Friday, March 31, 2006

Gorram Malware

While doing a search for lyrics to a song (It's not the End of the World by the Super Furry Animals if ya want to know) on my lunchbreak my PC suddenly started installing things without me asking and all of a sudden a new toolbar was there and all sort of things were on my PC that weren't before and I couldn't stop it. Which can't be removed as the uninstall conveniently doesn't work and the website for the software can't be opened.
Who writes this crap anyways. They should be shot.
I had to run Adaware and hope it is gone when I'm back after work...It had found over 200 things to delete before I was done lunch and on my way back to work. God knows waht got put on there....It's not even safe to just search the web with popupblocker on anymore, at work on a firewalled wuote all old people everywhere: "what's the world coming to these days?"

Curse you Malware and crappy pop up search engine crapmakers everywhere!!
Your momma would be ashamed of you!

Bad Karma Hypothesis labwork is not working. I'm finally back in a functional lab and things I've done well for years are simply failing to give results. For no reason. At all. Making my life tedious and troublesome...and making me feel incompetant. If I hear "It worked last time - why don't you go through your protocols?" one more time I may scream.
To be a total geek (and feel like I'm accomplishing something scientific) here's a write up of mysufferings.

Title: Bad Lab Karma -The failure of known methods in standard analysis

Background: This is basically the "God is punishing me" hypothesis. It has gained a great deal of favour after trusted experiments have failed to work for no good reason.

The following facts are known:
i) All rational explanations have been exhausted and yet the experiment is still is not working for me.
ii) I have persistent feelings of guilt.

Methods & Materials:
Tried and true, brand new, same as always. Just been a bit of time since they were last done, but everything is exactly the same.

Results and Conclusions: (offered by coworkers)
The cosmos is punishing me for being so confident about my abilities. Appease the powers that be by:
i) Trying bungee jumping. If I survive, God must not be too hacked-off at me.
ii) Atone for my sins and start over at the top of the flow chart.
iii) If I end up here next time, have someone watch the next time I set up the reactions. Blame THEM if it fails again.
Sigh...Wish me luck!

As an interesting, yet non-related side note: here's an article about an unusual research report

Thursday, March 30, 2006

And then their heads fell off...

There are either cute kids or cool adults (OK probably both) in a house I pass by every day on my way to the bus. There is always some kind of yard thing going on in the summer and all winter there's been forts and snowmen and such. In the last big dump of snow a while back they built 2 HUGE snowmen in the front yard, complete with hair, faces and clothes.
And as the weather's warmed up they've started to slowly droop and melt, like that german guy in Raider's of the Lost Ark ("it's beautiful!").
This morning I discovered that they've finally been decapitated...sad really. Their finely decorated heads now rest at their feet along with their arms and bits of their clothes. I'm enjoying the great melting and can't wait for the squishy season to be done, but I'm always sad seeing the last of the snowy bits go away. I'd built 2 baby snowmen in the back alley on two fenceposts where we park our car..they've been headless for days.
Spring is here! Huzzah!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computers are evil

Spent ALL last night organizing our computer and cleaning it up. Why? Well Our new OS 10.4 FINALLY arrived which we need to install to run Logic Pro 7.2 so J can finally get to it and play with the program he's been waiting for for the past 3 months. So many delays.
We are very lax at stuff and things are all over the place, but I got it all organised, yet I managed to wreck the first DVD I was using to back up our photos (did something dumb), so hopefully tonight I can back up all our music (23 GB - yeesh) and all our photos and other files just in case they get gibbled when I update the OS. They'll probably be fine but I have the worst luck in the world and I have no desire to import all our CDs again (it'd take weeks) or lose all our photos, which would only happen if I DIDN'T back up I'm sure! We'd put off doing this until J had finished making wedding DVDs of the 2 family weddings we videotaped a while back and they are finally done so I can begin. They turned out ever so spiffy and professional. I'm sure they will be thrilled with them.
Yeesh what tedious boring stuff to do all evening after a long days work. After the DVD failed I quit before something else could go wrong, but I have to get at it tonight and just finish it. Then J can use it. He has been so busy as of late - we both have actually. Hopefully he'll have time to play with it. It had better work after all this or I may have to go find Steve Jobbs and kick him in the shins...twice.

And so what's my longwinded point you ask?
Well, I have so decided that computers are evil. They take up our time doing things that could be done in other ways and most people don't know how to use them properly and rely on those of us that do to get things "fixed". Silly. Time is spent on "important files" that don't really actually exist...

Yup, it is back to the stone tablet and feather quill pen for me after all this. And the glass...
I have been itching to make a window for the past few weeks. Once I'm done all this I'll have lots of time to do so when J is making music with his new program. I can't wait...I promised my Dad a panel for the cabin. I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A little bit of boredom and cat fluff

Man I am tired this morning. Slept with a cat on my head all night (not my choice believe me, he's a sneaky little bugger), and being allergic to cats I'm still sneezing like an idiot - not a recipe for a good night's sleep. But here I am. Caffeine will guide me through yet another day.
Cuz I have lots to do today, but I don't want to skimp out on the weblog, here's a quick little thing I haven't done in a while before I take off:

What's Going on in My Life Right Now

Current attire: Blue jeans. guacamole green shirt, black socks, white running shoes, black specs and a nice necklace.
Current mood: Tired. Like I said...cats on your head will do that to ya. I am feeling optomistic tho.
Current music: Nothing. My radio cacked out on me here so I am humming things to myself right now.
Current annoyance: People who pretend they want to see you and visit with you when really, all they want is to borrow something or have you do something for them. Just come and ask and save the REAL visit for makes us visitees feel rather pathetic.
Current thing: Craving bizarre foods and then getting all the tools I need to make them and then eating them. Yum. Right now I'm waiting for a twinkie set to come so I can make my own twinkie cakes. I can't wait! Plus, after reading Betty's weblog I now want to make a Dalek cake...
Current song in head: "Go" by Lemon Jelly. It does have William Shatner's voice in it but it is good despite him. Honest.
Current book: The fifth book in the Dune series. I haven't had much time to get beyond the first 20 or so pages, so I'm waiting til I can have a good read.
Current video in player: My exercise ball tape from this morning
Current DVD in player: Nowhere Man disc 3. Just finished it. I do so love that show.
Current refreshment: coffee and sesame seed flax toast with my mum's crabapple jelly on it. I forgot to ahve breakfast before I left. Luckily my bus gets here early.
Current worry: Bills to pay, student loan payments to arrange and taxes to fill out before I can relax and take a VERY long awaited holiday in the end of April. I have a whole week to use up and even if I do nothing but stay at home and read and make twinkie's all week I can't wait! I am burnt out and I need a holiday.
Current thought: Is terrorism the new communism in the US philosophy? I was watching a docuemntary on communism in the states in the 50/60s and it seems to have a lot of similar "causes" and "effects" attributed to is as terrorism does in today's mindset. Are they not both a state of mind and philosphy taken into literal life? And by writing this will the FBI start reading my weblog? (Hello!! )
Have a good day all. Happy thoughts to you all. And go and have some toast with homemade jam on it. What are you waiting for?

Monday, March 27, 2006


Had a wonderful experience over the weekend.
One of the doctors I work for is from India and their local Hindi temple has an annual fundraising banquet every year. It is a very fancy vegetarian banquet with traditional dancing and music...the kind of thing I'd love to go to, but way out of my league costwise. My colleague thought it would be a fantastic experience for us so she not only bought an entire table for me and 7 other coworkers to attend the banquet, but she bought us all saris to wear for the night and had us over to her house that day to dress us up traditionally. She is such a wonderful and kindhearted woman! We had so much fun getting ready and learning how to walk and carry ourselves in a sari. She even had matching jewelry and bindis for our very cool.
The event itself was very elegant and the banquet was delicious. It was vegetarian indian food (it had matar paneer - my favorite indian dish) that was incredible. The traditional dancing was neat too and we even got to meet the Indian ambassador to western Canada and the premier as well as learn a lot about indian culture at the kind of classy event I usually never get to go to (unless I'm a server!). It really was an experience I never thought I'd be able to have. We were all worried we'd offend someone with our dressing and manner, but I guess we were instructed well and carried ourselves according to custom, as we got so many compliments on our dress and our manner. Everyone we spoke to was flattered that we were there in traditional dress and were full of compliments. I have always wanted to wear a sari (despite being a dress-o-phobe) and I must say I loved wearing it. A sari is really comfortable and you just feel so elegant in one. top it all off, our colleague is so sweet - She wants to make this an annual event every year! I am overwhelmed at her generosity and excited to wear my sari again...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Fingers

Had a truly odd experience last night.
As a preamble (and to make me hopefully seem slightly less odd) Jay and I have a wierd habit of (when we're snowbound & going crazy) putting different images with different music. Sometimes it's as simple as turning off the sound and trying to guess what's going on in a show or a commercial or making a "soundtrack" for a show or movie with a CD of our own. Often odd matchups occur, sometimes it's damn funny...honestly, most of the time the TV is ignored and we listen to the music. Last night was a night of laziness and vegetation. We were listening to the new Gomez album (again) and Jay said said he'd try to find something for a "video" for the album...kinda like Wizard of Oz with The Dark Side of the Moon together (which honestly does match up in odd and interesting ways. I've tried it. Oh, stop pointing at me and really does!).
What did he find on cable was one of the wierdest films I have ever seen. I came down with a steaming mug of of Earl Grey tea to settle in and listen/see what I later found out to be The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T on silently as a video for the album. I'd like to say it matched up in an interesting way but honetly, it's just one of the most screwy film I've ever seen-Dr. Seuss at his finest. Without sound...even wierder as I've never seen or heard of it before.
What an odd movie. I do however want a hat like that.

I mean...I'd be even cooler than I am right now.

(Oh stop laughing...)

Thursday, March 23, 2006


We were at the press confrence yesterday (which went very well, my legs were on the news) and J was planning his show for tomorrow and in the new music CDs was a new Gomez CD.
We're both huge fans of Gomez and had been checking their website occasionally to see if there was a new CD in the works after their live recording CD from last year and most previous CD (2004) that came out last year and there was nothing there...but Lo and behold POOF - a new CD. As soon as it is up on Amazon I'll add a link. It's out in stores in May and we got to have a listen to it yesterday.
Fantastic as usual.
And so may I suggest, if you want a good listen to some of my favorite rock/blues music have a listen to any of the albums by Gomez. They are fantastic. I've had the privelidge of seeing them live and they sound even better in person.
Gotta go...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One point twenty one jigawatts!

We have a local Community Radio Station (CFCR) that's been around over 15 years, getting better and better over the years. It has a lot of multicultural programming and gives radio play to local and Canadian work. Lots of good music, local business are advertised and community groups (and anybody really) have a place to have their say and be involved, with the members and listeners supporting the station and keeping it alive. We even did a local artist compilation CD and a Centennial Cookbook as Centennial projects in the city and cover the festivals in town each year. It really is a great thing for the community. J has had a show on Thursday afternoons (Afternoon Buzz) as Mr. Johnny Bayconbitz for the past few years and we've been involved in fundraisers and on the board of directors for a while. J and some others at the station even have made a bunch of short films...lots going on and a great thing for the community.
They've been raising money for years to update the studio to have decent equipment and get a transmitter that will clearly reach the whole city and surrounding area (10 X our old transmittor! Not actually1.21 gigawatts, but closer!). After updating the studio, our last yearly fundraiser pushed it over the top and we've finally been able to install a new transmitter for the station that is up and running...and today is the big official press conference to let the city know it is up and running. The mayor will be there to flip the giant switch one of the guys on the board made up to turn on the blinking light on top of a cool mini steel radio broadcast tower that some students at the local technical school built for us in their welding training.
I even made cookies! We're entering near SCTV levels of quality! Woot!
It's been a long time coming and it'll be so cool! I'll take a few pictures this afternoon and post them tomorrow...neat neat neat.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Guinness, a Movie and a Few Other Things

Greeting from the void. I've been busier than I ever thought I could be lately and finally have a bit of time to post today… and maybe Blogger will actually let me. Blogger has been acting up all weekend when I had free time, so I couldn't post when I tried to – I couldn’t even post THIS the first few times I tried as the network here is down right now...but enough of that whining. It's so refreshing to be busy for a change that I can’t really complain that much.

Guinness and Such

Friday was my day off. There was lots to do and a neat party to go to at a friend's place that night, but I finally spent lots of time in the kitchen (you were right after all Magnus). I do love to cook and I really love it when I can spend a few hours making yummy things and then eating them later - it doesn't get much better than that. So, in honor of St. Patrick's Day I made Guinness Stew and Potato Bread. YUM. J was skeptical (he doesn’t worship at the fount of Guinness like I do) but it turned out great and the potato bread was also fantastic...devoured the rest of the 2 loaves this weekend with jam and pb and the like. I'll definitely have to make some more. I’ll stick the stew recipe in the comments page if anyone wants to know how to make it. I'm having some for lunch today too...I even had J take a picture of happy me as I sat down to eat it. Nothing like a photo of smiley me pointing at some stew to make your day, right?

Homes and Other Black Holes

J had to cover the Home Show on Saturday, so I tagged along as a gear carrier for free and spent the afternoon looking at displays and the newest gadgets. Wow... I must say there is a lot of crap to waste your money on when you own a house! Of course everything I liked was WAY too is amazing to me just how much pointless stuff is for sale that people seem to think they need to have the perfect house, be "unique", or for no other reason than to have something better than the people around them. The funny thing is, every category of stuff seemed to have an “Elite” line, which, as far as we could tell, was way more expensive for no real reason of quality or function-the best we could come up with was that if you CAN buy it you do so, making YOU elite…or... something? We're not really sure. Now I'm the first to oggle over something cool (I mean I do own a Force FX Lightsaber) but, there is a point where one has to look at things for the value they bring. I mean, if I like something, then fine, but why spend money on what someone else thinks is nice or cool if I don't really care for it? If happiness is attached to an item, or worse yet, the need to show off an item, that is where I start to get wierded out. I just don't need a lot of stuff in the house. I mean, I wouldn't turn them down if I liked them and if I had the $$, but I'd rather spend the bit of money we have to spare on things we actually need or on holidays. Money is a means to an end. A house is your home. Life is to live, not buy.

A Hot Date

So I know this guy. He’s really cute and kind and intelligent and when I asked him out Saturday night, he said yes!
Yup, you guessed it, J and I went out Saturday night on a real date. So nice...It's been a while since we did the whole go out just the 2 of us to a movie and dinner (OK, so it was Subway but it was yummy…and it’s where we used to eat back when we were dating so it seemed right). I've been bugging J relentlessly as I’ve wanted to see V for Vendetta for months now and I wanted to get to see it as soon as we could. So, that was our "date" movie. And,yes, I loved it. I was not disappointed at all (after some of the crappy films I’ve seen lately I was expecting to be underwhelmed). It was a good adaptation of the graphic novel and it really had a lot to say & prompted a discussion about rights, freedoms and governments and made me question what I 'm willing to do or not do to keep them and just what justifies what. I actually hope to see it again with some friends this week. Visually it was a great film and Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman were very good. Go and see it.

Duney Duney Dune...

I just polished off the 4th book in the Dune series yesterday before a trip to the in-laws for supper and a family shindig. I am so impressed by the Dune series. The first three books are some of the best sci-fi I've ever read. The societies and personalities created in the novels are so detailed and fascinating to me. The 4th book was largely conversations between the worm emperor and others...a lot of interesting commentary on society, the role of warfare, gender and religion and many interesting ways of addressing and dissecting human nature…plus a big wormy god guy. What else could a gal want?

And so THAT's a smidge of what I've been up to lately that's kept me away. Add in loads of work you can see why I'm busy. I’m not shunning my weblog, I just have stuff to do and I can’t seem to be able post when I actually have the time.

And so I'm off to get to more of that busy stuff. Bye.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Thought for the morning...

"Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven ~W B Yeats

Monday, March 13, 2006


I've been thinking about Equilibrium all day today, since my earlier post. It's not a very well known film in these parts and I missed it entirely in the theatres, but it is a favorite of mine. It is set in a futuristic world, where a strict regime has eliminated war by suppressing emotions: books, art and music are strictly forbidden and feeling is a crime punishable by death. The drug Prozium is administered to everyone to try and create a perfect society. Those enforcing the new laws are Grammaton Clerics, trained in what I find to be a fascinating form of martial arts based on the prediction of movement and it even brings gunplay into the movements and style of fighting of martial arts. It sounds corny to describe, but the styles and katas are expanded to include this and it really works. Cleric John Preston (Christian Bale) is a top ranking government cleric responsible for destroying those who resist the rules. His wife was taken for the crime of emotion a few years ago (he turned her in) and he is left with his 2 children and a partner, whom he eventually has to turn in for the same reason. When he misses a dose of Prozium, a mind-altering drug that hinders emotion, Preston, who has been trained to enforce the strict laws of the new regime, begins to feel emotions for the first time and he grapples with the feelings, creativity and what it truly means to be free and an individual. He suddenly becomes the only person capable of overthrowing the current regime and slowly, under the guise of trying to find the resistance to overthrow it, end up entangled in their actions.
I probably gave away too much, but the ideas and concepts behind this film are fascinating to me. The style and fighting in the film is very well done, and the sets and such are very impressive and stylish, but there is so much more to the film than just action. Christian Bale is outstanding. When I heard he was going to be Batman, I was excited, simply from his role in this film. This is one of the films in my life that really challenged my thinking and how I felt about myself and about the ideas of freedom and emotions and just what I would be willing to do or give up for peace and freedom.
I do believe I have to put on my shiny new shoes and wander off to the rental people and watch this again tonight...if I ever see it for sale I will buy it. We don't get all the new releases here and sometimes I see a few films I probably shouldn't, just because I crave the "theatre experience" but this film is not to be missed, in my opinion. Now it isn't for everyone...but it worked for me.
Well, I've blathered on enough. Go and see it. It is a fabulous movie. I am hoping V for Vendetta will be even better...


I went to see Ultraviolet this weekend. I know, I know, not the best choice, but the director of the film is the same man who did one of my favorite movies Equilibrium and I couldn't help but be hopeful. Plus I'm a fan of "cool" looking films as long as they amuse me. So I saw a matinee and I was, well, underwhelmed. It wasn't awful, I just didn't care that much. I was in a "state of ungrippedness", as Lister would say. The character of Violet and a memorable chase scene involving an antigrav motorbike and a costume/hair that would chameleon to it's surroundings was about the highlight of the show. I mean cool sets and all, but the fighting (endless) and story were not as "cool" as I expected. Very they spent way too much money on something that really didn't need to be's all been done before (except the motorbike thing) and done better. Even Equilibrium was infinitely superior.
What do I like? Well, last night I watched Ong Bak and thought "THAT'S fighting". Ultraviolet was a lot of fast cuts, stupid henchman being cut down and an overall lack of tension. No real skill or emotion or impressiveness. Even what could have been a rather cool fight scene at the end of the film was just ho hum, which is too bad. Usually I'm all for a movie that is cool enough to entertain even if the story lacks a bit (like, say, "Underworld"), but this really was boring for me overall. I so wanted the director to do well, so he could give me more Equilibriums...

On the OTHER hand, I rented a movie called Mirror Mask on Friday night and was infinitely more impressed with it. It had the help of Henson's creature shop. Basically. it's all about a girl's drawings coming to life in her dreams as she struggles to find the mirror mask to return back to "her" world. Visually impressive, interesting characters and really entertaining and thoughtful. Everything that Ultraviolet was NOT. Do rent this film AND Equilibrium if you haven't had the chance to see either of them. I'd go into the films more but I have a nasty habit of accidentally letting major plot points slip so I'll just stand on my recommendation to see those movies and to not bother with Ultraviolet. Even on a cheap night it's honestly not worth it. Just not good enough eye candy.
Now I just have to rent Howl's Moving Castle...and Casshern.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Got Klimt?

I am probably not the only one who loves the art of Gustav Klimt. (that's him & his cat over there)
His work is wonderfully abstract, using metallic paint and I absolutely click with his style of painting. He paints beautiful portraits as well, and has a great many works on the female form (had a thing for redheads and bosoms it would seem), the ideas of love, life, beauty, aging and death and I honestly swoon at the thought of seeing a Klimt exhibit. I've been lucky enough to see exhibits of Dali and an Emily Carr (I especially love her forest paintings) over the years, but I haven't been lucky enough to get to see even one of his paintings yet. He has a few well known paintings (likeThe Kiss and Love) but they really only just brush the surface of his skill at using shapes and colors that shouldn't work to create a vibrant and beautiful look at things (like "Tree of Life" up there on the right). His art is some of the few images that inspire real emotions from me and bring me joy just to look at. I could go on all day about his work (slow day here dontcha know) but you really should seek some of his work...I think they are beautiful. As I type this I can think of so many paintings I'd love to include on this post, but I'd on too long. Besides, what you may like may not be my taste. So go have a looksee.

Apparently I'm quite delicious

Your Nutritional Information:
Servings per container: 1
% Daily Value

Sweetness 26%
Bitterness: 83%
Power: 74%
Healthful: 21%
Excitement: 65%
Deliciousness: 70%

What is your nutritional value?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy (aka Cruel Shoes)

I can't believe I forgot to say this. I'm absolutely ecstatic...after months, nay years of b*tching about my crappy winter boots my darling hubbie took me to Marks Work Warehouse last night and I am now the proud owner of a new pair of warm, waterproof and completely pain free winter boots. They even match my coat...AND they were on half off! Woot!

To quote Steve Martin:
(before the aliens stole him and replaced him with a bland copy):
"I've got happy feet!"

I'd go

My brother discovered this, and I think it's a great idea. What a better place to hold the 2017 winter olymics than Hoth? I mean, snow, ice, unlimited opportunity to build whatever facilities are required. Granted, no night events as it'd get too chilly, but hey!
I think it's a great idea...I'd go.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

That's Odd...

Stealing this from a many a weblog I've seen, here is a list of wierd things I like to do or do nearly every day:

-I refuse to let the cat lick his butt when there is someone over. It's just rude.
-I can't cook a full meal if the kitchen has dirty dishes...I have to hide the dirty dishes in the dishwasher first. Messy is fine but the dishes have to go, even if I just take them back out onto the counter later if they aren't dishwasher safe. Back in the apartment I'd just put them in the stove.
-I talk to myself. Drives J crazy.
-I like stale popcorn. A day old with loads of butter is the best thing ever. ..and garlic salt and pepper.
-I talk to the coconuts at the grocery store. They're cute.
-I do a spider check before I go in the basement to do laundry. There's one guy down there the size of a chocolate chip and he loves to run at me fron under the dryer...I'm paranoid he'll run up my leg.
- I believe the 10 second rule applies to stuff that falls on the floor - as a microbiologist I know it's wrong, but I figure what won't kill me makes me stronger
-I like to drink beer in the bathtub
-I am completely unable to style my hair..I just don't have the girly genes to do it. I'm lucky if I comb it right. I think I fell and broke that part of me as a child.
-If a cat keeps me up all night I spend the next day waking it up whenever I see it so we both have to suffer together
-When I pick the pine cones out of the yard I save them and scatter them across the river to make more trees
-I hide from door to door canvassers, even if it's obvious I'm home. Especially the cute ones with candy...I'm a pushover.
-When I have lots of types of cheese and put it out for munching, I make little flags for he cheeses so I don't mix them up. I have quite a flag collection by now... and I love cheese
-When I spill water I use whatever cat is nearest as a towel to wipe it up.

Yup...that's me.

We like to party...

We like to party
We like, we like to party

The Vengabus is coming
And everybody's jumping
New York to San Fransisco
An intercity disco
The wheels of steel are turning
And traffic lights are burning
So if you like to party
Get on and move your body

Hey now, hey now, here's what I say now
Happiness is just around the corner
Hey now, hey now, here's what I say now
We'll be there for you...

Heh heh...guess what damn hideous song has been in my head since I woke up this morning?
For some unknown horrible reason - The Venga Bus.
And now - it's in YOUR heads too!
Suffer with me my friends.

PS - We like to party...Da do da do da dooo doooo.....

Where would I be without another quiz?

Ford Prefect
Holy zarquon, you're Ford Prefect! Traveling the

galaxy is just another day in your book, man.

You live for the thrill and the nightlife,

although you've got an issue with caring for

others. Everyone likes you, though, because

of your party-going personality. I sass that

hoopy Ford Prefect! Rock on, man!

The Legitimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Woman's Day

It's the day to appreciate women.
So go on...appreciate me.(just kidding!)

Seriously, take the time today to call your Mom, your Grandma, hug your daughter, kiss your wife, and for just today, don't beat up your sister (go on, I know you can do it). If you are a woman, do the same and be glad if where you live in this fine world of ours you are free and respected and allowed to openly express your thoughts, beliefs and inner beauty. I, for one, hope and pray that attitudes that degrade and damage women and our human dignity (like old pervy there on the weekend) will become a thing of the past.

Boots of Pain

There's a little red spot on my toe today
It's a little bit bigger than yesterday
There's a bit of steel toe that's rubbing on my foot
Falling out of the front of my right winter boot

In the summer and fall I have these groovy shoes (they're my superstars)
They are comfy and bouncy and they're rainproof too (groovy superstars)
In the winter I'm stuck with ubercrappy boots (that always make me mad)
They're so beat up and tattered that they are kaput (really, they are bad)

Well I have stood here before with a big roll of tape
Trying to fix up my boots into a better shape
I am hoping that spring will come and end their rein
But it's my destiny to wear the Boots of Pain....

Well, there's a steel bit protruding down into my foot (my sore big right toe)
I've tried shuffling and hopping but it's just no good (my poor big red toe)
I have already patched the other heel and toe (in my crappy boots)
And now the front of the other one's about to go (stupid crappy boots)

Well I have stood here before with my roll of duct tape
Trying to fix up my boot into a painless shape
I keep hoping for spring to come and start it's rein
Cuz then I can destroy these bloody Boots of Pain

Well, there's a little red spot on my toe today
It's a little bit bigger than yesterdaaaaaaaaaay.....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Slip slidin' away

Heh heh..know what is more fun than 2 feet of snow over 3 days? A whole night of rain on top of it.
Wow...the city is a mess. I'm actually GLAD I took the bus today. We were about 25 minutes late, but I got there.
There's a cute old german couple that take the bus with me, and she was walking normally to the bus while he kept giggling and saying things like "look at me...all these years I've never skated and look at me now!". His wife had these cool little slip on cleats for ice. She was walking along like normal.
I gotta get me some of those!

I'm hiding inside with some coffee until the world melts...

Monday, March 06, 2006

An open letter to the perv at the club on saturday night

May I be the first to congratulate you on your stylish attire. Yes you can dance well, and you likely spent more time than I did getting ready for the evening. I'm disgusted you took the time to amuse us and our friends as we watched you casually try to grope half the women there before you found someone accomodating. We're all happy for both of you. However, I did not spend $15 to come and be BE one of those women groped by you on the dance floor - believe it or not I came with MY HUSBAND to hear new school breaks and progressive trance and dance like a monkey. Although it is mildly flattering to find that you think I am attractive, please believe me when I say that I do NOT feel the same about you (you perv).
And so, to avoid a similar social faux pas for you in the future, let me offer the following suggestions for impressing and picking up women, based on a group critique of your performance saturday night:

1) Wedding rings: Generally they are a social "tip off" that the person is indeed taken. When they smile happily at you it doesn't mean the ring is means the person is happy to be there and enjoying themselves. To put it succinctly: ring + happy woman = not available and a waste of your precious time.
2) When a woman is dancing and smiling and looks up to see that you are also having a good time and smiles at you it means she is happy and is glad that you are too. It is not an open invitation to grab her ass. Even if she is indeed shaking it, it is not for you. BAD hand, no gropey.
3) If you grab a womans ass to pull her towards your crotch and try to dance with her groin next to yours and she pulls away and gives you a look like you are indeed the biggest perv on the planet, it doesn't mean she's playing hard to get and you just need to step up your advances. This is not a classy way to pick up women...or their asses. Move on, before you get canned.
4) After 3 unsuccessful ass grabs when the woman gives you the finger, points at here forementioned wedding ring and then goes over to her husband and dances with HIM, leave her alone. By this, I mean that when she walks by you later WITH him, don't reach out for a final grab as she walks by as a pleasant reminder of just how classy you are and what she is missing out on. Trust me, it just makes her start to wish your willie would fall off. May I say that you are lucky my husband is a gentleman and trusts me to look after myself. You may not be so lucky next time.(you perv)

And so to sum up: Married woman happily dancing with their husbands are not waiting to be groped by you. No woman, even if she is dancing alone is. And no, if at first you don't succeed, you should not try again. Even the female version of you that hounded my friend deserves better than that. I must say that I am glad that you two eventually had a fun evening groping each other, as you deserve each other. I'm sure you'll be very happy together...for at least a few hours.

Thankfully I had a great time despite you. Please take my advice to heart and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to meet a wonderful person to share your life with. I did. Believe me when I say sincerely, I and my ass are very happy.

PS - Perv

Friday, March 03, 2006

Down with Negativity

OK, so I've noticed this weblog is turning into where I go to vent negativity.
Not cool.
So, other than comments and discussion I will try and keep the negativity to a minimum. My ethic as of late has been to spread goodness and cheer and then hope it will spread and make the world a better place one person at a time. I need to get back at that.

And so for good measure, to cancel out some of the woogy bits I've posted lately here are a few of the happy things I could think of (well, or things that make me happy anyways):
Daffodils, bunnies (especially the floppy eared sort), fluffy chickens, hot cocoa, Geek (my cat), Samosas, ladybugs, stained glass windows, pistachio pudding, bubble tea, cupcakes, snowmen, Opus, listening to music, Gustav Klimt, iridescent stones, Guiness, strawberries, hot water bottles, chocolate covered pretzels, hore frost, sushi, Emily Carr, happy hopping gerbils, candlelight, cordoroy, 4 leaf clovers, loons singing on a the lake, tobogganing, earl grey tea, popcorn, the smell of campfire smoke, flannel shirts on a cold evening, guacamole, dancing for joy, baby sea otters and frozen grapes melting slowly in your mouth...



So the education version (way cheaper) of the Logic Pro audio software I've been waiting for from Apple has FINALLY arrived over 2 months from when I ordered it.
And hey, guess what?
The delay was because it was being upgraded to a new version...
which it turns up I have to upgrade my OS for...
AND (wait for it.....) the new OS is now on backorder for 8-10 days!


J & my simple "winter boredom putoff project" won't be available until way into spring and is getting way to complicated.
Sigh...waiting is the story of my life lately.
I just hope it actually works...and that my old software still works on the new OS or I will be some pissed.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Technical Difficulties...Please Stand By

Just a quick note to say I might not be here too much over the next bit. My computer tried to melt on me and it's getting repaired, so it's gonna be trickier to get on don't take it personally OK?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


You Are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

You take the title "mad scientist" to the extreme -with very scary things coming out of your lab.
And you've invented some pretty cool things, from a banana sharpener to a robot politician.
But while you're busy turning gold into cottage cheese, you need to watch out for poor little Beaker!
"Oh, that's very naughty, Beaker! Now you eat these paper clips this minute."

How to embarrass a scientist

I like to check McSweeney's out occasionally. They have an odd collection of stories, open letters, lists and generally strange comments on the world and society in general. This list made me laugh out loud, and feel quite embarrased for my profession in general. Also, it is a great example of why we scientists sometimes feel dumb admitting what we do...sadly they are real articles. *giggle* And researchers even wonder why it's so hard for us to get funding for real research nowadays...

10 Groundbreaking Research Article Titles
by Jane Newman

Weight loss and diarrhea in a research dog. Lab Anim Sci 1999 Dec;49(6):585-7.

A steroid stupor in a surgical ward. Br J Psychiatry 1991 Jan;158:125-7.

A retrospective analysis of the results of 218 consecutive rhinoplasties. Br J Plast Surg 1995 Oct;48(7):451-4.

Experimental assessments of behavioral and anatomical components of female chacma baboon (Papio ursinus) sexual attractiveness. Psychoneuroendocrinology 1986;11(1):75-90.

A late medieval Yiddish manuscript on bloodletting. Clio Med 1975 Dec;10(4):267-76.

Comparison of effects on colonic motility and stool characteristics associated with feeding olestra and wheat bran to ambulatory mini-pigs. Dig Dis Sci 1999 Jul;44(7):1282-7.

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in peat moss processing plant workers. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 1998 Aug;158(2):412-7.

Tuberculous meningitis in a Filipino maid. J Formos Med Assoc 1999 Nov;98(11):783-6.

Bourdonnement and other benign temporary breast implant sounds. Ann Plast Surg 1999. Dec;43(6):589-91.

Pig sticking injuries are no joke.Garner P. BMJ 1995 Sep 30;311(7009):878.


So much snow!
We've had a snowy blizzard of a night. First the wind (which I walked home in and could have done without) but then the cool blizzardy snow came. THEN the hail..not big hail, just the kind that sounds like a rainstick when it hits the windows. Very neat sound to listen to. Then it snowed ALL night. Walking to the bus was an adventure...there is probably about a foot of snow and noone had been out yet, so I got to make the first tracks through it. I love when that happens. Hopefully the weather will get things out of her system and then we can get to spring.

It can keep snowing all week for all I care! I have nowhere in particular to be and a friend just lent us Space Ghost and Harvey Birdman on DVD to watch on her week away (she works up north up at the mine laboratory). Nifty. Nothin to do but eat chili, drink tea, listen to music, read (I'm on the third Dune book now) and relax for the next few days. I'm not going on strike (whew) so I can relax in my house and let life go back to normal and obey the fluffly weather's commands and stay inside all comfy cozy.


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