Friday, April 27, 2007

Six! Six Pelicans! Ah ah ah!

I tried about 80 times to post a video the othe day of the Queen of 6. It wouldn't let me. *sigh*
I give up...Here's a link to it.
Why did I want to do this? Well yesterday, as I ran by the weir at sunrise there were 6 pelicans swimming in the river. I counted them loudly like Counnt Von count as I ran by. I tried later on to find a video of the count counting to 6, but couldn't. I *did* however come across the Queen of 6 which *I* haven't seen since I was about 6.

Later I almost finished my room, but ran out of tape to mask off the final thingys.
SO after I pick some up, this weekend I'll actually be done my room! Only took me 4 months....heh heh. Not too bad eh? :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Because I'm busy (and quite hoestly, very lazy) today, here's a little meme just to show I'm alive:

On the inside of my finger (the one next to the pinkie) on my right hand. I shattered a grounds glass lab bottle in my hand in the water lab a few years and had to get a bunch of stitches. Despite my ability to hurt myself in any situation (Example: I have managed to cut my hand on a piece of soft rubber tubing) it is, amazingly enough, the only scar I have.

A few prints from Gustav Klimt (The Kiss and Medicine), a thingamajig with all my necklaces on it and a mirror

This is a dull, silly question. It’s a black Panasonic cordless phone. The tip of it's antenna lights up when it rings, which I find exceedingly cool.

All kinds...mostly electronic, but some rock, jazz, funk, even classical…depends on the artist, really. Just no country please…and for the love of god no Zamphir.

A picture of Gir (from Invader Zim) dancing like a monkey

To breathe like a normal person…allergies suck. And I wouldn't mind a piece of pie.

I don’t see why not. I do think it should be a civil ceremony though, what with some religions frowning on it. That way everyone would be happy.

Right before midnight

Yes. I’m very glad to have happily married parents. They’ve been together over 40 years...

Thievery Corporation

Oh yes…all the time. And what's in the dark (be it zombies or vampires and the like)

J, but we were arguing and I was handing out my fair share too

Not much for cologne, particularly on me – I just have some vanilla oil I wear occasionally. On men – Alfred Sung (the purple one). Oh lordy it smells sexy...particularly on J.

14. WHAT KIND OF HAIR/EYE COLOUR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX? Brown and brown…with long lashes. Lucky me, my man has both…

If they do the trick I’m all for them. I am a total wuss.

Yes. Most of my friends are guys, yet I’m of the hang around casually until they get the hint variety. I’m sort of oblivious to that though, as I used end up having guys interested in me and not even noticing…

Spicy capicolla, mushrooms, red peppers, lots of basil and gouda cheese…mmmmm

Oddly enough, right now I would love a piece of key lime pie

Most likely J. I forgot and left the oven on all afternoon a few days ago…heh heh. Oops.

Yes. It's nice :)

Still bored? Check this site out. I would love to have a bit of this costume on Halloween...or this just for the helluvit...I mean, everybody needs a glowing brain. And if I was rich? I'd wear this (the ultimate one) all the time...yeah.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Star Wars Horoscope for Scorpio

You are a powerful character.
You tend to be possessive and lusty - which explains your greedy nature.
You feel threatened when people try to order you around or control you.
You are prone to suspicion and jealousy - but your resilience and passion get you what you want.

Star wars character you are most like: Han Solo

You'll be there after all

I got to watch the sun rise over a misty weir this morning, with geese and pelicans flying about and - it was very beautiful. I'm taking it as my reward for dragging my ass out of bed to train.
There was a goose asleep with his head under his wing floating down the river...never seen that before. I wonder if he'll recognise where he wakes up?

I've been trying to find good hyper music to run far Prodigy and Infected Mushroom work well...but on the way to work, the thing to listen to has been Gomez lately. It makes me happy...I've had Pick Up The Pieces in my head all morning.

Pick up the pieces and we'll throw them away
Throw them away and replace them
Bring on the blues now, and we'll chase them away
Chase them away, celebration

All that I want is for you to be there when I call
And after all I know you will be there
You'll be there after all

Bring on the band now, set them playing away
And if they stay, well then embrace them
Bring on the people, we can dance and we'll play
Let's dance the night away, celebration

All that I want is for you to be here when I fall
And after all I know you will be here
You'll be here after all
There's only one thing it can be

Good day all...I'm off to the lab. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey Everyone It's Bob & David

Mr. Show with Bob & David is one of my favorite comedy shows.
It was on HBO for a few years and it has some of the funniest humour (well, off the wall humor I happen to click with) since Kids in the Hall. In a lot of their shows one sketch would blend one into the next and often sketches at the end of the show would refer to ones at the start. There were a few reoccuring characters, but most of the time Mr. Show just made me laugh harder than I have at anything else. And a great many comedy people were on the show including Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, and many others. Incidentally, a lot of these people are helping out Sarah Silverman with her new show...which I've been watching lately and really enjoying. (My husband has a thing for Sarah Silverman and I can't deny it - she's smart, funny and pretty...gotta keep tabs on the competition :) )
But anyways, back on topic. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross both did their own stand up routines and for a few years were involved in their own sketch improv night and even had a show togather for a while...and MR.Show itself got better every year. Unfortunately HBO moved it to a slot of death on Monday at midnight, and it got cut due to ratings, but I managed to track it down on DVD and catch them all in the end. It would be hard to pick favorite sketches, but I've snooped YouTube and found a few good ones. Unfortunately many of my favorites aren't there...

Kiss the Pan

Shake the Crime Stick

Job Interview

Story of Everest

Call in Show


Thrill World

A song for a monday morning

La da de da de de da daaaaaah

ME nee me ne me ne neeeee

Bwa dah de da do be do daaaah

I want some muffins and tea...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Because once just isn't enough

Still not waking up. So more help from Pacian...

1. My 'ex' is still - wearing mismatched shoes
2. I am listening to - Cake
3. Maybe I should -get back to work
4. I love - J
Question 5 is gone. Perhaps it'shaving a nap with my brain...
6. I don't understand - calculus and fashion
7. I lost my respect for - George Lucas after Jar Jar and the whole mediclorian fiasco
8. I last ate - a granola bar
9. The meaning of my display name is - a compound produced by blue green algae that emits a musty earthy smell.
10. Love is - grand
11. Someday - is too far away to think about right now. I can't plan past the weekend.
12. I will always - be an optimist
13. I never ever want to lose - my sight
14. When I woke up this morning - that didn't happen yet
15. I get annoyed at - myself for being a slacker. It's going to catch up with me.
16. Parties - are overrated, but can be a good time if there aren't too many drunken idiots
17. My pet - is a jedi
18. Kisses - are never long enough
19. Today I - was stuck on the bus for a half hour becuase a semi truck ahead of use was on fire.
20. I wish - I had a cupcake
21. I really want - a nap

Coming to you like a rope in a chain store

I am obscenely tired today and am having difficulty putting my feet in an ordered motion to go and get things to fire up my brain, here is a meme I found on the interweb a while ago-perhaps answering some random new questions will wake me up a bit.

1. What’s the meaning of life? Be excellent to each other...and party on dudes
2. You’ve climbed a really steep hill. What’s the best way to get back down? Toboggan. Or runnig with your arms splayed out and yelling at the top of your lungs if the snow is gone...maybe a bungee jump would be fun.
3. Ever sang karaoke? Were you sober? Yes and no.
4. How many hats do you own? 4. They're mostly winter related, odd shaped and fuzzy. I am fond of my aviator hat though. And I bet noone else has a mirrorball helmet...
5. Do you ever skip to the last chapter in a book just to get a sneak at what the ending is going to be? no. Then it's ruin it for me as my brain would be trying to work out the in between bits while I read the rest. I hat knowing things about a story before I read it/watch it
6. Have you ever washed your hair before washing your body in the shower? I do that all the time actually...then condition it while washing. I never have time in themornings for a leisurely shower it seems. Geez, sorry. Moving on... that was probably more info than you needed.
7. Do you like beans? Yes. except for lima beans.
8. On toast? Never actually tried it. Sounds a bit dodgy. Maybe next time I go camping.
9. You’re walking somewhere, and your shoelace is undone. There’s only a few hundred yards to go. Do you bother to stop in the street and tie your lace, or do you just try to hope no-one notices and that you don’t trip, and make it last until you reach your destination? try and hope (and possibly fall down) laziness knows no bounds. I actually have fallen on numerous occasions because of this. Do I
10. A huge demon-monster thing is about to vaporise your home, but being the reasonable type he says you can keep one room. Which room would you keep?
Ooh...tough one. Cuz my bed is most excellent, and I do so love my kitchen gadgets. BUT my basement hangout room is most excellent and full of cool things, so I suppose I'd ask for that one.
11. Given that god is infinite, and that space is also infinite… Would you like a toasted teacake? I don't want any toast. HE doesn't want any toast. NO SMEGGING TOAST!
12. Which song would you like played at your funeral? Do you Realise? or...something equally happy and sappy.
13. What’s your favourite type of tree? I like willows, but you can't build a fort in them, so I go for birch..."do not besmirch the mighty birch". The wind through their leaves is one of the most soothing sounds in the a rainfall.
14. You’re in the Big Brother house. How many weeks would you last before you’re voted out?I'd just cook really awesome food and bribe them to stay that way. I could slowly poison all my competitors if needed. I doubt I'd last long tho - I'm a wuss.
15. What’s 8 multiplied by 12? 96
16. How many times a day do you brush your hair? twice unless I have a nap
17. Ever had sex behind a bike-shed? No. Seems like a terribly uncomfortable place
18. Name two characters from Scooby Doo, except for Scooby and Shaggy. Daphne and Scrappy do
19. Fingernails - cut them or bite them?Both. I like to think I kicked the bite the nail thing I had as a kid but I catch myself occasionally.
20. You’re due to meet someone, but they’re not there yet. What do you do? And don’t say ‘wait’ because that’s just boring. Sing a song in my head while sitting and watching people go by, while inventing elaborate life histories and activities for them to be up to. Maybe do a little dance.
21. What colour of underwear are you wearing?black
22. Who’s going to have Christmas Number 1? I have no idea what that is, but seeing as there's Christmas perhaps? Can I at least put up lights?
23. Do you pronounce the word tomato, ‘tomato’ or ‘tomayto’ ? tomayto ..although I prefer potayto
24. Have you ever left an obviously sarcastic picture comment on Myspace for someone you don’t like, but they completely miss the point? Much of my sarcasm is missed by others...I like to think because it is too witty and cerebral, but more likely because it only makes sense to me...
25. If you were a ghost, who would you go and spook first? J. He's actually always wanted to see a ghost but never has. Plus I'd miss him so it all works out :) If he died with me we'd probably go and hide in the cemetaries and pop out to cheer up the goth kids

Now get to work all of you!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And another thing...

It's funny - I think I come off as an oddball eccentric at times at work, and yesterday I once again felt the one out, but for all the wrong reasons.
It's been absurd the past few days the amount of news and general talk time given to the man in the US who shot all those people. It pains me to even talk about it, as I am, by doing so, perpetuating the story, but I have to comment after a discussion I had yesterday.

In the lunch room the topic was, of course, the shooting, any "new" details (none) and how it was all over the TV and even (sigh) the front page of out local paper. I was quietly eating my lunch and not trying to be involved, when someone commented on how they were glad that the judges of American Idol were brave enough to offer their condolences to the families and people in the town.

My jaw dropped, and "WHAT?" slipped out of my mouth...and the floodgates opened...I couldn't hold it in any longer.

I then actually had to debate with my coworkers (who are intelligent and well thought out people) as to why it is not the role of social figures to perpetuate fake tragedy news like this and comment upon it. Yes it was a live to tape broadcast right after it happened. IT. DOESN'T. MATTER. A tragedy to the families and town involved perhaps, but why does this necessitate public figures to comment upon it...why should anyone care what they think? Why are we suddenly interested in how the people involved will deal with the situation and how the families of the shooter and victims are coping? Why do we want to know what the shooter did, what he looked like, his favorite music, what he wrote on the internet...what his "manifesto" and photos he took of himself that he sent to various press organizations before the shooting are? This man was sick, and deserves no fame. No glory. No justification...and he should not be the fodder for our insipid need for grotesque entertainment. Reality TV is becoming the news...and unfortunately people are beginning to take their fascination with the "grisly crime of the week" shows and carrying it over into real life. If this happened on the campus where I worked I would be disgusted at all this. The shooter was a sick man who did a horrible thing. By making him news and glorifying what he's done are we not perpetuating the myth and glorifying him, even as a "bad man"?

I've always had the opinion that my commentary on pointless non-news things like Paris Hilton and other things which are in our culture that I fail to understand as relevant is to not discuss them. To not perpetuate the continual discussion of these people to keep them in the news.
Sure I understand wanting to know why someone would do this, and how someone would just decide to go and trap and shoot a lot of people and then themselves. I can't see it. No one can. Why? Because we're not mentally ill...and we can't make ourselves better by dwelling on hate and horrible acts of senseless cruelty.

I'm not telling you all to go out and ignore the cruelty of life and sit around hugging bunnies all day but honestly - when a suicide bomber hits yet another public place in Iraq or Afghanistan is their photo all over the world? Do we want to know what the had for breakfast and what their opinion on the latest issues are? Do we call up their families or talk to the victims families about how they arer coping? Largely (thank goodness) no...and why is the deaths of *those* others so insignificant? Why do I get the impression that we in North America now feel that there are those that live in Iraq "used" to this kind of thing? That it's no longer worth reporting when the victims are different from us, caused by "terrorists" or people in a culture we just don't understand. It's not a movie - it's real life. And it's terrible...something that, to me, personifies the concept of of "evil" in a real and tangible way.

Gah. I could go on and on about this, but it would get me nowhere. I hope there is some intelligent discussion about this. That people start to question just what is important. Why? Well, just yesterday while all this news crap was going on I was working to help diagnose a small person with cancer...and that put it in perspective for me right then and there. There are things that matter and things that do not. Life and happiness and love are not abstract things and when we lose focus of what matters and entertain ourselves with the misery of others we become somehow less as a culture and as a community.

Whew...better go have some coffee and settle down I think. Just had to get that off my chest.
*picks up soap box and bimbles off...*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guess what I did this morning?

I walked/jogged this far today - 1.49 miles 1 way - so nearly 3 miles! Sure it was alternating 3.5 minutes walk + 1.5 minutes run over and over...but I did it! And I didn't die!
I've started another blog to track my workouts for the minimarathon... so I don't go on about it too much here or drive J nuts rambling on about minutia of the training. It's not an interesting or entertaining blog...but it helps motivate me.
I just had to post this here after looking up up how far the distance was, as I'm rather puffed up about the whole thing and feeling pretty good about it all. It's pretty close to how long I hope to be jogging in a few months...rather amazing, as J and I'll walk to the Mendal Gallery for an afternoon and then walk back and feel like it's a good long walk. ANd soon I'll be able to jog the whole way...muahahaaaaa.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Awesome weekend # two zillion and one

On top of a wonderful relaxing weekend with J I came up from painting last night to discover that my lovely man had cleaned some house. This is far beyond cool and has escalated J into the King of All The World Sir Sexy Pants category.
As super grover would say - Wubba wubba.

I've been neglecting this blog and made it a bit of a boring, pop in and say what I've done lately sort of pelase stay tuned, as I really do have lots to say and so many things wobbling about in my head, but also much to do and if I ever get 2 minutes to sit I'll purge some of it all out here in a big messy puddle for you to wade through (doesn't that make it sound great - I mean who wouldn't wait for *that*?).

Till then...go on, go pet a cat, lie in the sun or have a muffin & a coffee. Go on, they're all good for you.

Muffin muffin muffin oh, muffin muffin hey.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring ere sprung

It's beautiful today...18 and sunny.
We just got back from an afternoon outdoors. We even took a pack along and had a picnic across the river...on top of a round bale in a field in the sunshine.
Very comfy and tasty and lovely.
And now, more hard core vegetation...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lazy day!

I'm not at work...mee hee heeeeee!
I'm sitting here after my workout and drinking coffee with a cat on my lap. J will be home soon from work and we can have some breakfast...then maybe I"ll finish up paining the orange in my room.
I love weekends...:)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The robots were sad it was cold...

I know I whine on about it a lot but I just have to say something this morning. WHAT IS UP WITH THE WEATHER?

I woke up to over an inch of snow this morning! SNOW for god's sake!
Sure it's pretty and everything...but it's spring dammit and I want some sun. We just melted most of what was here and had it dry up from a mud palace into a slightly chilly springtime, despite the fact that it's been about 12 degrees below normal lately -I'm just aching for warmth. I'm allergic to leaf mold and all the things that float about during the spring thaw I'd love it if the world would just sort it all out and get above 0 degrees C and STAY there. I'm someone who is cold all the time, so warm is better.

BUT on the other hand, it really is a lovely day. I can't deny that the snow *is* very pretty. I'm in a disturbingly chirpy mood despite it all, as today is my Friday and I get another long weekend. SO now that I've vented, I'll get on with the rest of the day. BUT before I go, Roximoon pointed out in her blog to go to Google Maps and type in a starting point as New York, New York and your end destination as Paris, France. Then read line 23 in the instructions...go on, you know you want to... ;0)

And on that note...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well now I've done it...

Know how I was saying I wanted to learn to jog this summer?
Well my home town is having a learn to jog, get in shape marathon on June 10, complete with training advice and planned out workouts to get you ready for it if you've never run before. You follow their learn to run plan and hopefully can complete the marathon. Plus all the proceeds go towards literacy programs in the city.

Sooooo...I've decided that I'm going to sign up for the 5Km walk/jog. Their limits for qualifying are "if you can breathe, you're in" - good enough for me! I'm very excited. I did my first workout this morning on the learn to jog plan and I'm still alive...5 minutes fast walk + 1 minute jog done 5 times..and I feel great! Maybe I'll be able to run the whole 5 K in June -maybe I won't. I won't beat myself up about it, BUT I'll try my very best, and I'll have a concrete goal to work towards to keep me focused.

This is exciting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stoopid monkey


Nothing like 4 days off to make you feel human again.
I have inhaled enough paint fumes to make me think I was Groucho Marx while painting my room in the basement (terrible fake accent I'm afraid...planned my painting and waved a paintbrush like a cigar and talked to myself, gesticulating wildly muttering things like "Yeaaaah! Yeaaaah! I'll put that over there, seeeee!"), but I'll be done in a few more days. I went and made it all really complicated with many colours and designs, but it's my hidey hole, and things must be right. I am fussy about the oddest things...J was amused that I had to paint the closet (including the ceiling thank you very much) to match the room. It's just one of those things. I do have a general comment to the world though - if you have a small daughter who has her very own room to decorate and she says "Mum can I take a small monkey stamp and put it on the walls of my room" say "NO DAMMIT - PUT THAT AWAY!". I say this, as I tried my very hardest to paint over some monkey stamps on the room walls...6 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint later and you can still see it through the paint a bit - *sigh* - I give up. The monkey has won. I'm trying to find some sort of deep reason why a monkey would want to be a part of my life that badly. Anyone know any monkey based legends or happy monkey tales? I could use one to justify the monkey business.

Other than that...a family meal of ham and cabbage rolls and entirely too much dessert and lots of lazing about with my love. I got to go shopping and be girly with my friend Heather and have some new duds to wear. We went out for fantastic beer, fish and chips and went out with friends to see Grindhouse on Sunday - and all I can say is HOLY CRAP it was good. I do so love old schlocky horror/action movies (think Army of Darkness) that don't take themselves seriously. This was a GREAT set of movies: cheesy, full of gore and strange acting, gross evil creatures, evil drivers, women that kicked ass, and a freaking cool woman with a machine gun for a leg. There were even a bunch of gag trailers in the middle. I mean, "Hobo with a Handgun"? It doesn't get cheesier than taglines like "It's a fast train to hell...and he's riding shotgun!". Rodriguez and Tarentino don't always do it for me but this time - they got it right.

At any rate...back to work - although it's only a 3 day week, as I get Friday off too. Smee hee. I was going to learn how to use a fancy schmancy laser dissection microscope today but that was postponed so I have to go and find something else equally smartish and scientific to do before my brain slacks off.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.
After work today, I'm going into hiding all weekend to hang out with J and get a lot of stuff done. We both have 4 days the same time....with no real commitments...*joy*.

Happy egg day to you all.

Oh willpower, we hardly knew ye

The thing about being sick for well nigh all of March was that my entire lovely exercise regime that had me in rather good physical condition was totally destroyed. I'm not hopelessly jiggly or anything, but you'd think I'd never exercised before the way I wheesed this morning. It's not encouraging to realise that I've put on a few pounds and my muscle tone is out the window but what actually bothers me is that I don't have the energy and positivity I did then. I'm declaring to the world that I'm aware of it and I'm on it. I feel like I'm starting all over again as the excercise is like a chore again. It will be no fun for a few weeks until I'm back in a bit better shape to enjoy it. And I DO enjoy it...well I did!

Soon (when the winter gods finally die and let me have warmth - take the hint you snowy b*stards) I can walk outside in the mornings...and bike to work. It's my goal to be jogging this summer by August and I need to be in relatively good shape to even consider that, as my asthma does not allow for me to just push myself like regular people I do like breathing, so I have to ease myself up or I just sort of, well, almost stop breathing altogether. It will take a long time to ease up into jogging from standing completely still so I have some work to do...

Yup...*sigh*. No more scones with ice cream, cinnamon buns (made fresh good), tonnes of cheese and fried food. J and I went out Vietnamese food last night. I must no dive back into being healthier and fit.

Oh willpower - I needs ya...for I am a lazy lump of a woman right now.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

2 peas in an escape pod

It’s fascinating to me sometimes just how much my husband and I are alike. Sure we differ in the quintessential inny and outy bits, and a some opinions here and there (keeps things interesting), but for the most part we tend to agree on most things. Even during premarital counseling, we were given personality tests to help flush out possible areas of discord…turns out we’re the same type! And that is the case – if we argue or find fault in each other, generally it is for things in ourselves we dislike that we see in each other. It’s not all that cut and dry, but often I am amazed at the similarity of our interests.

A few weeks ago Wierd Science was on late night and I was watching it laughing remembering the zillions of times I watched it as a kid…only to have J look at me and say “are you kidding? I watched that too much too”. And other obscure things, like Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Transformers, and a rabid love for certain films and music. I suppose it helped being a tomboy growing up too…

The thing is, many of the things we share are based on totally separate childhood memories fused together in odd ways. For example - Wayne’s World. When signing the papers for our house we were utterly confused and way out of our league. I mean we were asking things like “if we find buried treasure do we get to keep it if we don’t have mineral rights?” (FYI-you do). And when we were given the papers to look over before signing, J and I both felt like Wayne and Garth signing their contract saying “MHmmmm...Yes...I like what you’ve done there. What does this? OH! I see…yes, yes it looks good. We’ll sign it”. When we talked it over later we both felt like was really something else.

And yet we do differ…I’m not a trekkie or Doctor Who nut to the high degree J is, I’m more the Star Wars, medieval fantasy novel type...although we both have our own lightsabers (what? you expect us to share? Besides...everybody knows Darth Vader's was way cooler) I’m a comic book person (think Tank Girl), he’s more the graphic novel type (think Batman). I love to cook...he'd burn water. I'm an eternal optimist...he tends to be more pessimistic. He's a great noticer of detail and I"m generally oblivious to all but the very shiniest of things. I grew up a Sherlock Holmes admirer with a strange love for musicals and cheesy horror films while he was more of a Lovecraftian/HG Wells & get a kick out of sci fi and Ed Wood films kinda guy (which I love about him...he exposed me to many things like that that I now love too). He likes breaks and funk for dancing where I lean more to psytrancy techno and ambient…yet we share an affinity for most all music, and for that I’m glad. Many couples I know argue over music and decor and “settle” for something they can both stand. It’s so much easier knowing I can say “you pick” sometimes because I'll usually like whatever he chooses. And I've read SO many great novels based on his suggestion...

And honestly? So many relationships crumble as their spouses complain about each other and spend time out with friends rather than with their partner. While the argument that we don’t have a giant social circle of friends could be said, the main thing is we’d rather hang out with each other most of the time…J truly is my best friend. I don't complain to others...I talk to him about things. Things aren't perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t have settled for anything less…and I’m glad we found each other. Perhaps we don't lead the most thrill filled life there is, but there is so much love in it.

Why is this on my mind?
Well…I dunno. I’ve just been thinking about J today...and smiling a lot.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mix Master...Mix me up some more of them Sweet Cuppin' Cakes

Whew...I'm exhausted.

Last night we had the privilege of going to hear the one and only Mixmaster Mike (from the Beastie Boys) spin for a few hours. And I must say - tt's not just a clever name...the man spun funk, soul, hiphop, old 50s music, and even threw in a bit of techno and metal...and everything in between. Live...with some fantastic scratching added in. Bacardi took an old furniture store and transformed it into a club for the night - I've listened to the Beastie Boys for a loooong time and was very excited -cuz live spun funk is a fine thing. Let's just say I danced like a fool and had a fantastic time. The one good thing about the Junos being here was all the great Canadian acts that were playing here this weekend, like Shout out out out out & DJ Champion. And, freaking Mixmaster Mike.

Today? Well I sat around on my but and accepted a challenge to make as many delicious things as I could with a pint of fresh strawberries. And I did...
Exhibit A: Breakfast (well OK lunch by the time we got around to it))
Fresh scones with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Yum.

And later, to cheer up J's coworkers who'vebeen working on Juno stuff to the point of exhaustion: An invention of mine I like to call Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
Strawberry puree marble vanilla cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese icing topped off with edible ball bearings. Ever since the episode of Dr. Who where Rose gave the Doctor a cupcake at the end with those little shiny balls on it I've been dying to make cupcakes with them on I did. Yummy.

And now ...sleep. Where I can dream about eating more strawberries...

Cunning Plans

 Life is wierd ya know. It seems a lot of things have been hitting me hard lately. Been distant from people, including my partner who is dea...