Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The day of the rabbit

SOOOOOO much snow. I trudged through knee high snow on the way to the bus. It’s snowed so much over the past few days that some people haven’t gotten to clearing it yet (like us…heh heh. Ahem). I was very jealous of the 3 jackrabbits I saw this morning, hopping away at lightning speed across the top of the snow…while I trudged through it. We cannot park behind our house right now…you cant’ get there. Too deep. And yet my parents drove 3 hours home- made it too. I like it when they visit, but I never realize how much I like my privacy and being eccentric in my own home until there’s someone around making me think about what I do and say (and tell me to wear pants…er, I mean nicer clothes). Silly grumpy old me…

My Mom left me with some cute gingerbread cookie cutters and some molasses. I think tonight I’ll make some cookies. They’ll be warm and full of molasses. Yum. It’ll put me in the Christmas mood. I’ve already made eggnog pancakes. Double yum.
It’s officially winter here. We got a big fluffy duvet a while back and I have to finish sewing a cover for it so we can use it to keep toasty warm. And I can put up Christmas lights soon. I LOVE Christmas decorations. I wish you could keep them up all year…but then I guess they wouldn’t be so special. I found fantastic LED lights with 14 pointed stars that change color and fade in an out. I need to get more of them (there’s only 6 on a string)…they are amazing. We’re going to put up a somewhat hidden wire grid on our basement ceiling and hang them from there…it should look fantastic. Add Nana’s old white tree and 4 zillion lights and you’ll have our house at christmas. Seizure causing blinky overload. I love it.

I really have get to work-break’s over. But with the weather like this, all I want to do is curl up ina blanket, drink cocoa and eat baked things. Maybe I can figure out how to do both…

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Know what is AWESOME?
Paper cuts!

yes, Im being sarcastic...

PS - Blogger: back off with the overly agressive ads for beta - if I wanted to switch I would have. Sheesh.

The Fountain

So J and I saw The Fountain the other night.
And, it has made it onto my very short list of all time favorite films. So good in fact I may not watch it again (if that makes any sense). I can be easily impressed, I'll admit it, but this movie was something else for me.
It really effected me, and every once in a while you get the feeling a film was made just for you - this was that for me. It was visually beautiful, but it was more than that - the story, the was really something I cannot describe. Lets just say I really enjoyed it and think you should see it too and leave it at that.
I just had to crawl in out of the snowy mountains here to recommend it to you all.
But now I must be off to the snowy lab of soltitude.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


My whole famdamily is coming over...Mom, Dad, Glen and Karen, Karen's mom...
I'm making roast beast.
Should be good.
Wish I had more thrilling things to tell you about my life but I don't.
That's all you get.

I don't even have any photos of my awesome costume from last weekend...because we forgot our camera. It was great - I figured out how to make appliques and used some glowing fabric paint to enhance them, getting glowing heiroglyphics that spelt out "psytrance" and "joy" on the collar and skirt. And I even had arm shields that glowed, with heiroglyphic H's on them. J had a sah with glowing rune symbols all over it and webbed hands...but I got no photos for ya. Maybe if I"m feeling fruity I'll put mine on some day and post photos. Because I keep forgetting my camera...
Hopefully people we knew who were there will send us some photos. It was a good time: three floors of music in the throne room, Atlantis and th undersea abyss. AND we got invited to the GOMP after party too. Cool.
J got to talk music more and I got to meet a lot of realle great people.

Gotta go baste the beast.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

How I spent my coffee break

Look, here's a bunch of silly questions I found floating around on Betty’s site:

I see: my coffee cup.
I need: a nap.
I find: biochemical pathways for cancer apoptosis.
I want: a nap.
I have: A job that pays money, which is why I am not at home.
I wish: My basement room of discovery was finished so I could hide up in it and make something.
I love: my cats…and J.
I hate: Cat puke… (Guess what I had to clean up last night at 3AM? On my frickin BED no less…grrr).
I miss: Firefly.
I fear: monsters in the dark.
I feel: lazy.
I hear: the air conditioner.
I smell: coffee.
I crave: a mint Aero bar.
I search: for the keys I lost earlier this afternoon.
I wonder: what I can accomplish tomorrow on my day off
I regret: sleeping in and not working out this morning.

When was the last time you ...
Smiled?: About 5 minutes ago I suppose…whenever I last talked to someone while getting my coffee
Laughed? Ditto.
Cried?: Last night while watching (*blush*) the last Doctor Who episode…
Bought something?: I ordered part of J’s Christmas present a few days ago – and a mint Aero bar yesterday.
Danced? On the weekend…all night.
Were sarcastic? During a discussion at lunch time
Kissed someone? This morning when J left for work
Talked to an ex? I emailed my most recent ex a year or so ago to congratulate him on getting married, does that count?
Watched your favorite movie? Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Had a nightmare? It’s been ages. Back in the summer I had a few nasty ones though.

A Last time for everything ...
Last book you read: The Encyclopedia of Irish Fairies. What? I was looking for costume ideas.
Last movie you saw: Theatre: Casino Royale. Home: Sympathy for Miss Vengeance
Last song you heard: The last track on “Okey Dokey” by the Orb
Last thing you had to drink: Coffee. Still at it.
Last time you showered: This morning.
Last thing you ate: The last piece of a mint Aero bar.

Do You ...
Smoke?: No. I have asthma, so that’d be silly. I love the smell of good cigars and pipe smoke though.
Do drugs?: Obscene amounts of caffeine.
Have sex?: As often as possible!
Sleep with stuffed animals? Just J and the cats.
Live in the moment?: Occasionally I daydream , but I try to.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: J = husband
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yes. One where I can fly and another where I’m wandering through a ginormous university looking for the class I’ve forgotten to go to all semester…and when I FINALLY find it there is a test.
Play an instrument?: I can hammer at the tin whistle, guitar and piano, but nothing to get excited about. I can sing well tho.
Believe there is life on other planets?: It seems pretty likely to me.
Remember your first love?: Yes...and the other other time I *thought* I was in love too.
Still love him/her?: Yes- I married him.
Read the newspaper?: No. Just CBC and BBC online. Our local paper is rubbish.
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: A few.
Believe in miracles?: Yes.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes. It isn’t a magical given though – it is a conscious choice.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try to be.
Consider love a mistake?: No. It can sure complicate things sometimes though.
Like the taste of alcohol?: Depends on the drink. Beer, yes. Tequila, NO...
Have a favorite candy?: At the moment Mint Aero bars. I’m not much for sweets usually.
Believe in astrology?: No. I find it interesting though - someone sure took the time to flush out every little aspect of life. It's more of a historical/amusement curiosity than a factual one I suppose.
Believe in magic?: Yes. Although I have a theory that magic to some is sleight of hand, energies or simply vastly advanced methods to another…or luck…or the all famous selling of your soul
Believe in God?: Yes. Themore I learn, it all just can't be random. It's too bloody complex.
Pray?: Sometimes.
Go to church?: Not regularly no. I’m working through a lot of things as to why- if I ever figure them out I will know whether I will go more or less often.
Have any secrets?: Not really. J knows everything about me, but there are a few from others. Can’t give it all away can I? I'm not that interesting to be honest!
Have any pets?: Two cats and a husband
Do well in school?: I did pretty well. I'm more of a theorixer and a doer than a thinker tho.
Go to or plan to go to college?: I got my BSc at university. I’d go further but I like what I’m doing now and honestly wouldn’t get to do much else even if I did – I’d do it if the project was interesting enough thoug (well and if I could afford to)
Have a major?: A double major actually - biochemistry and microbiology. It was a year more of fluff electives for 2 separate degrees, so I crammed in all the courses, saved the cash and did the double major instead.
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: Nope, well other than to tell them to bugger off because I’m at work and busy.
Have any piercings?: Yes – ears and bellybutton
Have any tattoos?: No. We keep toying with getting our rings tattooed on someday tho.
Hate yourself?: No. At times I’m unimpressed with the way I behave but for the most part I’m pretty OK.
Have an obsession?: It varies from week to week.
Have a secret crush?: I think the new Doctor Who is pretty cute.
Do they know yet?: Of course not. Besides I *LOVE* Jay.
Collect anything?: Darth vader stuff and penguins
Have a best friend?: J…and a few others.
Wish on stars?: Yes. One in particular. It’s binary.
Like your handwriting?: Nope…it keeps getting messier and messier every year. This computer age thing has made me a scribbler.
Have any bad habits?: Yes, mostly involving laziness and forgetfulness
Care about looks?: No, unless they’re obviously false or the person needs a shower badly.
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: Quite happy. I think J is handsome. ..I mean, have you seen his butt?
Friends and other people?: Why would I care? I mean I'd tell them if they had gunk in their teeth or spilled on themselves but other than that cares.
Believe in witches?: I believe people like to *think* their witches. Somepeople may have gifts and abilities others don’t but I don’t think spells and that sort of thing work.
Believe in Satan?: As an opposing evil force yes, but I don’t think whether I need to or not is relevant.
Believe in ghosts?: Yes…although I think it’s more of an imprint of someone or an emotion that is so strong that it’s remained behind as a residual thing. Not so much a being with thought and actions.

Ah…coffee break is over. Bye.

Techno cat

My kinda cat...:)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Casino Royale

OK -so you all have to go and see Casino Royale.
Drop whatever you are doing and go now.
Off you go.
I was very happy - Ian Flemming's James Bond as imagined him from the books has come out to play. I like the new Bond.
I was exhausted last night but had to go see it with my friend Heather.
Luckily J wants to go see it again...because I can go again...

Monday, November 20, 2006

A word with you

Answer with one word. No explanations. (Stolen from Pacian)

1. Describe yourself
2. Your spouse
3. Your hair
4. Your mother
5. Your Father
6. Your Favorite Item
7. Your dream last night:
8. Your Favourite drink
9. Your Dream Car
10. The room you are in
11. Your Ex
12. Your fear
13. What you want to be in 10 years
14. Who you hung out with last night
15. What You're Not
16. Muffins
17: One of Your Wish List Items
18: Time
19. The Last Thing You Did
20. What You Are Wearing
21. Your Favorite Weather
22. Your Favorite Book
23. The Last Thing You Ate
24. Your Life
25. Your Mood
26. Your best friend
27. What you're thinking about right now
28. Your car
29. What you are doing at the moment
30. Your summer
31. Your relationship status
32. What is on your tv
33. What is the weather like
34. When is the last time you laughed


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Brewmaster, cut faster...

Well, My brother and I are now the proud owner of 42 bottles of what we are calling "Red Dragon Ale". It's a nice high malt english style ale.
Only 1 month of aging until we can have some.

Now if I could just get some sleep!

The costumes are almost done too. Whew.
Much to do at work too. Busy woman I am...
Gotta run!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evil friends and sewing machines

My friend Chris, in an evil plot to make me waste all of my time, has leant me some of his older playstation games. Chris likes some of the same games I do – the weird Japanese ones that don’t quite make sense and might be for kids, but are a whole lot of fun.
One of them is a game where you drum to the beat…there is even a drun with drumsticks. I suck at it but it is a howl. Another one is a fave of mine – Dance Dance Revolution…complete with footpads. Man – screw the aerobics tapes for the next few weeks! I think it’s fun but I’m too uncoordinated to do it in public…perfect for home (the game even logs how many calories you’ve burned!) The best game we got to borrow is one where you get to roll around collecting things, because your father the king of all things blew up the sky and all the stars. You basically go from world to world rolling a big sticky ball that gets bigger and bigger picking up whatever you roll over, people, trees…you name it. The ball gets bigger and bigger and eventually it can be used to rebuild the universe again. Sooooo very addictive.
J’s been hooked and playing it while I’ve been sewing the past few nights. I’ve actually resorted to the iPod so I can’t hear the games…cuz I want to play them, but I can’t until after the weekend.

You’re evil Chris. You know that don’t you?

I’m sort of on a crazy making overly elaborate costumes schedule. Most of the sewing for my costume is done – it’s mostly decoration now. J’s sash is done and he’ll get webbed hands with cuffs to go with a modified long black robe I made him last year that will go well into him being a driudish something of Atlantis (*not* a king, I have been told). Me? I am going to be some kind of watery woman...maybe Neptunes consort (anyone know who she was?). For me I’m ditching the webbed hands part for time as I’d rather finish the forarm armor, collar and decorate them and the skirt/belt and be happy with them than go nuts and try and make other stuff at this point and have nothing really finished. I can add to it later if I want to. What with bottling beer tonight at my brothers I’ll likely only get and hour or so at it tonight and then there’s just tomorrow night before we take off, so I refuse to go crazy. I have to work in there somewhere too, and I’m not about to put myself in danger in the lab from being exhausted from making costumes.
But they'll be so very cool...we’ll have something neatto wear.

I am bloody tired tho. Gotta go.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'd give it a 9.3

It snowed a lot last night, so after a long snowy trudge to the bus stop this morning I had a 3 foot bank to hop over to get to the shelter to wait.
I was in a good mood so I took a run at it and hopped over it...and promptly slipped and landed spreadeagle on my back with great style in the snow.

It was kinda fun - like snowing in powder. Everyone waiting was concerned that I hurt myself - not a bit. It was fun enough I wanted to go and hop in the snowpiles some more but the bus arrived so I had to get on.

OH well, there's always tomorrow...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Give me some tea you bastard

I had a very surreal weekend. A friend of J's was celebrating his birthday and we went out for supper and then to where the friend wanted to spend the evening, a local bar called The Hose and Hydrant. Now I'm not much of a drinker, but I like to people watch and it was good company so I figured I'd put off the costume making and head out for the night. It's not a bad place really.

What I encountered was a very surreal culture shock and a bad vampire move rolled into one. I now empathise with those poor american tourists lured into the vampire bar to dance dance dance, and all of a sudden have the music change, the mood change and have the crowd try to attack you and suck your blood...
Well, OK not so bad as that, but it was, at times, uncomfortable. Not for the usual grabbing my ass kind of reasons. I honestly felt somewhat alien at times.

I have to begin by saying that I like electronic music - not exclusively, but to me psytrance, breaks, reggae and funk are what I like to dance to. I'm open to some house music (which is what all bars here play) as long as it isn't some bastardized version of an already crappy song. I learned that you *can* make any song into a house track (even Highway to Hell by ACDC...*shudder*) and people will dance to it. I've also learned that Saskatoon is stuck in a time warp. Last night songs were played that I recall from back when I was in grade/high school, and people younger than me were freaking out about them...songs like Pour Some Sugar On Me, House mixes of a 80s songs, and even (*sigh*) the macarena. The only rational explanation I could come to was my newly solidified theory that all bad dance/house music is written for girls to dance and jiggle to and guys to like simply because they can watch the girls dance to it...

The thing is...I tried.
I really tried on the odd song of Fatboy Slim or otherwise dancable stuff I could settle on (like Saskatchewan Pirate, Hollaback Girl and Rasputin) to strut my stuff, and I did have some fun, but there were moments where the mood shifted, the song jarred to a stop and into a totally strange one and I honestly did not know the songs being played...and everyone else (except J & I) did. I don't live in a hole, but I don't listen to much mainstream that alone was odd enough. I'd have been happy with some Goldfrapp or even a remix of Madonna. After such joyful times as Shambhala and Motion Notion I've come to enjoy world class DJs and mixes with flowing and beatmatching, feeding the crowd with energy...not just playing off a bunch of small town "classics" like Fishing in the Dark and Money Money cranked loud for drunk people to hop around to. I'd complain the music was bad, but the floor was packed to a cruching point with happy drunken dancers. People were loving it. And hip grinding to it...don't even get me started on the hip grinding thing.

I know I'm coming off as an asshat elitist...I'm not. Really. I'm open to a good time and love to dance when the mood strikes, and part of the night I really did have fun, mostly from the crowd I was with.
But the vibe and intent of the place was just too alien at times. The strange sexual overtness and need to have fun or else dammit was more than a little disturbing. Having total strangers grind their ass into my crotch and legs "in good fun" is odd and strange and maybe I'm just out of it, but grind your ass on your friend or lover. OK with me...but on me? When I politely turn away it means I'm not into it, thanks. I thought it was just me until a coworker of J's came up and said "did you know it's apparently normal to grind your ass into my leg? I'm confused..."
We both were.
After a while I stuck to off the dance floor and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Help me out here- Am I expecting too much?
Or am I officially eccentric?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Poppin popadums


Just finished a yummy meal of chicken vindaloo, basmati and poppadums.

And I have a bunch of blue and purple shimmery fabric for costumes. I'm going for a king/queen of the sea, making some colalrs and sashes and forarm armor, with webbed hands.

I'll just have to see how far I can go.

Now I must go and relax. Bye.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

In search of Atlantis

I don't work tomorrow!


I can't wait. Naps & reading and making elaborate food until J is off work (he gets monday off. Boo.)

THEN I must get busy as we decided at the last minute (no planning ahead for us - that'd be silly!)to go to a costume dance in Edmonton (by the same people who put on the Star wars one last year) and it is in one week. I have a week to make a costume. Hopefully I can come up with something. I am so picky, I may burn out doing it, but it will be cool, even if I don't have a costume
Well, if I can figure out what it will be!

The theme is Atlantis.
Any ideas??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gravy Mcguffins

Not only has it snowed 6 inches of fluffiness overnight, I have just discovered, thanks to Pacian, that Sam & Max , the freelance dog and bunny detectives are back!

Me hee...I've got almost a whole year's worth of cartoon strips to catch up on.
I used to really like the cartoon on late night Teletoon (along with The Maxx) way back when...

(Oh, just a hint (in case you're really dense like me and get confused) the captions appear when you put the mouse over the cartoons)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The evils of spinach

I would like to start out by saying that I didn’t always like vegetables much unless they were potatoey and/or deep fried in batter (or both). Over the past few years, I have evolved from a salty snacky, grease loving girl into a slightly healthier (ok, still salty snacky loving) veggie freak. It is odd to think that I am now a somewhat healthy veggie lover but I am – and lately, especially spinach.

And so this brings me to my ranting of the day:
When do I ever get to eat spinach again?

A while ago some farm in the US that grows veggies (for apparently the entire world) was using less than standard growing practices and ended up with a crop of E.coli infected spinach…and unfortunately a few people actually got very sick and died from eating it. Not only does this make me want to go off on multiple rants about the evils of factory farms and their degenerating effect on food quality, farming in general and sustainable resources, I want simply to ask people why they don’t just wash their vegetables. I mean they’re from the GROUND! And they’ve probably traveled a gazillion miles, handled by who knows how many people and trucks and you can’t just eat them without at least a little rinse. Blech - it’s like rubbing your hands around in the muck, dusting them off and thinking “oh boy! I’m gonna go and eat some poy now”. Again - blech. Why not buy from local farms, who take pride in their quality and product instead of fishing out the sea and buying veggies from across the world when you don’t have to? How is lettuce from Mexico cheaper than stuff from the yard nearby? This is why the latest issue of Science published an article stating that research shows that we WILL fish out all the fish from the oceans and lakes in the next 40 years. And oddly enough noone cares (freaks the hell out of me…). Apparently, the world is more concerned about keeping the evil “poison” spinach from the masses.but I digress.

What was my point?
Oh yes – the evils of spinach.

Apparently now spinach is now considered more poisonous than botulism or ebola. It cannot be purchased or even special ordered from any local grocer. Admittedly this time of year it should cost a bit more to have to buy from greenhouses but right now it is GONE. There is no sign it ever existed, and cannot be found fresh anywhere…and (of course) that means that I am craving it: spinach salad, spinach risotto, spinach and feta lasagna, spinach pizza…*sigh*

I needs my spinach.

Oh great corporate juggernaut, I ask thee:
Can I please have some spinach?
I promise I’ll wash it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon

Aside form listening to Hello Nasty for the past weekend non-stop and a nice romantic evening with J and a fine episode of Galactica, life continues as normal. Only 2 days till beer bottling, and all is clear on the horizon.'s a little meme to fill the gap I wandered across a while ago:

3 People That Make You Laugh:
• Bender & Fry
• David Cross
• Jon Stewart

3 Things I Love:
• cheese
• J
• napping in the giant bean bag for 2...with J if possible

3 Things I Hate:

• terrible restaurant food
• cleaning up cat puke
• dishonesty

3 Things I Don't Understand:
• How George Bush can walk and speak at the same time
• how people can waste money on those stupid dancing singing santas I see for sale everywhere
• Why people need things to be happy

3 Things on My Desk:

• cyclops baby in a jar(no I'm not kidding - it's part of the teaching library)
• Picture of J and the cats
• Coffee mugs

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now:

• Cooking something new every 2 weeks (last week it was pumpkin cookies...yum)
• eating an apple
• Planning the reno of my basement work room

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
• run a 10K marathon
• ride a horseback across parts of India
• have a greenhouse in my yard and grow my own veggies in it

3 Things I Can Do:
• Cook and bake most things
• Envision things I plan to do and how they'll turn out before I start
• Make beer! (from a kit...from scratch is next)

3 Things I Can't Do:
• listen to people complain about other people behind their back
• Shop at Walmart
• keep my kitchen floor clean

3 Ways to Describe My Personality:
• shy
• idealistic
• eccentric

3 Things You Should Listen To:
• Your Mom (usually she's right you know)
• music, whenever and wherever possible
• Your inner voice - you always know something is wrong if you're paying attention

3 Favorite Foods:
• cheese of any kind (except swiss)
• rice crackers (with cheese?)
• Fruits of all kinds (especially pomegranates and raspberries)

3 Things I'd Like to Learn:
• How to juggle (I'm hopeless)
• How to be less shy in social situations
• How to fix my crappy toilet

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:
• Coffee
• milk
• Earl Grey tea

Gotta go.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Cool Beans and other things

Rented District 13 last night.
Aside from the french rap at the end (just wierd) This movie was great.
Lots of action and entertainment. I was pleased. I'm all for the urban hopping all over buildings and creative fighting in films...and cute men showing of their muscley dexterity...often with no shirt...erm, anyways.

On an aside, I'm amused once again that the odd time of year has arrived that separates the stylish and trendy people from the rest of us who just want to be warm.
Seeing people dressed in summer wear run from car to building and shivver and fret as they wait for busses or walk between buildings on campus never fails to amuse me. It's just starting to get frosty cold...soon the freeze your flesh, actually dangerous kind of cold will come in with windchill and stop our cars from starting and force us to wear rediculous amounts of fuzzy clothing...well those of us who like to be warm, anyways.
Me? I take the bus and it's a 15 minute walk to the busstop, where I sit on the edge of an open windy area - a long frigid walk that means I have to be bundled up or I'll freeze. I have a locker to cram all my stuff in once I get to work, so why be cold? There's always some person in skimpy clothes with a tShirt and a scarf and gloves shuddering away trying to NOT be cold. I'm all for the power of the mind over matter, but frostbite is another thing entirely. I pity our grad students from really hot takes a good cold snap until they realise that no, we're not just hosing them and trying to make fun of them - it does get bloody cold here...and yes they need to get a warm coat.

And it's only just begun. I am not very stylish at the bus stop...but I AM warm.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I wish it would jsut snow already. A good dump of snow that stayed and made everything all fluufy and white.
Cuz this being obcenely cold, frosty and windchilly with no snow and green grass is wrong on many levels.
Somehow when the world is white it makes a little more sense...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Agrajag to the rescue

I had a grand experience last night. One of those unique things I'll always remember, as they'll probably not come up again. I'd like to say tho - I'm not a fruit or a nutter. I just like new and unique things. And I'm a geek...
While out on a shoot, J was talking to someone who mentioned that there was a music show he might be interested in. It was a man playing music on crystal bowls.
Go on...
And he also had a collection of large cymbals...
And his girlfriend was painting with acrylics while he played on large acetate sheets in such a way that the resonance from the music would move the paint and create unique patterns as it dried.
AND, the only place open to hold it this time of year was at the local Buddhist temple.
Well, that was it...J was too intrigued and picked up 2 tickets on the way home. Neither of us had been in a Buddhist temple before - it was a simple building, but the statuary was amazing. That alone was interesting enough. We all sat on kneeling mats on the floor and it really was mesmeric as the musician played music by striking and rubbing about 30 different sized crystal bowls, along with 6 giant hanging cymbals and other strange drums, cymbals and bells that I've never seen before. He played 2 40 minute sets with a short break in between. It was beautiful and not like anything I've ever heard before. The paintings were large and billowing with colour and had odd patterns in the paint, like galaxies and constellations look like in photographs. Some previous ones were on display, and you could sit and watch her paint if you wanted.
AND, although it was Halloween and I was worried about leaving the house unattended for while, I put our candy out in a bowl on the step with a sign that said "take 2 each or else Agrajag will haunt you!" ...and wouldn't you know it, they did! There was still some candy left when we got back.

Good day all around really.

Cunning Plans

 Life is wierd ya know. It seems a lot of things have been hitting me hard lately. Been distant from people, including my partner who is dea...