Friday, November 06, 2015

And so it begins....

Today my dad is coming to help reno our bathroom.


Soon no more pink tub and surround, pink toilet and sink. No more uncleanable wood parkay flooring (icky patooey). AND a bathtub deep enough for a proper soaking bath. We splurged on the tub (it says it fills up to 19" deep muahahaha) and the rest will just be nice and simple. Dad is building me a vanity since it's a weird size and we're gonna put in a square vessel sink with a nice simple dark counter top from Rona. I have a new white toilet and a decent but cheap tub surround ready to go too. Wednesday we found some click and lay vinyl waterproof flooring that will be super easy to put down - a nice greyed marbley pattern. We like the current wall colour of the bathroom (a dark warm grey called Metropolis) and we're gonna build on that with white fixtures, a light grey vanity and dark vanity counter top and medium grey floor. All the fixtures are a brushed nickel which matches the towel rods and handles already in there so I'm really hoping it will come together nicely in the end.

Now we just plan our attack. First we are replacing our robin's egg blue toilet downstairs which no longer works properly (why with the colours? Just why?) and will put the extra flooring from upstairs down as well in the half bath down there. It has grungy old parkay wood flooring there too (why unsealed wood floor in a bathroom? Just why?). This way we'll still have a toilet and sink to use while the upstairs bath is ripped apart. We'll be without a shower for a while...I think we'll be visiting my brother a lot!

I'm not sure how I'll cope with my workouts now that I think of it. I've been doing the Insanity workout program and keeping up with it and am very pleased with how it's been going so far. I am dripping sweat at the end tho - with no shower I may have to become the queen of sponge baths...or maybe just go into the gym here on campus just so I can shower here! I guess I'll figure it out. I don't want to not workout during renos since I'll be sitting on my butt doing nothing after my surgery for a month. I guess I'll figure something out that won't send my family and coworkers running away from me. Much. Hmmmm...

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