Monday, July 30, 2007

I likes me the internet

And they call the internet a time waster...

It rained and now I have soggy areas

Note to self:
When going camping for the weekend do not leave half your raingear at home because the weather forcast says sunny skies.

Bad weatherman. No cookie for you.

Yup, I jinxed it - it POURED rain saturday night and all our gear is currently in the back drying out...we got very wet! BUT we also had a fantastic time, if a bit soggy at the end. I had a splitting headache for a the first half of the weekend, but thankfully it went away just in time for the rain...but really, all in all, a good time.
Just mother nature reminding us who's boss.
And reminding us to pack the raingear...:)

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well...I'm going camping for the weekend.
Yess indeedy.
See you on monday.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Please stand by...

It's busier than hell here in Acme Labs at the mo.
Be back later.
Till then, talk amongst hyourselves...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random silliness

I just know I can't go into our local supermarket for a while without the staff looking at me like I'm nuts.
A few days back I stopped in the store on the way home to grab some things. I had the iPod on random and while wandering the fruit section what should come on line as the next song? "I'm Gay!" from the Brain Candy soundtrack started playing loudly in my ears and I hooted with laughter and spent about 30 seconds giggling uncontrollably and looking around guiltily to see if anyone could hear me or the music. I'm sure I looked like a stoned out idiot. It really made a great end to a lousy day but I felt very silly and grinned all the way home.

PS - I already encroached on my unbreakable vow. I have no willpower at all...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm melting, ranting and I have to put on a straightjacket...

It's been so hot as of late...a week of scorching and no end in sight. It only cooled off to 25 last night, with a high of 35 today. Our house thanks to the AC went down to about 27 so we could sleep. I can't imagine how hot it would be without it...
Heat like this makes you wilt and want to stay inside. Our poor yard is sorely neglected but it's too hot to be out there and fix it up a bit. It's getting rather safari like.
I'm actually happy to be at work and be in air conditioned comfort. Saying the word always irks me - air doesn't really fit the action - wouldn't a furnace heater also technically be air conditioning? Wouldn't it be air cooling or temperature regulation?
Anyways, noone needs to join my pedantic mutterings this early in the day...

I am annoyed at the general publics inability to let others enjoy storeis and other things-it's as though social conversation has devolved into regurgitating phrases and tales from TV or books and not actual conversation. You may have guessed from my last post that I am the sort who doesn't like to hear then ends of things or details of a book or movie until I've seen it myself. It really ruins it for me and my brain goes off on tangents trying to constantly fit in al lthe tidbits I know into the stroy and I can't get lost in it. J works in the media and many of "them" already want to talk about details and plot bits from the new Harry Potter book and he's trying to convince them not to - I mean most people aren't odd enough to sit and read the book in a day or two. And say you're a parent and you have to wait for your kid to read it first? What if you're a slow reader? How is it journalism or reporting to give away plot points of a book and be "the first one" to do it? That's just lame. Not only is it not news, but it's silly and sucks the joy out of things for those of use enjoying it. You might as well go around knocking ice cream cones out of people's hands and then laughing at them as they sadly watch it melt on the ground, because that's what you're doing in a way when yo udo that. I, for one, hope they and other media places hold off and just let the world enjoy it. How often does a thing like this happen in the modern day? It's not like 2/3 of the world won't read the book anyways, so why wreck it? Maybe people don't care about that kind of thing much anymore but I do. I still do. The part of me that was thrilled when my friend's Dad put fairy doors on some of the trees near our cabin as a little girl still does too...I like to hope that won't go away.

And on another topic entirely -I'm nervous. Why? Well, I must be strong., as this post brings me to a point and promise and new vow for the next while - no more posts from work. I've been humming and hawing about this for a while now. Noone here cares much as long as I get my work done, but I have a lot to do and find more and more I'm wasting time that could really be better used by surfing the net and updating henceforth, just lunch break and at thome. Sorry guys -I've gotta cut back my blog addiction. It's starting to get quite out of hand and I like my job...If you hear screams and shaking crazy muttering it's me over the next few days trying to adjust. Wish me's going to be harder than I imagine, and I'm imagining it to be kind of hard! :)

But before I run I must leave you with bits of lyric from a favorite old song that's been in my head all morning, for life, right now, is quite grand:

"... I don't ever really understand all the things we say
But I try to anyway anyhow
For what's in a day of a dandy life - what's in a day of this dandy life
Everything, Everything, Everything ... said that every single one of us can find a happy face
So why don't you go try, try anyway
And I suppose I was born yesterday, cause I never thought of things
quite in that way at all and in that way
For what's in a day of a dandy life - what's in a day of this dandy life
Everything, Everything, Everything "

Monday, July 23, 2007

I know who the murderer is - it's *ACK!* gurgle...

After a 12 hour long marathon read I finished the last Harry Potter book.
My reward for a day of boring work (and missing out on a phone call from an old friend while being there...grrrr) was to sit about all of Sunday and read the last Potter book in it's entirety. I knew I'd be insanely busy until at least August with no time to read it if I didn't get to it now and by then some blathering twit in the world at large would let things slip to me about the story, so I tucked in with my comfy new uberpillow, some popcorn, a huge pot of coffee and a cat and read away. Haven't done that in ages. It was lovely. I felt like a kid again all cozied up with a good story.

And don't worry...I won't let it slip that Hogwarts is invaded by alien hoardes or that Harry survived the adventure through shrewd use of a magic blue marble he found up Ron's nose...cuz that would just be mean. I mean who wants to know the details of a story before they've read it and enjoyed it for themselves?*

(* take the hint world...let the kiddies and the grups read in peace and let them have their fantasies. Go and nurture your tortured soul somewhere else...)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Silly bear, ritalin is for kids

Why oh why did I offer to come in and work on a Saturday?


So, I'm trying to fill my incubation times with some online reading...and now I have a question:
Recent published studies have shown that Ritalin has lasting effects on the developments of children (physical and mental) with long exposure. Duh. What did people honestly think giving a stimulant to a child for years would do to them? Make them into superhumans? Give them special powers? Especially kids that are a bit different and need some extra time and help to get it right.

How about spending time with your kids? I'm willing to bet that very VERY few kids actually prescribed medication actually need them. Now I'm not a parent so maybe I'm talking out of my ass here, but how are kids going to learn to deal with their problems and interact and know what's right and good if they're not taught? Not helped? Maybe they need extra time spent with them. We're all so busy rushing around with our lives and expect kids to just anty up and fit into life. They're children. They sould run, jump, play and learn how to do all the things they need to do from ALL of us. It really takes a community to raise a child, not a TV and some's one of the reasons I haven't had any children yet. It's scary and a big commitment...

Am I way off here? My brother and I grew up with little TV and lots of books and games and although my parents both worked a lot and we were on our own a lot we coped and turned out OK, although we're pretty normal by most standards. We were taught about consequences and how to be real people...I figure we didn't turn out too bad.
But then again I'm dancing around with a bear head on so maybe I'm not the one to be talking...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Which lolcat are you??

Aw...I so wanted to be the sad cookie's absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen...

Sure, you deserve one. You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation. Now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. Now take your cheezburger and never touch the internets again. To see all possible results, checka dis.
67% Affectionate, 63% Excitable, 53% Hungry

Wanna know what you are? go here.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

conniving cuteness

I'm dead classy, me...what? No? Oh...

After a few days of recouping after Motion Notion it's back to life I'm afraid.

But- to help us out with the transition, there was a pleasant introduction last night. A great Canadian band The Tragically Hip were in town last night, playing in the gardens of our local poshy CPR hotel the Besborough. And, J being a press type bloke, was given some passes by a coworker to watch the concert at a viewing from the garden terrace. Ooh lala.
Now I've always only worked as serve staff for these sorts of things, so it was lovely to be dressed in a skirt and heels sipping champagne and other tasty complimentary cocktails (there were waiters with trays and everything) while munching on incredible nibbly food...there were escargot on puffs, all manner of fruit, a chocolate fountain (I spent some time there yes...), cheeses, lamb, sushi, creme brule and even frogs legs (which taste like an odd morphing of tuna and chicken...still not sure if I liked them or not but I had to try them).
A coworker of Jay's was leaving work for a new job as of today, so it was a final night out with coworkers as well as a bit of relaxing for J with other people he works with. I had a fantastic time - J works with some great people. Jackie was sent off with a thoroughly fun evening of great music and food and we even got her tipsy enough to walk about in the memorial fountain in the park a bit afterwards before we sent her home, complete with a pilfered champagne ice bucket as a souvineer.
It was a lovely evening.
I may, however, never be able to eat again. I'm still full :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I survived the zombie hordes

I'm back from Motion Notion...did yo umiss me?
Here's photo or two. I'm putting the rest up in my flickr account in the summer 2007 folder...which will be there by thursday. but not now. I'm tired...

The festival grounds were a newer location with two larger main stages, and the Fort this year was the last refuge from the zombies. The main stage was a huge area full of blacklight paintings and there was a real beach with a fast flowing river and much sun and goodness.
...I had a fabulous time. 4 days of great music, visiting old and new friends, and although it was too hot for the whole bear suit, I brought out the bear head with me on the last night...
Have look see. I'll post more later.
Me? I need sleep and food and a shower. in no particular order.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

T-1 and counting...

Ah. I love days off. I ran and then baked all the I have to keep from eating them!

6 scotch eggs, 2 dozen bacon cheese biscuits, 2 dozen pumpkin muffins, 2 pans of cookie bars and 4 dozen granola some pudding and fruit and cereal and juice and tofu dogs. I never know if there'll be a firepit where we are so I make lots of food that can be eaten cold or warmed up on a stick. Our water is frozen so instead of buying ice or icepacks we just use the frozen water bottles to cool off the food that needs to be cold and drink it up. The bottles are refillable. And I always end up giving away half of my food, so I make lots. It's actually kind of fun going around the last morning giving people muffins and granola bars for breakfast. I have no concept of portions so I'm sure I made way too much, but oh well. I like to share :)

Tonight is gather up gear and pack up and tomorrow morning we're meeting up with our friend Ken in Edmonton and heading out to Motion Notion.
I can't wait. The new location this year is on a ranch, sNow I just have to dig out our camp gear and find my bathing suit...I found this neat camping thing with a plate bowl and cup and spork (I love that word) that all packs up small, so we'll ahve something reusable to eat out of. AND we found a big screened in awning that is larger than our tent wo we can set it up over it for shade and have a place to tuck away our gear righ near the tent. Nifty.

And did I mention I have a bear suit? :)
I predict a fine time...
See you all in a while :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Handy lab tips

1. Do not fill the distilled water reservior by leaving the water tap running unattended in the sink. Yes you're busy, but it only takes 5 minutes.

2. In case you weren't paying attention, reread step 1. Why? Well, the tap could reposition itself and overflow all over the counter and floor.

3. Go and get a mop dumbass


I flooded the wet lab this morning.
Top form today, me...:)

Just like I planned it

I have a day and a half to get ready for Motion Notion because I slacked off all weekend. I *only* have to

2 dozen muffins
2 dozen cheese bacon biscuits
6 scotch eggs
3 dozen granola bars
2 dozen cookies

Find and pack all our gear
Do laundry
Fix up tears in the bear costume (it's pretty old and beat up)
Freeze 12 L of water for drinking/cooling the coolers

And all tonight Im busy with a meeting and visiting with a friend who just got back from holidays in China for a bit. BUT luckily I have tomorrow off from work...heh heh. I hope it is enough time. I seem strangely relaxed about things - as long as I get there and have stuff to eat, it will all be good. i can't wait for the friends and the music to start.
But until then - hectic times. Doesn't the world know I have things to do?

But then...holidays in the woods with much dancing.
I can't wait! :)
I keep thinking of the dream I had last year before Motion has me in the right mindset for things...

Monday, July 09, 2007

I rock

This morning I ran all the way down the river to the university bridge, over the river, back down the river to the new footbridge that just topened across from my house.
In the rain.

It is further than I have ever gone before.
Quite frankly I rock...:)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

blah blah blah what I'm doing RIGHT now...

This bit of tedium brought to you by the letter Z and the number 6...

Current clothes: beige halter top, beige Castro hat (from the Police concert), Jeans, titanium specs

Current mood: Full. I just ate a tasteeeee meal of chicken vegetable skewers and rice pilaf courtesy of our bodacious barbecue and yours truly. Now I'm in danger of asploding...

Current music: The new Chemical Brothers CD (no I haven't worn it out yet...)

Current annoyance: I've got SO much to do before we leave for Motion Notion in 4 days and I'm not even close to being ready...and here I am wasting more time...heh heh...

Current thing: Wasting time reading up on all the Harry Potter books so I'm up to date when the new one comes out...Oh and, AND fixing up the bear suit we found in the basement in an old cool is that? I'm going to be dancing in a giant yellow bear suit this weekend...mee hee...I can't just leave it there you know. I've weashed it and I'm patching up bits and restuffing the head because, well, it's bear suit...these things should *used* :)

Current desktop picture: My Gir slippers on my feet

Current book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Current song in head: The salmon dance (it's playing)

Current DVD in player: Spirited Away

Current refreshment: cranberry juice and gingerale

Current worry: how the heck am I going to get all our food ready and prep all our gear for the camping festival in a mere 4 days??

Current thought: Why did I eat so much? I'm so full...

I really must go I've procrastinated enough (all weekend...). I've got to sew some stuff to store our camp gear in and do a bunch of boring chorey things.
BUT on a happy note the cool pedestrian bridge by our hose that goes over the river is finally done. I walked on it today and will be running on it in the wee hours tomorrow.
Good day all...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Clockwork chemicals, my brothers

Home, home, home I was wanting and it was home I came to my brothers....
And when I arrived, I viddyed it - the new Chemical Brothers album was waiting for me all shiny and wet like a sunny day.
I dropped that wheel into the music machine and oh, my brothers, the sounds!
I sat by the window and closed my glassies, shooshying the lovely music.

Oh it was gorgeosity and yum yum.

I was cured all right. The foulness of the day was perished, my droogs, and the evening was mine.
Get yourselves to the realtors and hear the music for yourselves. You will thank your humble narrator for it, my brothers, for tracks 2, 4 and 8 will singe your ears... and the salmon dance is luscious chepooka!

I'm off for a glass of milky chai...for a grand weekend awaits!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yeah...what he said

I found this political commentary video via Chaucer's Bitch's weblog.
I heartily agree.
Go on to You Tube...go on, go there and have a view.

Pardon me? Can I buy a feeling?


For a few years now I have had a happy shirt (it says the word "happy" on it) express the fact that I am indeed a happy person. I wear it when I am feeling happy or going to an event that makes me happy and often invoke the power of the happy shirt when I have a day with lots of things to do and need some happy luck (like today).

Now some asshat has marketed the feeling of happiness as a perfume.
Someone at the bus stop this morning said "Oh! You bought that new Happy cologne? How is it?"

Damn you Clinique!
I do not wish to be a billboard for your new perfume that tries to tack on a product to a promote your fake marketable concept to try and get people to buy a product to make them happy. How transparent and gullible do you think consumers are? Even if I liked the perfume now I wouldn't wear it because of the name...and the fact that you've officially invaded my happy place.

*I* only wish to be happy and spread the "happy" all about.
Now my shirt is tarnished.

You ruddy bastards.

Take a deep breath and begin...

Hoo boy.
Yesterday everything I did in the lab screwed up somehow. Nothing fatally, but enough to make for a miserable day. Then lots of not getting info from ebay for hours and hours. All in all not a fun day.
BUT today is another day and I have tomorrow off, so I just have to make it through today and get things caught up and done. And maybe, just maybe I won't break/spill/crash/forget anything today...
I'm taking a deep breath and diving into things.
Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm in UR ebay hacking UR account

I was hacked last night...strangely I'm excited about it. Well, mostly because no harm was ultimately done. I'm smart enough to keep my paypal and other stuff separate from my home email and ebay account, but noticed last night as I tried to log into my email and ebay account that my access was denied. A little call to the helpful email people to find my email password didn't work. I had them change to a new password and lo and behold after getting back into my email (huzzah!) there were messages letting me know I'd changed my ebay password (nope) and that the 10 laptops I'd listed for 24 hour sales (I wish) were successfully up for auction (oh crap). But, luckily for me ebay caught it and cancelled the sales ASAP and after a bit of emailing and phone noodling both my accounts are back in order with new highly secure (and quite difficult to remember or spell) passwords.
I suppose I'd have been miffed if stuff was mucked up, but honestly, considering I've only ever bought shoes, CDs and geeky collectibles on Ebay suddenly posting 10 laptops for a "steal of a deal" of $120 each, you'd think the hackers would've figured out that a flag might have gone up or something. Even *I* wouldn't try something quite so lame. And I am indeed quite lame myself so I know whereof I speak.

BUT, after all that I'm glad it's all back to normal and I can go back to buying more useless crap on ebay and getting my email once again. I must say that it did wig me out enough to go into things change all my now I have a bunch of new things to remember.

Oh goody...

The way I remember things, I bet you all $20 that in a week I'll be whining about how I can't remember any passwords to get into anything...

Game on.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Cunning Plans

 Life is wierd ya know. It seems a lot of things have been hitting me hard lately. Been distant from people, including my partner who is dea...