and beautiful...there's beena full moon lately and the river has been all misty and glowy...s'nice that.
We even made giant a gingerbread North Pole with my neice, complete with many trees, a Santa's cottage and a big gingerbread train full of's covering my sister-in-laws table at the moment...quite elaborate and a whole lot of fun.

Well I must be off to finish my recipe jars and muffin of the month club card (membership has it's privelidges...)

A Merry CHristmas to you all!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm done work until January!
Time to go home, put on my Gir slippers and dance and sing like Gir...

Wheee hee heeeee!

Hot Damn and Hallelujah

Oh Yeah! It is officially time to do a little dance!
Yes, I just celebrated by running around the house giggling...I had to be quiet as J is asleep...but MAN!


You have no idea how cool this is!

Doo doo doo doo
Do doo doo doooo
Do do do do do dooooo

Now I can go sleep the sleep of the datafree :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stuck in my head since my alarm

Short Skit, Long Jacket - Cake

I want a girl with a mind like a diamond
I want a girl who knows what's best
I want a girl with shoes that cut
And eyes that burn like cigarettes
I want a girl with the right allocations
Who's fast and thorough and sharp as a tack
She's playing with her jewelry
She's putting up her hair
She's touring the facility and picking up slack
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket...

I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who used a machette to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass
She is fast and thorough and sharp as a tack
She's touring the facility and picking up slack
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket

I want a girl with a smooth liquidation
I want a girl with good dividends
And at the city bank we will meet accidentally
We'll start to talk when she borrows my pen
She wants a car with a cupholder arm rest
She wants a car that will get her there
She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen
She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler La Baron
I want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnnggggggggg jacket.


Holy crap it's only 6 days until Christmas!
When did that happen?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So close to monkey time!

The end is in brain is fighting the burnout...and likely tomorrow I'll be done this cursed data. FINALLY.

My reward for all this?
A Monkey Bag. Well OK I don't know if that is what it is *actually* called, but it is what *I'm* calling it. It's a nice messenger bag made of soft black vinyl and it has many pouches and pockets and will tote all my kit and my lunch too...but the best part is there is a monkey on it. The Beastie Boys, with one of them as an ape to be specific. I saw it online ages a go and thought "huh...neat", but it was too much, so I left it behind. I saw it again the other day marked way down to $20 here in I have rewarded myself. I've needed a new bag to haul things about and to work for a while now, so it is time (monkey time?)
And it has a monkey on it...and the Beastie Boys. This can only be a good thing...

To doesn't get better than that without getting all posh and leatherishlike on me. And with my track record for wrecking/losing things that are really nice, this monkey bag is a good thing.

My cat even fits inside.
No, I didn't PUT him in he just went in.....enough room in there for a Maine Coone is all I'm saying. cat messenger bag for me it is.
And as soon as I'm done I can start using it.
Well, off to bed with brain is done.

Monday, December 17, 2007

All work and no play

Hey! You!
Want to know what *isn't* boring?
Entering 15 consecutive years worth of data.
Yeah, fact, I can just tell that these last 3 years remaining will be gripping, edge of your seat sort of data files...
The kind you make legends and myths out of...I can just tell.

Hrm. What to do?
Well there's nothing for it I suppose...

All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl
All work and no play makes Geo a dull girl

Hrrm...noone finshed up while I was away.
Well, back at it then...

Christmas meme

Busy day, but I loves my quizzes and memes, so here we go (stolen from Diddums) . A little insight into my Christmasness.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? - Paper...I love wrapping things. It seems like cheating when you use the bags, although I must admit, some of my gifts would look a whole lot better in a bag than how they end up when I've finished with them!

2. Real tree or artificial? Artificial - it's a family heirloom of sorts. If I could guarantee I wouldn't have needles of pain all over my carpet for a few months after I might go for a real one...they smell so nice..

3. When do you put up the tree? - First weekend in December.

4. When do you take the tree down? - by the end of January

5. Do you like eggnog? Oh yeah. With rum.

6. Favourite gift received as a child? This cool drawing Monsters and Superheroes thing - with a bunch of different heads and bodies and legs. You mix and match them and rub over a piece of paper on top of the raised template and get your very own thingummy to colour in. I still pull it out occasionally...

7. Do you have a Nativity scene? Yes. A friend made me an abstract one out of wood...I like it, but don't always put it out, as my cat likes to run off with the little sheep...

8. Hardest person to buy for? My father in law.

9. Easiest person to buy for? J.

10. Worst Christmas Gift you ever received? This hideous lace covered blouse of a thing. I couldn't even bring myself to try it on to be polite. Mom and I have a deal now - no clothing as gifts!

11. Mail or email Christmas cards? Some of both...I'm pretty tardy, so usually the people far from me get email and late cards.

12. Favourite Christmas Movie? It's a Wonderful Life. It was my childhood model of goodness and kindness and how true love would be. I still watch it every year to remind myself.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Mostly December, unless it is something that will take a while to get here or is hard to find/get. J has a knack for wanting obscure things you can't get in Canada so I'm always up for a challenge.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Chocolates yes. Other than that I just give them away at work.

15. Favourite thing to eat/drink at Christmas? Mulled wine or hot apple cider and snickerdoodle cookies. Pumpkin pecan pie is also yummy.

16. Clear lights or coloured on the tree? Coloured. Blue actually. It's a white tree, so whatever colour we put on makes it glow that colour.

17. Favourite Christmas song? Coventry Carol. My fave Christmas album is Roger Whittaker's Christmas just isn't Christmas without it playing.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Depends - we tend to rotate who's side of family we spend Christmas with.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Yes

20. Angel on the tree top or a Star? Star. The little tree in the basement has a little knitted hat on top. Altho last night I had a brilliant idea for a tree topper. How about a planet or moon of some kind that lit up inside, with a little arm that rotated around the center with an old 1950s science fiction style space rocket flying in orbit around it. How cool would *that* be?

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? J and I Christmas eve - our gifts to each other at home by ourselves. The rest on Christmas day after breakfast and the family has gone to Christmas service.

Tag you're it (if you wanna be...)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I forgot to tape Torchwood last night while we both were working.
Anyone have it on tape they can give me?
I suck and have failed at my taperer duties...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Go me

Just popped in to announce that I've just entered my one thousandth data file.
Yup...that's 1000.
And only about 400 left.
I can see the end...sort of.

At least the "done" pile is visibly higher than the "dear god I still have to enter all of those" pile.
Go me.


My Mum and Dad were here.
It was so great to see them - a bit of an early CHristmas of sorts. We gave Mom her little, easy to use digital camera that we kids got her for Christmas. Now she can see if she's cut off our heads or put her finger int he way before she develops the film roll! And it's pink...she's quite happy. We gave our Dad a year's subscription to Wood magazine so he can make things and tinker out in the shop. It's nice to give people things they will use and enjoy...they'll think of us often just like we do them...:)
We went out for dinner (and I had a piece of halibut that was good enough for Jehovah) and then hung out at my brother's and played dominos and drank hot chocoalte and laughed and talked until midnight.
I'm sad they won't be here at Christmas time, but it was great to see them, even for just a bit.

It's nice to be tired for a good reason :)

PS-if anyone wants to feed Frobisher, click more to toss him a fish. He's a good little penguin. I like to keep him happy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


SO in a recent list of the highest polluting countries out there, Canada is at the lousy end of the list...only behind China, the US and Australia. The only large 3 countries not currently in the Kyoto accord are - Canada, China and the US, now that Australia is on board, with their new government. As of late, our new provincial government has been loosely discussing using the uranium we mine here in the province to fuel a local small reactor...and get make cheap fuel to power the digging up of the OIL SANDS in ALBERTA!
A hearty WTF to all of this.
How did we fall so far?

The true north strong and free is not the shining beacon of human dignity and nature that it is inside my head...and that saddens me. To live in a country that is so full of beauty, and that prides itself on it's love of nature and goodness to people of all cultures...and be so very very far from that image in reality is sad.

Canada needs to make changes.

Recently scientists assigned carbon units to the amount of emissions that will happen before the global warming problem is irreversible...and the number was roughly about 180 or so...and accruing about 2-3 units a year. We're currently at about 120 on that scale...AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE. Our new Prime Minister (whom I not so affectionately call Bonehead) has backed out of Kyoto. Our official opposition leader who claims to be pro-environment (his dog is named Kyoto) abstained on the vote and gave in choked when we needed him most to defend us on environmental the former environent minister he caved and thought more about staying on as head of the Liberals than of the country's environmental welfare. So we are not as a country doing anything to address pollution. Nothing significant at all.

We just sit and talk about how we'll have a plan in place maybe in 5 years. Screw the effect on the economy that these adjustments may have! Developing countries being sucked into the affluent consumerism of modern day will need fuel and will start producing just as much waste and crap as we do...if we can't curb ourselves, how can we expect them to? We put dollars and cents and our "fragile economy" first, while the world is slowly being poisoned in front of our eyes. I fail to see how the corporate agenda takes precedence over the entire effing planet!

I know I compost, I recycle, I try and keep our house as energy efficient as possible and not buy crap I don't need...but I'm just one person. And I could do more...and a lot of people don't. I don't make the huge decisions. I can't force people to help out on my own. I saw a video presentation recently from the 90s of a girl about 13 addressing the environmental world conference asking the adults why they are told one thing but shown another when it comes to looking after the earth, and why things were being polluted and ruined...and it is still true. Years later the same issues are still here. We are not doing enough to fix the problem...because it is easier to not do it. There are alternative energy sources, but we won't use them until we *have* to...and by then it may be too late.

I have been thinking about this for days now and talking with J about it and I don't know that else to say except to implore all you out there to try and do your part. Shame your leaders into doing the right things by setting examples on how to treat other people and the planet you live in. I'd like to see my grandkids living here peacefully instead of off on a Mars colony because we used up the place and had to move on. Don't get me wrong...I'm INTO Mars and Moon living (Heck, I spent a month on Mars and it's not so bad really)...I could go with retiring to the moon. Just for kicks tho...not out of necessity. Of course they're talking about possible fuel mining on the moon so...I feel pessimistic saying it, but maybe we'd just go there and muck it up too. Who knows?

I for one like to think we can get it right. Canada needs to change. We are not the beacon of human dignity and natural beauty that we believe ourselves to be...and it is a shame. What to do about it?
Well, I think Yoda said it best:

DO or do not. There is no try.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Engrish...the new chart topper

I found this on Betty's weblog, and thought I'd steal it as I need a break from work for a bit and hey it's my blog so there nyeah nyeah nyeah flibble gibble foo. Indeed.
Here goes...

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article repeatedly to name each track on your album.

Band name: Ti Arai
Album title: Engrish

Track listing:

01) Wodonga TAFE Radio
02) Cotton Club (disambiguation)
03) 1751 in Great Britain
04) Quiet Girl with a Credit Card
05) Buzz Ritchie
06) Sonic X-treme
07) Egton Medical Information Systems
08) The Leader (newspaper)
09) Rachel Goldstein
10) DSM
11) Ryu Goto
12) Blue's Journey
13) Jiang Tingxi
14) Dragon chess
15) Carl Jah
16) Williams Street West

I'll start on it right now...

Why sure - just pop on by!

My parents just decided to come visit for 2 days.
Bad week for it really...with this data flying around the place, and meetings too and J working his butt off as well...well there's too much to do. Let's just say they're going to get a crash course in "how I really live" (AKA. no time for parental previsit tidying)

I want a nap so very badly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Speaking of odd...

On a roll with the odd things.
I was giggling this morning thinking about a small show called Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great's a low low budget sketch show. Not all of it is that funny, but I admire it because some of it is so incredibly...well...wierd. *that* is what cracks me up about it...the strangeness. And it *is* strange.
So I present to you...a few of my favorite bits from this show I could find on the net.
AND one of their Christmas songs to get you the festive mood? Or something...

Ta! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


I've been catching all the odd song lyrics in my music over the past few days. And I'm finding there's a lot of odd stuff out there...and in my music collection. A lot of my music is without lyrics as of late, so I find I'm paying more attention to the lyrics that *are* there. I realise my taste in music is pretty diverse, but a box of christmas cookies in the mail to anyone who can tell me where these different odd song lyrics are by. (No interwebby cheating peoples...and they're different people..and if there's a battle for supremecy and you can't get them all, just maybe those with the mostest gets the goods).

1) Like the thunderbolt of Thor, I soar like meteor
2) You'll never lose with your razorblade shoes
3) He goes to sleep by falling on his face
4) If I could open my mouth wide enough for a marching band to march out
5) A part of me would like to travel in your veins
6) I like a chick with big potatoes to mash

Of course now that I'm actually trying to list them I can inly come up with 6...and of course, not all of them are freaky deaky odd. But list. So there.

Any wierd lyrics stuck in *your* head lately?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Movin' on up!

It's been a long time coming.

The Community Radio Association, CFCR I volunteer a lot for and help out with (and J does a show for) finally moved on up this weekend. As a non-profit place, they barely squeak by with a few staff, but what they do makes the city I live a better place. We interview local artists, play lesser known indie music and local bands, and have multicultural programming in over 20 different languages, with spoken word and special interest shows (environmental, political, GLB, femininist, radio dramas, comic name it...) it's a local voice with a place for everyone. It's a great place.
And finally...after over a decade of being ina dingy moldy smelly basement of a downtown building, CFCR finally raised enough money from this year's pledge drive to move on up. They're in a new place and it's AMAZING. They have (ooh aah) windows, enough space for everyone, and it's so bright and happy and healthy. I wasn't eggagerating about the state of their old home. For such a good place to finally have a step up is fantastic, and yesterday was the grand opening of the new digs. The mayor came by and and cut a ribbon with some shiny scissors, so they can't make us go back. It was great to see something that was always daydreamed about for years actually happen. There was even a cake with some coloured icing that made everyone's mouth turn grey like a zombie (black icing = bad idea) and later on in the evening was the Christmas fundraising shindig thanks to all of us who'd helped out to make it happen.
It was a great day with great hey! I had a great evening.

This morning...I really should be entering data while J is out on a shoot, but I'd rather reminisce with cats and coffee.
Should get to it tho. Happy sunday everyone.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mah brane - it hrtz

I just finished nearly 1/2 my data! A culmination of 29 hours of brain petrifying work...about 35 more to go.
My brain is melting...

I sleep now.

I luvs da intrnet

Psalm 3
From LOLCat Bible Translation Project

1 o Cieling Cat, how lotz da r mah foez! srlsy! how lotz da rize up against me! I iz scareded!

2 lotz da r sayin ov me, "Cieling Cat will not delivr him. U can no haz delivr. Not evn pizzas lol"

3 but u r shield around me, o Cieling Cat, like a force fields frum star trek; u gives cheezburgrz on me an lift up mah head. Thx.

4 2 teh Cieling Cat i cry aloud, an he anzwers me frum his hole in da ceiling.

5 i lie down an sleeps in my serta memry foam bed (is comfort); i waek again, cuz teh Cieling Cat sumtime he gets nait crazies an chazes invisible mouse thru da livings room and I are layk omg wtf.

6 im gonna not fear teh tens ov thousandz

7 arize, o Cieling Cat! delivr me cheezburgers, o mah Cieling Cat! strike all mah enemiez on teh jaw, and pees on their carpets an sleep in theyr laundrie; break teh teeth ov teh wickd and sharpen clawz on couch and then pretend u did not do anything bad k thx.

8 frum teh Cieling Cat comez deliverance and many cheezburgers and cookiez. cud ur blesin be on ur peeps.

My cats are trying to kill me

Ever wake up with 2 cats on your of which then suddenly launches thru the air off your face (using your cheek as a foot grip) at the sound of your alarm clock...leaving you gripping your face and yelling "dammit cat!" at the retreating furry blur, while having the other leap up, twitching and hopping all over your most squishy and compressable parts in a mad panic trying to escape off the bed?

You should come to my house. It's all *kinds* of fun found here...
Either they were trying to smother me in my sleep or scar me so I am unable to eat or breathe and waste away to nothingness...

Stupid cats. They left no permenant marks, but I'm thinking I'll need a helmet soon just to sleep in my own bed without injury.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fluffy puff

It's funny...I've been waiting for lots of snow for ages and we've finally had days of the fluffy stuff. It's great...altho I'm finding already that shovelling snow is turning into making the know, why do it when you'll just have to do it again tomorrow?

But I love it all, as it's so pretty. And after being out picketing for ages in the cold, now, it's nothing to shovel or just go for a walk in the cold...kinda fun actually. I"m sure it will wear off, but for now it's great.
It's getting me all festive and holidayey. This weekend is "coat the home in lights" time and the tree will go up. I love Christmas for all the lights and shiney things.
It makes me feel so much better just sitting in a blinky room with some tea...
but til then....well, more shovelling (and data) :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Come back fat as a rat

It's very surreal being back to "normal".
I feel appreciative of the tiniest of little things now... and oddly enough I miss parts of picketing. I work alone, and being around people was so nice. And I got freckles in the middle of winter... the sunshine was great. The weather only sucked for the last week or so, and growing up in this kind of weather where you'd bundle up in it and play as a kid, it didn't seem so bad as long as you had your kit on and a fire to warm up at.
I'm glad to be back in the lab. Nothing got wrecked, and I've got lots of nifty projects to get back to and start...and I like knowing I'll get paid again, so Christmas won't be entirely absent. This year gifts will be minimal, and not jsut for the $$ reasons. Gifting for the joy of giving, not for price or out of obligation, and things I can make or choose for the person myself. It will be about family and friends and spending time with the people and activities that really matters in my life.

It's good to be back.
I feel like I've had a bit of a tune up...I may have broken or lost a few things, but perhaps they'll be replaced by other new things...or maybe I don't really need them or want them anymore. And I have a few picketing photos, but they're on a borrowed cell phone and I'm sad t osay I have no clue how to get them off of it...when I muddle thru I'll post photos of my Mars holiday.

And I can't help but wonder - will work be different now? Will the overall atmosphere be closer? More divided? Only time will tell...I know *I* feel different. Not sure how yet exactly.
We'll see I guess.

As for me, I'm glad to say it's back to the lab.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well it finally happened.
Last night, after a full month of striking, after 2 days of negotiations with a mediator the university and the union agreed to go to binding arbitration for the 2 unresolved issues of the contract they are still diametrically opposed on. It's the best way to a reasonable settlement that won't leave us out on strike forever and make the university students suffer. AND it means the university can't bully us anymore - they have t oagree to an external fair decision. We may not get all we want, but it means we've made our point...and we can go back to work while it's being worked out.


Let's just say I'm doing the happy dance right now. :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Feel the love?

J's friends and coworkers stopped by today while I was out picketing in the cold. They brought us a little christmas package...all the things for an amazing christmas meal and some hot chocolate and peppermints.
And later in the day I got a letter from one of my bosses containing some money to help with bills and groceries.

I'm so touched. I don't even know how to thank them.
I'm the sort who never asks for anything, and always wants to help out and give when I can...I've never been on the recieving end of it before. I feel like my heart has grown 5 times today...

I'm a little more even now that I've had a bit of time, and I won't have to go out in the cold for a few days, so I'm feeling better.
It's been a lot of bad without muchgood this week and it feels like the tides may be turning a bit.

And this kindness out of the blue? Makes me all warm inside.

These people are amazing.

And *you* guys too.

You remind me about the important things in life and that it will all be OK.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I just got estimates on fixing the car.
A mere $1600.00 of damage was done...I'm hoping insurance will cover part of it but I won't know for a week or so.
Seeing as I'm not earning any money, all my bills are due and it's christmas time that repair cost should just be no problem at all eh?

I ask you oh great pulsating brain at the center of the world....what the flying fuck?
Enough already.

Does not compute

So far I've typed in nearly 180 data sets.
Only 1300 odd more to go...for the first project. There may be more.
That's a lot of data.
I'm ectremely grateful to have work to do at home...10 hours in and I think I've got the hang of it.
It looks I should be able to help keep it together...and with any luck this strike won't go on for too much longer.

Must be off for my frozen wanderings... but first *this*: Stolen from Diddums...done as a break from all that data...

Pieces of Eight meme

8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. cheese
2. individual rights and respect of others
3. learning about other cultures (they all seem so much more interesting than mine...)
4. Making things
5. J
6. Bringing more goodness and joy to the world
7. Being warm
8. Animal rights

8 Things I Say Often
1. Awhaaaaaht?
2. Dammit cat! (usually at geek)
3. sigh
4. are you going to eat that?
5. I love you (to J)
6. huzzah!
7. Um...don't take this personally, but you are a robot aren't you?
8. GAH!

8 Books I’ve Read Recently
1. Spin (just won a Hugo award....some of the best original scifi I've read in ages)
2. Guide to Homebrewing 3rd Ed.
3. Classics (Bloom County collection...what? there's words in the captions!)
4. Imzadi
5. Harry Potter and the last book in the series
6. 50 Great Gifts you can make (gearing up for cheap gift ideas)
7. Planet of the Gawfs
8. What Einstein told his cook (vol. 2)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
1. beautiful - Moby
2. Warning Shots - Thievery Corporation
3. Smoked Glass and Chrome - Ott
4. No Heaven - Champion
5. Fragile - Sting
6. Surfing on a Rocket - Air
7. Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
8. His Majesty King Raam - Lemon Jelly

Thre's more...but that'll do for now...bye!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


1,887,480How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

Trip in the spruce goose anyone?

Cold and slightly dull

Ah...nothing like 5 and a half hours in -20 (-30 with windchill) to make you tired and thirsty. But I'm fed and tead up now and feel better and much warmer. I have to make up some hours so I'm putting in a bit extra for the rest of the week...and it's only an extra hour but it seems to go on and on forever. I hope this is done soon...I don't know how safe it'll be to picket on some of the truly awful cold days that haven't arrived yet.
Tomorrow, to amuse ourselves, our picket team is making soup over the fire barrel. Someone has a big pot and we're all bringing some veggies spices and meat, and it'll go an cook for a few hours and then we'll have some tasty beef veggie soup about 2 oclock. Seemed like a good idea at the soup on a day that looks like it'll be -25 plus wind seemed like a good idea.
My cat really loves me at the's hard to type with all th epurry ruuubiness. Very cute...
Other than that...meh. J is on nights. I miss him.
BUT I must get to that data....the faster I'm done the faster I can get paid!
Later guys...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Woo - take THAT!

The votes count is in...and we voted 85% no against the lame offer made to us.
The union now has our strong support to get back to negotiations and settle this.
We will not be bullied and intimidated...
let's end this.

All Yingy and Yangy with wobbly spurts in the middle

This weekend was both utterly amazing and totally annoying.
There was a dance party- a Star Wars themed one, and the music was amazing. My mellinium falcon was a tiny part of the decorations and the music was fabulous. The whole building was decorated up with rooms for Endor, The jedi palace, Mon Calamari and other themed rooms with comfy furniture. 4 different rooms of music all night...very good.
On the downside...still on strike, broke as hell now weekend and some prick put 2 dents in our car that must be fixed (and I can't really afford to but can't not do it)...and a friend's dog ate one of JJ's favorite shoes. I know money shouldn't be a problem, but it is getting to be...I don't even want to know the cost of car repairs.

So yeah...ying and yang all in a few days.
We did get to see Beowulf in 3D IMAX (really fantastic) and the weekend was an overall good one...we tried to be "normal" for a few days. It's just that being back here in "real life" and picketing in -20ish with snow and wind is daunting...but it can't go on forever. We had our vote today on our crappy offer form the University. I hope it was voted down "no" very strongly and we can end this soon in negottiations. We'll know by the evening.

I will try my best to be optimistic...we'll see how it goes. And I'll post some photos from the Star Wars shindig in a little while...I didn't make a big costume this $$ or time, but I did dress up like Luke on Dagobah and have a lightsaber on my belt and my yoda on my back. It really was a great time all in of the DJs kept playing all my favorite songs in his set...and there were performing bellydancers that were amazing - one girl danced with 2 swords balanced on her head. Wow.
But now, I must go do some data entry. I picked up a bit of work I can do at home for some $$ and should get at it so we can pay some bills...I am trying to avoid going to retail...we'll see.
Later tater...

Friday, November 23, 2007

New fangled technology...

So...anyone recording the BSG Razor movie this weekend on Space?
My DVD recorder/HD recorder is acting up and trying to start a TV Guide program in itself that doesn't work in Canada. I think it's set up to record, but if it screws itself up and doesn't record it all...well...I'll be very very sad, as I won't be at home when it is taping. It's developing a mind of it's own...and I wish it would pick another weekend to do it.
Can you help ease my mind??
I'd love to come home and watch in instead of ranting and raving an an inanimate object...

Thursday, November 22, 2007


On the upside...this video is nifty...
I'd embed it...but it's that kind of day and the code won't go in right.
Do check it out tho...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tired. of. it. thank. you. very. much.


OK...we've been off work 20 days now.
20 Freaking days.
Our negotiators finally convinced our employer to meet with us....and after 2 days, there is no change in anything and we were actually given the same offer as before that we went out on strike actually has a few things *less* in it.
And...AND the union offered to the university to go to arbitration to settle it all...and to go back to work WHILE this was being done. The university said "no, let the union members vote on the offer first". So basically after being off work 20 days our employer is hoping we'll be broke enough and tired enough we'll just accept the same offer we wouldn't before. They haven't budged...but I say we shouldn't give in? Why should we vote yes on something we already refused?

I say to my employer - How stupid do you think we are? Don't you want us back helping the students?
YES I'd like to go back to work.
YES I want this all over with....but I'll be damned if I just froze my ass off for a principle over 3 weeks to give in, go home and have done it all for nothing with an entire month of debt hanging over my head.
Bring on the arbitrators. Whatever they say I'll's the only way out and I'm tired of beurocrats playing parlor games with my life.

All I know is it'll be at least another week before we get our vote over with and (I hope) the arbitrator called in to hammer out a deal for both of us to take...meanwhile the students are being royally screwed over...and so are we. If the university really cared about the students and wanted it over they'd just go to arbitration...but them being unwilling to do so stinks. It shows why we're out here in the first place.
I have to say...I love my job, but right now I am just plain tired of it all.

I am tired of having people yell at me from cars while I picket, give me the finger and tell me to go back to work (altho today a group of students said we should all go home and have sex so we'd be happier and strike a deal...that was the most reasonable thing I'd heard all morning...). I'm tired of being broke. I'm tired of having to tell people why I'm off work and can't afford to go out and why the students are suffering from this. I'm tired of having to resort to this in order for the university to treat us fairly. I'm tired of walking about on eggshells hoping nothing else goes wrong.
ENOUGH already.
End this.

Can't we all just get along???

PS - I'd like to add that this post is in no way inspired by assembling a tricky, half missassembled model and inhaling fumes from entire tubes of crazy glue and super glue. Nope...none whatsoever. I'm almost done in fact. Had to break form the fumes.

Day 20 (sigh)

It's -10 with snow today.
I can only hope this strike is over soon.
I'm tired of it.
I've dug out the ski pants and all the winter gear...we've no way of knowing how talks are going, but I can only hope they're going well. They brought in a good provincial conciliator to help, but the university and union seem to be butting heads...when most of us just want to go back to work. I can't even think how screwed up it is for the students. They're caught in the's so unfair. You would think that alone would make both sides lock themselves ina room until things were concluded. But we just walk and wait (and freeze...). I almost wish the government would just force an arbitration. Thinkgs need to be concluded soon.
I ordered all these cool things for projects in the lab and I want to get back and play wih them....and I'd like to have a Christmas thank you very much. I don't are if I have gifts or not, but I'd like to at least have enoug gas to get to the family's place for the holiday! If this lasts much longer it'll be a miserable December.

Ah don't mind me - I'm in a mumbly mood. I'd better go start putting on my winter kit...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun with crazy glue

I'm currently building a 16 inch model of the Mellenium Falcon.
It must be done by friday...should be no problem I think. It doesn't have more than 100 or so pieces by the look of it.
What's making it fun is it's an old original one from Return of the Jedi in the 80s and it was already partly done by someone else (rather badly too!)
AND there may be pieces missing...
This is fun...if I don't glue myself *to* the model...!

Game On.

anatomy study session

On the weekend I had a good solid workout - the first in a week. 45 minutes on the c rosstrainer with some other stuff after. It felt great at the time.
And I totally overdid it and buggered up my left lower leg.
Either the outer femoric tendon on my knee was aggrivated rubbing on the knee or a swollen soleus muscle or the tibealis exterior is strained...either way I am buggerigly stiff and sore.
Maybe walking 4 hours in the cold is enough and I shouldn't work out...or it was too much after a week off. I don't know. The machine in our basement uses different muscles than running...I suppose I just overdid it. hurts.
And I feel like a whiney little girl who'd rather sit at home and drink hot cocoa than walk for 4 hours in the snow. Oh it's better today than yesterday, but how am I supposed to stay in shape if I gibble myself at every turn?

I miss my toasty lab...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tee hee and a few bits and bobs

My brother just got a new Mac.
We spent the day bumming about and we had fun playing with the camera and software...

Oy! Don't run away!
Hey, where are you off to? Please stay - I made lemon loaf. You can have some...I'll mail it to you & everything. Well maybe just the recipe would be better. Or not. It *is* good tho.
Really. I'm eating a piece right now.

I had a lovely day. Went to the gallery with my brother, had lunch in an old diner, went to a craft show where my sis-in-law had a table selling some of her jewellry and scored some hand knit (fleece lined) mittens for little made by a cute little mennonite lady. Once I idiot string them they'll be inseparable form me this winter. So soft...sooo warm...sooo ppprrrreessssscioussssssss.

Oh...and I've decided I really like the word capricious.
I plan on using it as much as the most capricious of ways.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Queen of the jungle...and of all I survey

With J away I've been delegated to watering our jungle of plants.
And I've decided there are too many.
We have acquired many from people whom we plant sitted for as they moved, or were away for long holidays and they've never returned home. Our house gets a lot of sun, for most of the day so plants love it here. Both our christmas cacti are blooming at the moment - purple and red - very pretty. When we moved in we had very little, so plants were our primary furnishings....but after an official plant count I do believe there are too many to be declared normal.

How many is too many?
Well you decide...

In the kitchen there are 2
In the bathroom there are 2
In the toilet downstairs there are 3
and (tadah) the living room there are no less than 29, four of which are large plants (rubber plant, palm, a tropical palmyish thing and a big tree of some sort that desperately needs a trim back) as well as a few different types of cacti, 3 hoyas, a small ming tree, a cayenne pepper tree, a number of smaller vines, some I can't identify as well as tropical plants, rubber plants and vines we're looking after "for a while" (some for over a year now...)

If I were the owner of 36 cats or stuffed animals or well anything really, people would shake their heads, call me in to the authorities or at least make the odd comment, but with plants, the more the merrier it seems. They really are beautiful and our home is very soothing and green - It's a big sunny room so it's not opressive or anything...I just started counting them after watering took me an inordinate amount of time and was quite surprised at the total. I mean, how many plants do YOU all have? Am I way off?
Hmmm...Perhaps as long as I don't have to water them very often I should just slowly relocate the 8 or 9 that aren't actually ours back home and keep the rest. And J *does* like to look after them. No wonder he was muttering a while back that the family should take their plants back.

And yet with all of them here, I still want a jade plant in the bedroom some day...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I don't watch much TV anymore

This is an actual quote from a news breif on the TV just now:

"Unfortunately hundreds of Air Canada passengers were delayed at airport today. But on the upside, we've got an exclusive interview with Celene Dion."

Oh my giddy aunt...

I'm pathetic

It's silly.
J left this morning to visit a friend for the weekend and I miss him already.
The past few weeks have been almost a mushy teen novel. With all this extra time "off", I've had oh so many snuggly naps and evenings spent with him talking and laughing, and the long weekend was oh so very romantic and lovely.
And now he's gone for 2 whole days.

Yes...I'm pathetic.

A friend might come over later to hang out but for now...I'm lonely and altho I've got lots to do and I'm not *bored*, I just...well...I miss him.
Sad isn't it?
Oh well. S'pose I should go watch Torchwood and try not to miss him so much...

Wella wella well

I just learned that both sides in my striking adventure are meeting to talk soon.
Maybe this but freezing will be over soon.
Oh please oh please.
I was beginning to think it was turning into a pissing match. The university hired a union buster as head of HR a few years ago and this is the culmination of her eroding away at our benefits and such over the past 6 or 7 years. I like to think she is still willing to meet and help us find a comprimise and not let us twist in the wind...cuz it's been very windy. And I'm running out of moneys.

I'm off to do the happy dance for a few hours...this can only be a good thing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

All composite phemonena are impermenant

I feel I should post but feel rather here's a cheater. A Meme:

Current clothes: Pyjamas and fuzzy Gir slippers. Yes I'm being lazy...

Current mood: A bit moogy. I didn't feel well last night and I'm still not altogther well..headachy and such. I'm hoping my breakfast will change that.

Current music: Blumenkraft by Ott. I can't get enough of this Dub/electronic ambient album. A few years ago I heard Smoked Glass and Chrome from this album at Shambhala and it was quite literally stuck in my head for's still one of my top 10 favourite songs. The whole album is really nice...reminiscent of Orb, but more of a reggae and ambient feel. And the last track? Bliss... He has another album out recently. Once this damn strike is over I intend to order it.

Current annoyance: This damn strike. After 2 weeks out, either side of the bargaining table still hasn't met to talk, while we workers are freezing our butts off. The city seems to be forming sides and a local small business association recently told the University to stand it's ground against us greedy, selfish, unskilled and uneducated union workers. It's getting wierd. And honestly, all we butt freezers want is to end our time out on Mars and go back work. And I keep wanting to shout "I have 2 degrees dammit I'm not unskilled or uneducated!"...but it's pointless. People, unfortunately, will think what they want to and the propeganda robot wheels are spinning...

Current thing: Looking for new ways to keep warm. You have a different respect for the elements when you're out in them for 4 hour stretches. I'd like to invest in thermal insoles and those hot pocket things that give off heat when you snap them so I can have warm hands and toes.

Current desktop picture: Me and J in costume on a pirate ship

Current book: The Joy of Home Brewing Vol. 3. My brother and I just brewed up a batch of ale over the weekend and now I'm itching to make another batch from I'm reading up on things.

Current song in head: the song on the CD player - track 2 on Blumenkraft. It's like a reggae/dub song I'd listen to when I was on a starliner heading to the outer rim...and I know that sounds mad, but it's honestly what I thought of hte first time I heard it.

Current DVD in player: Empire Stikes Back. J and I have been grabbing sound clips from the 3 movies. Fun stuff. And I loves them so...

Current refreshment: Coffee with tonnes of cream and some sugar. Here's hoping it makes my headache go away.

Current worry: If this strike goes on any longer can I learn to eat snow? And how pathetic will christmas be...sigh.

Current thought: Oooh...the sun is coming up. Pretty. BRB. OK there. Now you can see it too.

Have a good day all. I'm off into the world. Hope it's a nice day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Captain my Captain

Where I work (well used to) is a huge campus, and our strike teams are at every entrance into campus to make sure our presence is noted.
The past 13 days have been a real school in human nature. At this point I'm quite pleased and amused at how everyone is banding together and I have met so many people from all over and had a lot of interesting conversations with people who work in fields I normally wouldn't run into.
And a cool thing is, we've sort of adopted our picket homes...and some have developed nicknames. The one near the Med school is Club Med (not too original) and Hawaii (it's the sunny corner). Out where I am on the edge of campus by the research fields, synchrotron and satellite array, the wind whistles thru with a vengeance and the furthest stations are now known as Siberia and Mars.
And I am so very happy to say I am a Captain on Mars. And I'm even more please that I had nothing to do with the naming of just happened.
We're talking of making our own flag for morale, and I'm trying to think of some sort of Mars cake for friday for all on my team for putting in 2 weeks out here in the Mars wasteland. I may even get a "I spent ** days on Mars and all I got was this Tshirt" printed up on iron on logos for our teams when this is all over...
I must say - I'm glad to know these people. When things started there was a lot of uncertainty and whining and I was less than impressed, but we've all banded together and we're stronger now for a common cause. We're cheering each other up and on days like yesterday with snow and gusting wind warnings from winds over 105 Km an hour you need friends to keep you smiling. So it's my duty as captain to try and keep them happy.
Happy Captain on Mars...gotta love it.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well I finally got round to sprucing the place up a bit.
I did cheat and use a premade lame attempts at my own skins couldn't match up with this one...and I like it.

So I present to you The Supposed Golden Path 2.0

I know...the excitement is too much for you isn't it?
If it's hard to read or you have any change suggestions let me know...this is rather fun. Tweaking has been even more fun...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Never forget

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place;
And in the sky,
the larks still bravely singing fly,
scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead
Short days ago we lived,
felt dawn, saw sunsets glow
Loved and were loved
but now we lie in Flander's Field.

Take up our quarrel with the foe.
To you with failing hands we throw the torch-
Be yours to hold it high
If you break faith with those who die,
we shall not sleep,
tho poppies blow in flanders fields

~John McCrae

Everywhere I've looked today for some reason this poem has been in my head. It was a favorite of mine...I memorized it as a child. We live in a different world than when this was written. So many people don't know what war is...and far too many do.
It takes away those we love...those we know and doesn't ask. Doesn't think. I never met J's Grandfather...he was gassed during the war and died after he was shipped home. I've just heard stories and seen pictures. I've even been to the field in Letcome Regis where he worked on a sheep farm as a boy. Wish I had known him - cuz for some reason I've been thinking about him all day...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

So it begins...

Ah ha ha HA!
I was at the grocers today and what did I find?
Nothing less than seasonal nectar of the gods....egg nog.
And so I have begun my seasonal holiday breakfast indulgence....eggnog pancakes.

Oh yeah. Sooooo good...

I was so happy with breakfast I must pass on the secret formula (with years of tweaking by yours truly) so you all could have some too...


1 1/2 c flour
1 1/2 t baking powder
1/2 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
2 T melted butter
2 T sugar
1 egg blended
1 1/2 c eggnog
dash nutmeg

Mix dry together and mix wet together...then mix them BOTH together...but don't overmix. Use ~ 1/3 c batter and fry in a bit of oil on med/low heat, flipping when golden brown and bubbled. Serve with bacon and syrup.
These are guaranteed to get you a kiss or two of gratitude. for me every time.

But now...I must dash. We've spent a great day out walking in the woods and have been to the Mendel gallery to check out the display of automitons and animated exhibits (cool...) and we're off to a charity shindig to hear a good breaks DJ from calgary Peter Wilde spin a bit. I plan on shaking my posterier faster than the speed of light -for charity no less. It will be nice to leave my troubles far behind for a while. Great end to a great day.

Let the monkeydancing begin!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


It finally snowed last night!
I've been waiting...there's something about it being cold and windy that is OK when there's snow out but downright crankifying when it's not. If it looks like a regular day it just seems wrong somehow...and that much colder.
I wish it were the fluffy stuff in piles, but I'm sure I'll be whinging about it all soon'll be fun leaving footprints all day on the line-I hope it sticks around and doesn't melt right away. It makes it seem more like winter's here. I was helping J decorate a 12 foot christmas tree with his work team for a local charity event and it seemed wierd to do that and then walk out to green grass.
This is much better.
I think I'll dig out my fur lined aviator hat just out of principle.

Plus...I now know that Gavin didn't destroy our camera when he knocked it onto the wooden works!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Well...that was unexpected.

The results are in.
The Sask Party won...
I'm very nervous about our future.They have some good ideas, but any party that get's fundraising from a neighbouring province concerns me. They are very probusiness. Ina province with fewer people, and a large native population we have a unique challenge here...and there are no easy answers.
There's a huge push for our province to grow by the business community, and we're small. I don't want to end up a gluttonous overcrowded place where business comes first over people (ie. Calgary). I've beena bit jaded with the strike as of late, and I do hope that it is not a glimmer of the future here. I am one of many average people who have chosen to live here because we love it and like the life we are able to have here. We want things to improve - don't get me wrong. I think it is OK to grow slowly and to use your strengths to isn't everything. Grow too fast and you have serious problems and people become numbers.
I just hope we don't drown...there's a concern about labour relations to the Sask Party...and being on strike at the moment makes me nervous. They've talked of selling off the Crown corporations int he past. That's never gone well in any other province where it has been done.
We'll have to wait and see.
It's obvious people really wanted a change.

Hmmm...and I thought things were pretty good the way they were...but I'm just a pseudohippy striking scientist.

Join the darkside and get a free cookie

I'm making cookies right now - oatmeal chocolate chip.
They're making the whole house smell awesome...bwa ha.
I'm trying not to eat all the cookie dough as they're for my picket team tomorrow...

Rocking hard with disco lighting

Heh...sometimes words decribing athought just pop out. Nobody else like that? I am. Being awesome to the point that you have the accompaniment of fabulous lighting seems to be a great compliment to me...but then I like crazy lighting. Suppose it won't be the next catch phrase or anything, but I'll keep using it I think. Well...unless I get mocked too much.
And I really do like the sound of it...tho it's a bit wierd.
But then so am I.

Yesterday was great. It was cold, but we decided to boost morale with lots of walking and chanting and waving and trying to get cars to honk and read our picket signs. Lots of faculty and staff and students were out to support us. It felt good...hope today goes as well. The employer hasn't even tried to meet with us yet...*sigh*

I've had a lot to think about lately what with 4 hours a day in the bracing cold...lately my focus has been politics, as today is our provincial election day. All you people in Saskatchewan - remember to vote. It's going to be a close call this time, and we all need to speak to be sure our future governement is one we chose. As always, for voter etiquitte - you cannot eat your ballot (I checked - honest, it's illegal - it says so right on the FAQ of the election site), and polls are open all day. Let's make sure the government that takes us forward for the next 4 years is one we've chosen carefully. We've got to diametrically opposed main parties - NDP (prounion/labour) VS the Sask Party (ie. conservative party - probusiness). We must choose wisely as I really think the direction of the province is at stake. I, for one, love my home - I want it to be unique and grow at it's own pace. I've looked around and I like what I see and disagree with the other parties other than NDP myself...they seem to have the best interest of us all in mind - but that's just my opinion. Our province is right down the middle between those 2 parties with Liberal and Green Party making up the remnants. I am so very curious to see how it swings. I don't want my home to be forced to grow out of scale to try and keep up with larger centres...we're just not there yet. Right now we're small, but thriving. We have crown corporations run by our province that give us our power and gas and phone that keep our rates realistic for a province of few people. I really think our future is something still unfolding - We should be what we are and be proud of it...whatever that develops into.
We shall see what the future holds.
My immediate future? Chilly and windy with excessive dancing and picket waving coming in in the afternoon, with toasty drinks and Babylon 5 sweeping in in the evening. is my goal today to rock hard with disco lighting.
Not bad really.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Warning - rant ahead...

I just have a few things to say to very few people:

When picketing in a province where the cold can freeze your limbs off - WEAR A F*CKING HAT AND GLOVES! I am not your mother with a bag full of warm wrappings to keep you toasty. Yes it's cold - you may notice my winter boots, long johns and thermal hat and gloves - why? Cuz it's damn cold and windy and we'll be here for 4 hours at a time! It's only -6 and it's only gonna get colder. No I can't guarantee if there will be hot coffee for you. No there isn't a tent for shelter and no you can't have an hour off your 4 hour picket shift to have freaking lunch. No you can't bring a lawnchair and blanket and hang out for 4 hours just drinking coffee. Whining is not cool OK?


We are here picketing to protest people. Yes it sucks and yes you must put in 20 hours a week to get paid a very small sum, but I am in this to help it all go smoothly, and because I strongly believe in what we're doing. If you don't want to be here then DON'T. It's a work stoppage, not a lounge session! Noone is making you picket. I know this isn't easy...but we have to band together if this is going to work.

(deep breath)

There. Ah. Better. Sorry about that. I've had a few days of a few winey people really bringing down morale.
Things are slowly coming together and most of the people on the picket line rock hard with disco lighting...but we're gonna be lame protesters if we don't get our act together - whining doesn't inspire respect.
It only takes a few whiners to bring down morale.
We just started people!
Lets get together and shout and yell and make some noise until they hear us and we get a fair comprimise of a deal.

We are the people of the People's University - we deserve some respect.
Rock on.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday monday, sometimes it just turns out that way

It was a nice bonfire on saturday night...just J, me and our friend Heather. We toasted marshmallows and relaxed by the fire - it was great. Sunday was more vegging - I feel positively refilled with energy and ready for the week.

I'm excited - I'm going to make some Christmas beer with my brother this week...hopefully it'll be done by the holidays. Our last batch was a bit yeasty as we didn't really know what we were doing, but this time I'm sure it'll be poifect.

I wish I had brilliant words of wisdom to spread, but I'm just very mellow, listening to Maybe Smith and drinking some Coffee. And, I just have to take minute to make a little plug for Maybe Smith. If you want some great Canadian music - Maybe Smith is somethig to check out. Maybe Smith is a local guy, Colin...I know him through his volunteer show down at CFCR. His music is all by him, and every album he's gotten better. I've liked a few songs of his here and there, but I must say I really like his latest album Animals and Architects. The music is mature and full, with lots of nice little odd noises here and there. He's put together a band for touring this album and I wish him well. He's a great guy and deserves some luck with it - I predict very soon he'll be more than a local favourite.

Well, I'm just putting off the inevitable. I'm off to bundle up for another chilly day of picketing.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Same bat time, same bat channel

So I've had a sleep in and some french toast and a good snuggle and I'm feeling much better about it all. It was all a bit much for a bit. A shock to the system. As strike captain I've been busy the past few days and the weekend has been a pleasant break.
And tonight I can distract myself a bit.

We're having a bit of a belated birthday bonfire across the lake. It was so much fun last year, we thought we'd do it agin...tho on much shorter notice ( 5 or 6 hours...). Hopefully a few friends, some pumpkin cookies (made today by yours truly), hot chocolate and marshmallows and maybe a bat or two. I might make a tissue paper candle lanterns to take along too.
For the lame directions that I left last year that actually got our friend Lisa lost and wandering around by the psychiatric prison go

But don't let that stop you.
We're nice people really.
And Lisa is fine too.

I'm looking forward to it. There's something soothing about staring at the fire...this year it'll be made from firewood actually cut down and split by my loving J. It'll burn brighter and better I'm sure for that and many reasons.
If anyone wants to come, we're heading over around 7:30ish and will be there till the embers fade and we get cold enough to head back. Dress warm and come have a sit by the'll be groovy.
And I mean that in the coolest sense possible.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Look for the union label we go.
I'm off to sad.

And yet, for some reason, all I can think of is Bloom County and when the comc strip characters went on strike...somehow the image of Opus and the groundhog carrying the guy in the wheelchair over the hill singing "look for the union label" has cheered me up immensely...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


We're right on the line...picket teams are set and ready to go and we could go out on strike at any time.
I just can't believe it's come to this...why won't people just negotiate fairly with their workers?
Why are we forced to do this?
I and many others can't afford this...and yet we can't just give in to blatant infringement on our basic rights and earned wages and benefits. I'm not even very prounion and I can understand what is driving us to this.

This sucks.
I'm gonna go mope in the lab...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dining out With Geo: Vol.3 - Fresh Bistro on Early Dr.

Although we were originally headed out to another place, it was closed for holidays and so my husband took me out for a birthday supper to his alternate choice - Fresh Bistro on Early Drive.

I'm so very glad he did. Fresh Bistro is a cozy little place tucked away in a less busy part of town, run by a husband and wife chef team. It was nice, but not too formal, and as it was a Tuesday night with a political debate on the tele, we had the place to ourselves - nice and romantic. My husband knows the chef a bit and he and the server chatted with us a bit as we ate, and we enjoyed a nice bottle of Australian chardonnay (on their recommendation) along with a fabulous meal.
Now, I have to say I'm a fussy customer. We don't eat out a lot, as I am (if I may be so bold) a fairly formidable cook, and so when we eat out, I like to go somewhere we can sit and savour our food - where the meal is an experience.
I was not disappointed. We had "mushroom toasties" while we waited for our main course - fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter, a dash of cream and fresh garlic andherbs, served on fresh toasted french bread, baked with a hint of parmesan and shallots. OH MY. I'm now on a quest to figure out how to make these...I would have been content having just them for supper, but the main course came and I was impressed even further: I had angel hair pasta tossed with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil pesto, lemon, parmesan and grilled prawns. J had homemade Italian sausage and asagio ravioli with tomato basil sauce and some foccacia bread. We ate slowly , savouring every bite. I really was impressed...everything was done to perfection...even the texture of the hommade pasta was...well...I wouldn't have changed a thing. Subtle blended flavours that were a true dining experience. And for dessert? We shared a delicious slice of lemon meringue cake...mmmmm. Lovely "cakey" cake, with layers of meringue, lemon curd and whip cream. Yum.
So if you want a fabulous meal, in a casual, but elegant restaurant, with excellent service and at a very reasonable cost- look no further than Fresh Bistro at on Early Drive. You won't regret it! I know we'll definitely be back again...there weremany other yummy looking things on the menu I'm dying to try...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Happy Birthday to me!

Yes indeed...I am now one year crunchier, and hopefully aging has done me well. Not any big plans...tho I've been told I'm going out for supper to a very posh restaurant after work...why? Cuz it's my birthday!

...well if I don't end up going out on strike at work today. *sigh* Ah, hell with it. I'm just ignoring the strike stuff today...That's real life stuff for tomorrow.
Today is my birthday.

Right now?
Cake. Coffee. Joyopus celebrations for one and all!
As the Bacon Queen I decalre it an official holiday.
Cake for everyone!
Cuz it's my birthday!
(did I mention that enough already? Cuz it is...and for some reason that makes me very happy at the mo. So there. Be happy too. I dare ya. Go might like it! See? There you go...)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I am Beaker

I present to you my Beaker costume from the weekend.

Yes I'm a geek.

Mee mee mee MEEEE!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please give now to the scare the bejeezus out of my spouse fund

Anyone have a spare $150 lying about they could lend me?
It's for a good cause, really.
I was out shopping the other day and found these huge scary puppets and I so very dearly want one. Why? Well, scaring small chillins when they come to beg for candy next week is all fine and good, and would be fun, but I would really want one so I could finally get revenge for the Obiwan induced twitches cast upon me a few years ago by my loving J. I could finally equal the "Gah!" and "EEps!" that I kept randomly spitting out upon seeing a figure in the dark in rooms or out of the corner of my eye in random rooms of my then new my loving husband moved my lifesize Obiwan cutout randomly about the house. Let's just say I'm an easy scare and J isn't...and I have a secret dream to just once scare him silly...but in a good way. Yeah.
Anyways, back to this puppet. This puppetish thing has a big scary head about 2 times normal size that mounts on your shoulders above your head and a shawl comes down to cover your head and shoulders....and there are huge clawey arms about 6 feet long with puppet sticks you hold in your hands to wave scarily about. There were a number of choices - skeleton, witch, zombie, frankenstein and a demon. You could even put in a battery so the their eyes would light up red from some LEDs in them. I mean how cool is that? And I bet I'd finally get to scare him. Just once. Just think...he comes down for a drink of water, opens the fridge and slowly a large scaly hand curls around the door and then a huge monstrous head growls and peeks at him over it. Or I grab slowly from behind the couch...or from under the bed...or just well, anywhere really.
Of course I know eventually it'd be used back on me causing me to loose control of my bodily functions but for one brief moment I could be the scareyer and not the scareyeee (yes it's a word).

Anyone want to contribute to the scare my husband out of his pants fund??

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sing along Wednesday

(sing with me now)

Ma nah mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo do
Ma nuh mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo doooooo
Ma nuh mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo do
Do doooooo do
Do doooooo do
Do doooooo do doo do dooo doo do do dooo do dooooo

Ma nuh ma nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
Ma nuh ma nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
Ma nuh ma nuh nuh nuh nuh
NAAAH na na nuh
Naaaah nuh nuh nuh nuh nah nuh

Na Nuh..


Ma nuh mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo do
Ma nuh mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo doooooo
Ma nuh mah nuh
Do doooooo do doo do
Do doooooo do
Do doooooo do
Do doooooo do doo do dooo doo do do doooo...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Afternoons and coffee spoons

I've watched the summer evenings pass by
I've heard the rattle in my bronchi...

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline
Someday I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime
And, oh, my afternoons will be measured out
Measured with coffeespoons and T.S. Eliot

Sometimes listening to old albums on the way to work makes you happy.
I am happy.
Happy tuesday.

Monday, October 22, 2007

tiptoe through through the tulips

Is it wrong of me to secretly want a bright yellow triangle shaped ukulele?
I saw some a while back, in a rainbow selection of colours and I just can't get it out of my head...

Having a wonderful time but I'd rather be whistling in the dark

It's odd now that the sun is going down at suppertime and isn't coming up until 7ish.
It's very dark and gloomy. Perfect for spooky old Halloween I suppose but downright gloomy for me. The sunrise over the river on the bus ride to work was spectacular though. Guess I should take what I can get, but the darkness is a bit oppressive, and it's only just begun...

Over the weekend I discovered a very nifty place which I'm sure will be receiving most of my spare $$ in the months to come. A little collectible shop called Amazing Stories has all manner of cool things I've only ever found on the interweb before. For example - as a birthday present to myself I got a most excellent Nightmare Before Christmas wooden block calendar as well as a insanely cool addition to my scientist action figures collection (no that wasn't a typo): Now Einstein has a Jack Skellington complete with desk and microscope for a buddy. They'll be in my Mad scientist closet once I've got the shelves up. Now all I need to do is track down a Muppet Lab with Beaker and maybe a Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and my little collection will be complete. I've been waiting for a shelf in a room of my own to have these guys out there, and now I can. They also had all manner of Star Wars, Doctor Who and Serenity stuff, with some anime and other stuff thrown in...geeks ahoy.

Much to do...Later.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Uhuh...too right.

Your Score: Ace

You scored 55% strength, 48% intelligence, 23% friendliness, and 47% escapology!

You are Ace. You are brave, reckless, and likely to be carrying around explosives. It could be said that you are of the "Blow up first, ask questions later" type. The Doctor disapproves of this, and says so, frequently. Still, even he can't deny that having a personal walking grenadier occasionally comes in handy. Despite your talents for destruction, you still seem to wind up in trouble an awful lot. You certainly aren't the quiet, thinking type. And you *definitely* don't appreciate The Doctor's constant intrusions into your past. The Doctor frustrates and maddens you to no end, and you don't always put him in the best of moods, either. You're good for breaking down doors, but let's face it: you're not the brightest point in the de-materialization matrix.

Link: The Doctor Who Companion Test written by lobotomy42 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Friday is here and I'm very glad to see it.

Time for vegging and yardy stuff and muffins and all those things I've put off all week. Plus J is done nightshift today so I get to see him again - very nice.

Main plan - well my brother gave me his present for my birthday early and I plan on watching a LOT of it over the weekend. The whole set of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein on DVD. It was a cheesy kids TV show I absolutely LOVED when I was a very little person and haven't seen in ages.
Can't wait. I mean Vincent Price was in it - that counts for something right? It was just him and pretty much just one other guy Billy Van who did most of the other characters in costumes. And there was a Pet Vet who talked about animals, A librarian who told spooky stories, a vampire (Count Frightenstein himself), a superhero hippy, a witch who made potions, The Professor (he was a scientist!), a safari animal guy, Igor the sidekick, and psychadelic music interludes from the Wolfman himself. The count was always trying to get his monster to come to life and I remember it being very wierd and cheesy and I can't wait to check it out again.
If you ever have time to kill and can find it on an old channel have a watch. It's a little clue as to why i turned out the way I did...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unreasonably mumbly

I'm tired.
And I have a headache.
And I ache in odd places.
And ...(insert whinging here)

Result? Yup, I'm very grumpy....have been this way since yesterday at about lunch. I read over a lot of posted replies and things I said yesterday...they were mostly grumpy and ranty and tetchy. Eep. Sorry to any of you I may have spewed crank at yesterday in your comments. I'm really not that much of a opinionated crank...just now...cuz I'm achy and the lights are too bright and the lab is hot and my head hurts and...oh you get the idea.
But, good news everyone! I've been promised I will feel better soon. The bottle told me I'd feel "relief" in about 30 minutes and be pain free for 2-5 hours.

I'm waiting bottle people.
Bring it on...please?

I think I'm going to go hide from you nice peoples and work quietly in a dark lab until I can go home and relax a bit and these painkillers do their promised thing. My brother & his wife are going to hang out with me tonight so I'd better cheer my cranky ass up before then or I'll be chucked out the window for being unreasonably mumbly.

Mumble mumble...

LATER: HUZZAH! The promised relief has come. I'm not all better but I can function. Thank you you mighty genies from the pill bottle. I can finally feel human and get something done.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wildly Prancing Garden Gnomes...OF THE APOCALYPSE!

Last night I attacked the yard witha vengeance. I had at it with the snipper and trimmer and rake, and I ended up finishing trimming up and raking the back looks amazing actually - as sad testament to how far it had slipped into jungle status. Lets just say we could have had a whole village of gnomes living back there and not noticed...

One of the annoying things about living where I do is that the sun starts to set very early in the fall. It's at the point that it's setting behind the clouds 6:30. Even tho I started at things as soon as I got home from work, it was dark when I was about 3/4 done. Now that I was finally seeing progress I wasn't about to stop, so I figured I'd just make use of the 3 motion lights in our back yard. Combined they light up the whole backyard, but the problem is they all activate in different spots and stay lit up for only a few minutes. So I spent the last 3/4 of an hour or so raking a bit, and then prancing madly about the yard waving the rake to set the light off again so I could keep going with the raking thing again. I *did* finish but I'm sure the neighbors think I'm some sort of crazy garden gnome. It didn't help that instead of calmly raking the waist high pile of leaves at the end over to the compost pile I used my legs to push most of them over and madly pushed the leaves across the yard waving my arms and growling as I went and then giggling like a fool afterwards. I even fell into the pile once or twice for fun. It was a good time, but I think I'm now officially the neighborhood nutter.

And honestly...don't you think it's a sign of the apocalypse when you have madly prancing garden gnomes in your back yard? I for one am nervous in welcoming our new gnomish overlords...and do believe I'm going to put all my stuff in the back yard in a giant pile, sit on top of it with my wheedwhacker and keep them at bay until the cavalry comes...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So far so good

My mission (and I was stupid enough to choose to accept it) is to get the house ready for the winter and finally clean the house now that I'm not leaving every few days for this and that. A "fall" cleaning of sorts.
And you know what? It's coming together actually.

The kitchen and our bedroom are now quite civil and clean and the rest of the hosue is slowly being rearranged and cleaned so the computer can move upstairs and my glass stuff and other crafty crap can be down in my new mad scientist closet and J can better set up his music stuff. It's a lot of work, but it's really soothing to go into a room with a cup of tea and just sit and relax and listen to music. I can look all around me and not see things to do or clean...just smile at my home and relax. My bedroom is a sanctuary again - it's a good feeling. I'm going hard all week and seeing what all I can do.

Wish me luck. If I don't post for a few days it means I'm trapped under something heavy I was trying to clean and can't get to the computer...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Great things about running #47

In the fall, you can stargaze.
Orion is out again...and Venus was brilliant this morning.
The river looked like a flowing sky, complete with space geese.
AND you get to see brilliant sunrises at the end of it all.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

To squeam or not to squeam...that is the question

Nothing like watching some schlocky scary movies to make you a bit paranoid.

Now I know I know there *probably* isn't an axe wielding maniac in my basement or a haunted wooden man in my yard named Morty (yup these were some *BAD* bmovies!) but I had an odd conversation with J the other day and the thoughts been prowling in the back of my head - just how much personal information should I be spewing out on here? I'm careful to not post anything to get me introuble with work/people I know...but just how much personal info is too much? I can't be too private. I'm careful to keep the blogger me separate from the "real" me from the "facebook" me. Not that I think you're all out to get just doesn't seems like a smart idea. And really - noone cares :) I do blather on a lot about my real life and anyone who knows me knows me...but I do leave the odd bit of personal info out so that, hopefully, noone gets the idea to stalk me or otherwise make my life creepy or inconvenient, by oh, say robbing me or getting me in trouble at work or something. Having my ebay hacked a while back has made me a little more paranoid about such things. I don't pretend to think my average life is one to take fanatical interest in...just maybe a theif watching and figuring out where I live to rob me or maybe someone have too much personal info about me. I'm rather reluctant at the moment to post about certain things...and yet the whole point I started this ages ago was as an outlet for me (I never thought anyone would bother to read it) and to keep in touch with friends far away. I (to a fault) believe the best in people and assume their interest are also in line with mine. I sincerely hope I never have reason to think otherwise. In fact I really don't want to think otherwise.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

I'm onto you el creepos.
Beware the geeks among you!
We're paranoid *and* we're smart.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ooooooh...that's scaaaaaaaaarrry stuff!

Tonight I"m off to a scary movie fest...I love old B movies and scary films... the cheesier the better.

For some reason thinking of scaaaary movies has me thinking of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre sketches with Count Floyd from SCTV so veeeery long ago. I loved SCTV. The humour was original and wierd and it was really a first of it's kind, from a time when sketch comedy was done well live and other shows like Saturday Night Live were making me laugh as well. There were some truly odd characters on the show, and my favourites were Ed Grimly, Mr. Science, Edith Prickly, the MacKenzie Brothers and, the best - Count Floyd.

Count Floyd...he was so pathetic, with his unscary films...he just wanted so badly to scare us...and kept failing. How could he *not* with such film classics as Dr. Tongue's House of Stewardesses, The 3D House of Beef, Dr. Tongues 3D House of Pancakes and Slinky: the Evil Toy! making me giggle until I hurt as a pouchling. And the smellovision option he tried to sell on a few was hilarious. Other classics like Blood-Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin Pennsylvania still make me laugh when I think about them.

I'm off to be scaaaaared! Be good kiddies!
Ah! Ah! Ah!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Favourites - Vol. 4 - The Flaming Lips

Although I can't think of a specific favorite album today...I've had this song in my head all day and it is a favorite of's a silly song, but a loud and slightly odd one and despite it all, I like it.
And so, for a somewhat lame Friday favourites I present a favorite old song of mine by an alltime favourite band of mine:

Tangerine Song - by Flaming Lips

I know a girl who thinks it goes
she'll make you breakfast,
she'll make you toast
but she don't use butter, and she don't use cheese
she don't use jelly or any of these

she uses vaseline

I know a guy who goes to shows
when he's at home and he blows his nose
he don't use tissues or his sleeve
he don't use napkins or any of these

He uses magazines
magazines (x3)

I know who a girl who reminds me of Cher
she's always changing the color of her hair
she don't use nothing that you buy at the store
she likes her hair to be real orange

she uses tangerines
tangerines (x5)

Ah...I do so love the Flaming Lips. They're odd, quirky and their lead singer Wayne likes to pour fake blood all over himself while performing, mow the lawn wearing green wellies, have their road crew dress up as superheroes and occasionally walk over the crowd in a giant inflatable ball. The first song I'd ever heard by them was Bad Days back in school and I've liked them ever since.
They've advanced from the loud clanky crude sounds of this song and the album Transmissions from the Satellite Heart into what they are today. I've loved all their recent albums: The Soft Bulletin is an amazing album - Songs like A spoonful weighs a ton and Suddenly Everything has Changed are beautiful and haunting.
Their next album, an all time favourite of mine, is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. The whole album, start to finish is fantastic - at times loud, at times waxing poetic. All in all a fine album, and I think just barely, my favourite of theirs so far. Songs like Do You Realise, Fight Test and Are you a Hypnotist? are all time favourites of mine. Their most recent album At War With The Mystics is more of the same goodness...with Yeah Yeah Yeah and other great songs like Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung, I look forward to more from them. Little bonus songs on their EPs like "Thank you Jack White for that Fibre Optic Jesus that you Gave Me" push them over the edge into brilliance.
Someday I may be lucky enough to see them live...I bet it'd make me very happy...

OK, so maybe this isn't such a lame favourite after all...happy friday all.

Mee hee

Mee hee hee...
I thought I was coming in to work on the weekend tomorrow. I'm not after all. Although I'll miss the $$ I'm so very much looking forward to the not work part :) Plus I can go for a good long run in the daylight, do all the yard crap that I've been tactfully ignoring all year before it snows (OK not so fun, but hey...) and maybe baking a few tasty things. I might even get to see my brother and bring him his monthly muffin fix...I think I owe him 2 months worth by now. I'm a much more sane person when my home is sane too...

Plus a friend is having a B movie fest at his place tomorrow night....and I loves my schlocky horror films.

Today is crazy as usual...but a whole weekend awaits.

Mee hee

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It's a whirlwind of excitement here let me tell you.
Yup, one thrill after another.
I can hardly stand it.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The turkey bird is the smartest bird

I'm so full of turkey I could explode.
Spent the weekend at the lake with family eating food, drinking beer and scotch and getting cigar smoke on my clothes from hanging out with the guys (much more interesting than sipping tea and talking recipes in the kitchen). Had a nice relaxing time, spending an evening staring at the milky way and helping my Dad build stuff in the shop. Even went for a run down to the narrows and back (~5K). It was a beautiful day on sunday so J and I went for a 4 hour hike (well OK half of it was spent talking in the woods eating snacks) and just enjoyed not having to do anything we didn't want to. Then we returned to a feast - my folks had everyone around over for a giant turkey feast and we all drank entirely too much wine and had a great evening talking and ranting about this and that.

Nice weekend really.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A very late meme

Pacian tagged me a while ago with this and I haven't had time to get to it until now ( many many appleohgeys for the inconvenience). And so without any further adeau (and no spellcheck as I'm tired), I present the book-o-meme:

Total number of books owned:

I had to wait while I was home and at the computer near the "wall o' books" to get a decent guestimate. i was counting, but gave up and started grouping after 300...I'd say of all our books, about 450 are mine and J has at least 500 (which I might add are about half Doctor Who missing adventures). If you count weighty tomish textbook type books, I'm up just over 500.
Let's just say that in our basement and my craft room there is a shelf or two.

Last Book Bought:

The History of Science up to 1900
Picked it up at a garage sale. It's a fascinating read. It's great to observe the absolute change of science over the centuries and see how science and culture developed simultaneously. Fascinating stuff...I took a medieval history and medicine of women class n university (yes it was a *fun* elective, what of it?) and was fascinated by culture influencing science and the ebb and flow of ideas thru culture. Now that I think of it, it's been ages since I've actually bought a book. I've a great many to get thru and am always being given books from friends as recommendations as of late.

Last book read

Chuck Klosterman: IV
His fourth book of essays, sarcastic questions and comments on society. I like the way he thinks and enjoy reading witty intelligent comments form someone my age for once.

Five books that mean a lot to you

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carol.
My Mum read this to me cover to cover a bazillion times when I was little. It was the first book I ever read out loud cover to cover, 10 pages a night. I still giggle when I read the part where the mouse falls in the teapot. This book is so odd and imaginative...I love it.

Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis these books over and over as a child. They shaped my imagination.

Jayne Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
I don't know why, but I really identify with Jane. I have read this book over and over and I enjoy it as a winter read, curled up under a blanket.

The Paradise War. The first book of the Song of Albion series by Stephen Lawhead.
This book is so full of vivid imagery and incredible characters. I really enjoyed it. the rest of the trilogy is also very good, but this book stands apart as a fantasy novel. Lawhead is a historian who took to writing and it really shows in the detail of his writing. His other books, like the Iron Lance and Byzantium vividly create ancient worlds and he is a very good story teller. Check it out.

The last one? Well it's a tie between authors more than books (can I cheat and do that?) So many titles pop to mind for 5th place, but these authors should be in there: Roddy Doyle (for his bizarre characters and witty dialogue) and Nick Hornby for his brilliant character interaction, and books about somewhat unikable people. I'd throw the Dark Tower series in here by stephen King too...but that's enough I guess. Y'know, I'd really prefer a favorite author meme than book...

As for tags...most of the people I'd tag have done this, but Magnus, Trent, Pete, Corey, Chaucer's Bitch, Grapecat...have at it.
Or not...:)
Actually, I tag all of you with this: who are your favorite authors and why?

Cunning Plans

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