Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lazy evening

I'm having the tail end of a lazy evening. Jay's out and I'm getting ready for sleep....but first, in my avoidance of sleep, my second entry in what I hope to be a monthly peek at my dull and tedious life:
Current attire: Blue jeans. Purple long sleeved shirt. My black specs. Fuzzy slippers. Green belly ring. Cat in my lap (Geek).

Current mood: Inquisitive. I just got back from seeing a documentary on the schizophrenia LSD research done in Weyburn and Saskatoon in the 50's and 60's. Fascinating stuff...they were the first to presuppose a biochemical cause for the disease and isolated adrenachrome as a possible cause for some of the symptoms. They were also very succesful in using LSD together with therapy to cure alcohol addiction (50% success). Very cool *is* cool you know

Current music: Nothing. Odd really, I usually have something playing. I wasn't planning on being on the computer for very long. I should be in bed.

Current annoyance: People who change their personal history to feel better about the way their life has gone and tell this made up stuff to their friends (even if they were thereall along). I've run into a few people doing this lately and I have to say it really bothers me...and saddens me too.

Current thing: Talking about how my Ed Grimley costume will look. ("It will be totally excellent I must say.."). Still looking for a triangle to complete it.

Current desktop picture: the "No Cat Farts" international logo

Current song in head: Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen. Yes, yes I know I hate the song too. We just got the 6th Season of South Park and the first Episode "Jared has aids" has a part where Jered the Subway eating guy is walking sadly through the street and there is a mock of the Philadelphia song playing in the I cannot for the life of me get it out of my head or figure out why that particular thing is even *in* there...I've found myself humming it all day. Seeing as I don't really know the words it's all that more wierder... I really don't like Springsteen. I think I'll have to listen to a little Lemon Jelly before I go to bed to banish it. Just typing this has brought it back to my head again. Actually my brain has been flip flopping back and forth between this and the Mario Brothers theme music (the old nintendo one). I have no explanations for *that* one...

Current book: Wings of Fate by Mercedes Lacky. Haven't read it in a few years. An old favorite first of a trilogy.

Current video in player: Dr. Who episodes on tape - "The Doctor Dances" to be specific.

Current DVD in player: First disc of Season 6 of South Park

Current refreshment: milk (warm)

Current worry: How am I ever going to unpack my new lab?

Current thought: Chinese people in space! Neat.

Well goodnight. Me and my cats gotta go to sleep...the warm milk thing really does work.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 17, 2005

Garsh...ain't she purdy?

I'm done!
I am so completely done with the bathroom. And so for your enjoyment (assuming that you may actually care!! :) ) are before and ater pics. Now I didn't try and make the before pics crappy - I'm just a lousy photographer....

And...after - Tadaaaa!

See? Much better.
I know I know, I'm probably the only one reading this, but hey....*I* think it's cool!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Variety is dead, Conformity lives.

Venting time...
So we're trying to buy towel rods and shower stuff for the bathroom. We're not that fussy -A dash of style would be nice but at this point I won't fuss. In the entire city I have been to nearly all the stores and they all have the same 3 or 4 towel rods...It is at the point that I am going to have to order out of a catalog. Perhaps I have to become a metalsmith or something...I don't think I'm THAT fussy, I just figure if I'm going to have to spend money on a towel rod it might as well be one I like.
Go figure, there were 80 zillion shower curtains to choose from....
Man, sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city. But I bet there there would just be MORE stores with the same 3 or 4 towels...

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