Wednesday, July 06, 2005

do be do be do

I have discovered the addiction that is the iPod.....It is the one thing I've wanted since I first put my shiny little hazel eyes on it and have thought and thought about how I could take ALL my music with me ANYWHERE. Working in a shielded lab with no radio and not great internet speed I crave music and sometimes you just need to hear a song and it 's nowhere, when the campus store was sellingn off their old inventory of 4oG iPods to make way for the new spiffy ones with the color screens and photo capability I bit my tongue and plunked down money I didnt really hav eto finally own my dream. My husband was sweet enough to say OK, as he knew how badly I wanted it. (Sweet man...)

Having had a while to fiddle with it I have to say my little dose of Serenity is very pleasing indeed. Despite the fact that you can name it (a bonus to all women everywhere...) we now have every single song around on it...over 10 days of constant music according to the display. Joy....we went on a few car trips to Edmonton and my parent's cottage and it's great to have an endless random play. Some of the song sequences are enough to laugh out loud....Beck, then Moby then Bach...I am waiting for the Cantina theme from the Star Wars sountrack to come up....haven't heard that one on random yet.

All my music...all in one place.


Now I have to fight the addiction of the iTunes store.....

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