Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whirling around like a carnival kid

I just tried something I haven't since I was little.
Spin around really fast until you're dizzy and then lie on the grass and stare at the sky while giggling uncontrollably.

Tee hee.
Best coffee break I've had in ages...

Too crazy even for me

Man...I'm glad tomorrow is the last of all this craziness.
Well my parents were in town sunday night until tuesday morning to visit my brother and for Mom to get minor surgery (cataracts) and I didn't even get to talk to them. Nope. Nada.
I had to call them last night when I had a few minutes...I felt very lousy about that.
You should never be too busy to call your Mom after she's had surgery, that's just wrong. I feel rather crapy about that, but what could I do?

On an up note, tomorrow is my day of from work, but I may have to pop in to subcultre some cells. Other than that I'm free all day until the very last night of pledge drive. I can't wait. Then comes sleeping in, vegging with J and watching Star Wars. Oh yeah.
Incidentally, at CFCR, we're only at ~34000, when we need ~55000 to get by, so send money donating vibes to our city...we still have a long way to go. There are some music gigs to supprt the station, but we are way behind last if ya wanna pledge or anything...please do. I did. I got a great Tshirt. I'm wearing it right now...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cute thingy alert

While cleaning out an old lab I have found some really old things - including a few1 mL beakers. It is without a doubt the the smallest lab thingy I've ever seen. I dare to even call it cute.

So now you know. They used to make 1mL beakers...they'd hold a whole 5 drops.
Wow. The wonders of science. Me? I'm taking one home so I can carry about 5 drops of something and feel really intelligent about it...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Me may Mah mo Mooooo

Busy day. Here's a quiz to fill the gap:

1... what is your favourite bird?
penguins of course. Finches and pelicans are cool too. many pairs of shoes do you have?
Um 6 I think. Oh, and a pair of yellow rubber boots and winter boots…so 8 then.

3...what did you have for dinner?
A chicken and lettuce sandwich on a bagel, with some banana pudding.

4...could you ever eat snails?
I have. It wasn’t really tasty enough to have again. The texture was weird and salty, and honestly cook anything in loads of garlic butter and it’ll have to be good, so why snails?

5...what was the last thing you had in your mouth?
A sip of coffee and my inhaler

6...what is your best feature?

7...what is your worst feature?
I can be sarcastic and spiteful.

8...who is your best friend?

9...who was your childhood nemesis?
A girl in my home town…geez I don’t remember her name. She had it in for me and seemed to think I had to be miserable for her to be happy. Thankfully I was bigger than her so I could push back and all she could do was taunt me…which I just ignored.

10...having fun?
Meh. It’ll do.

11...where in the world would you like to go to tomorrow?
Vancouver. I need to see the ocean.

12...when was the last time you lied?
Hmm…a few weeks was when I left out something to respond to an awkward question asked by a family member to make them not feel so bad.

The whole truth would've hurt them badly. It really would have. And honestly I should’ve just refused to answer, but at the time I was just tired of answering their irritatingly self serving questions. does bob marley like his donuts?
Um...I dunno... The guy was stoned all the time, I imagine any time was doughnut time.

15...tell us a secret about yourself.
I have a secret love for Bollywood movies. Yes I know they are largely romantic weird fluff, but the costumes and the culture and the cheesiness is just right sometimes…and at the end, everyone dances and sings. How can you go wrong with that??

Gotta get back.
I still need to know about the Champion Sound. Anyone?

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Champion Sound I really want to know: What is "the Champion Sound"?


Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Freestylers...heck a whole lotta Dj mixes and reggae all refer to you'll know it and love it and it'll take you away.
I really want to know - does it refer to any specific sound, or jsut the crazy tingly vibe you get when the music is just right??

Another day goes by

Well J is back and he had a great time and his set, which was at sunrise on sunday morning went well. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow we'll have time when we're both awake to talk about it more - it sounds like he had a great time. People missed me too, which is always nice to know.
(You like me, you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally like me!)
I've hardly seen him and hopefully once he catches up on sleep I can see him...maybe tomorrow.
I don't know how couples who work opposite shifts do it - I am glas he is back but I want to steal him away for a few days and have him all to myself.
Very soon.
I am a greedy and covetous wife.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lower hydration pergatory

Well, J is on his way to Symmetree.
I miss him already.
Man, I really wish I could hear his set. I'm so proud and excited for him. Me and my being responsible and living up to prior obligations...meh. *sigh* Being an adult is sucky sometimes.
I sent him with a cooler full of lots of muffins and sandwiches and water...but I froze the water to keep cold. I am actually wondering now if that was such a great idea and if it'll thaw out to drink if it's in the cooler. I mean, wouldn't THAT suck - "oh I have five 1.5L bottles of water I just can't drink them". Heh...hopefully the venders there will have water just in case. I'd feel pretty dumb if I sent him off to an outdoor camping event with frozen undrinkable water for the whole'd be like a form of lower hydration pergatory. J drinks about 4L of water a day so he'd be very cranky very fast. Hmmmmm.
Well, can't do anything about it now I suppose. Guess I'll find out...
But on the plus side, I do get to sleep in tomorrow...and I can hog the whole bed (oh yeah) and stay up late watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and eat popcorn...if I don't fall asleep after my night shift! Tomorrow I plan to relax, play with the critters, finally read a bit more of the Drawing of the Three and go for a loooooooooong walk by the river before my shift at the station at 4. Ditto for sunday.

All this craziness lately has me wondering. I'm thinking back to when I worked two (for a while 3!) jobs and went to university with a full course load (sciences no less). I don't know how I did it. I never missed an assignment...course I almost never slept either. I even made cookies with caffeine pills bakes into them for final exams to help stay awake through my longer genetics practical exams (we couldn't take drinks in but nacks were OK - the exams were 4-5 hours long). No wonder I made myself really ill with pneumonia every year and came down with a case of mono once that was bad enough to lose a semester to. Sheesh. I feel lazy now just thinking about how much less I do now.
I suppose the key is that I just know when to stop and go home now. And I have a job I love that I'm not about to screw up by being overtired or making mistakes. I went too far the other way after I graduated and vegged out too much and that ws no good either...I think I'm wandering more towards a happy medium finally in life- work I like, time to relax and some hobbies and things I like to keep my brain and body moving. Admittedly the last few days are a bit more than I'd like, but it won't kill me and it'll be over in a week or so. Plus next week J will be back and he can do the station shifts with me.
Which will be good, cuz I sure missed my time with him with all this...and with him gone all weekend I'll be very glad to have him back.
Anyways, I should get to the station. And really, before I know it, he'll be back.

Have a good weekend guys!

Trivia contest

It's friday.

And so to celebrate that and a good night sleep I offer the following trivia contest.
And of course there must be a prize - if you get it right I will mail you a few dozen cookies made by the lovely me (you can even choose what kind, altho I make a mean oat-cocochip).
Now no cheating and googling for it...given my music tastes, it's a bit obscure, but I've been listening to this album non-stop for about a week and a half and this part of it always makes me smile - it got me going this here goes.

What DJ mix album, or what artist made this album, that has the following sound byte in it:

(girls) "Hey eveybody we're doin' it!"
(guy) "Doing what?"
(girls) "That THING!"
(guy) "...Aw YEAH!"

SOooooooooo think up and listen up and you might get some cookies.
Gotta run.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Watch out for ninja #9

OK so maybe this isn't very politically correct and I'm just really tired but this is hilarious.


I am so very tired.
This working from 7:30AM until about 10 PM with a quick half hour break/drive in the middle is starting to wear on me. Luckily I have Sat & Sun off until 4 PM so I can sleep. I have to help J pack for Symettree tonight as he'll be gone tomorow afternoon, drive down set up, play his set about 2 AM sat morning and then finally sleep. I'm trying not to whine as J is WAY more tired than I am...I don't have to get up at 4:30 like he does. Poor guy us exhausted. I so wish I couldhear his's got some great ethnic and ambient stuff in it. He's starting off in the mellow tent...he figured doing a dance set would be too much for the first one. If you go to the
activities page, and look at performers, J is JJ of Galifrey 7. He's so cool.
Anyways, back to the work thing.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm in a yabo free zone

I'd just like to retract my previous ranted statement that I work with an anonymous, clumsy yabo.
The instrument I sopke of is actually broken and needs I must eat those words...for instead I work with a supremely defunctly unfunctional fluorometric spectrophotometer (say THAT 5 times fast)

Although - I still stand by the statement that buttons are not toys...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Plastique Monkey

Greetings from the land of community radio. The pledge drive is going pretty well so far.
Call in, say hi & donate - you'd make my week.

We got a great local artist Yuka Yamaguchi to do our pledge drive logo and I've been checking out some of her other work on her website. She's got a lot of her work on her Flickr account too - I love it-It's crazy and strange, but not dark...just really unique. It's reqreshing to see something new. A friend of mine has her piece called You Suck and is how we heard of her in the first place. After a browse through her gallery, I'm liking theTough Skin juicy heart , Mad:Shower, and Reedlik art recipe so far myself. She's may start selling some of her prints soon online...I think I might get one. We've decided that the only things going on our walls are things we like and that we've chosen for a reason - so we're just on thel look out for things we like and if we ever find them and happen to have any $$ at the same time it'll be a match. that will happen anytime soon...I think it'll remain jungle plant land for a while yet.
Anyways, I gotta get back at it, but I just had to say, I love her work and I think the proper comment to her & her work would be the traditional japanese compliment that she is like medium strength flour. No she is. Really she is.

Buttons aren't toys I get to spend/waste a lot of time today resetting up elaborate software in elaborate equipment because some yabo thought it'd be neat to push buttons and see what they'd do on a very technical instrument and erased all the programmed methods and presets so it's effectively a very shiny book end until I fix it.

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times:

"Buttons aren't toys"

(Yes Zaphod, I'm talking to you)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Inside Your Head

Well, it finally stopped raining last's very soggy here. But my house is still dry. Yay.
Which is good as I'll not be in it for the next few weeks...

I'm going to be busy the next while volunteering for our local Community Radio Associations annual fundraiser called FMPhasis. It helps the station raise about 1/4 of it's operating budget and keeps it on the air every year - 2 weeks of fundraising...kinda like those PBS pledge drives, only we like to think we're a bit more fabaroo. And where else can you hear ethnic music, death metal, jazz and ethical programming all on one station (often in the same day!).
This year's theme is 'inside your head" and if anyone feels the need to pledge some money to support community volunteer driven multicultural based radio that plays local artists and has many spoken language programs that play every style of music, please do. There's prizes for donating (gift certificates and CDs) and there's prize draws for all the donors too...come on, what more do you need to know?
Yours truly will be the evening shift coordinator down at the station and I'll take your pledge gladly. Call me at CFCR - after a long day at work I'll be spending all evening helping out the community at the even just call and say hi - it's gonna be a long 2 weeks!

Friday, September 15, 2006

He went to bed and he bumped his head

It's STILL raining.

It's been 3 days non-stop and apparently won't stop til Sunday.
I like's the gloomy grey without sunshine that gets to me after a few days.
It's funny how in Saskatchewan it won't rain for a month and then the sky just saves it all up and pours for a week straight. I believe our province needs a little lesson in being a little more's getting soggy.

I have so much to do today I don't even know where to begin. Gotta go.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Banksy strikes again

Once again, Bansky has made a great statement with his art.
I was impressed with the doctored Paris Hilton CDs but his new project is even better: a life sized replica of a guantanamo bay prisoner snuck into Disneyland and left on public display for over an hour and a half...
Good on you Banksy.

Someone left the cake out in the rain....

That is all I have to say.
Over and over and over again.
It's been pouring rain for 24 hours now with no real sign of letting up. While waiting for the bus downtown there was so much water it was coming UP from the sewer drains... and guess what?
No really, take a guess.
Here's a hint: Guess what ISN'T in my basement?

That's right - WATER!

I am ecstatic. All my hard work paid off! After a super long dreary day I arrived home at about 8:15 and grabbed some supper and then took a deep breath and went downstairs with the feeling of dread wondering if I'd still need a mop, just like every other big storm since we've moved in to our home... and...Tadaah!
There was NOTHING there for me to clean up. Not a drop.
This has never happened before.

Let me be the first to say it:
Hot damn and hallelujah!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I got trenching skills

Well, it's been dumping rain all day and will all weekend if the weather elves are to be believed.

Guess we'll find out how well I can dig a's crossing my fingers. And toes. And legs...

Thought for a rainy day

"Every corner, every facet of your mind must be programmed by you.
If you do not, the world will program it for you..."

~a sound byte from the second track on Community Service, by the Crystal Method

I'm a good wife, oh yesireee

Because I am a supreme geek I was at HMV right after work picking up the original widescreen releases of the first 3 Star Wards DVDs that came out yesterday. I'm very excited about them...they are still my favorite films after all...I mean Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw as a wee little girl and it blew me away. To me it was real. It really tweaked my imagination and how I looked at everything. So having the original unmucked versions has always been something I've wanted...and now I have them. May I say - Woot.

Now here's the monkeywrench...J is so busy he doesn't have time to watch them this week and I start a volunteer night shift for 2 weeks at the community radio fundraiser this weekend so if I dont' watch them right away I won't get to see them until Sept 30.
And, let me tell ya ladies and germs, that's a really long time for my little brain to wait.
And will I wait? Well of course silly - I have a whole lot of love...I can be patient...and when it is watched it will be gooooood and the choldhood joy will be shared.
Till then I'm just looking at the boxes and making meep sounds.
And contemplating swinging my lightsaber around in the back yard while wearing a jedi costume. Halloween is soon...perhaps soon enough to break out the goods early. I could always be that Twilek jedi again. Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We are a justice sandwich

My birthday present arrived really early - J ordered it to be sure it would come in time and it just came by courier. He and the courier were too smart - he put it in a doublebag and packing taped it shut so I can't peek. I have no idea what it is (which is cool) and no clues to go on...and I have to wait a month and a half to open it.
May I just say this:


man...I hope it's cool.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Da dweeeeeee da da daa dweeee dowww

For some reason I woke up with the theme song from The Tick in my head. I'm listening to the latest Gomez album now to chase it away...

I should be more stiff than I am, but over all I feel pretty OK. I filled in the entire trench and pipe last night - our yard looks normal again and dirt mountain is no more (sniff). And hopefully - no more floods. I'm very proud of myself for doing it all on my own, but if I don't have to use a wheelbarrow for another year or so I won't mind.
I celebrated my success last night with my new favorite beer: Innis & Gunn
It's aged in oak barrels...and is absolutely scrumptious. It actually surpasses Guinness as my favorite...smooth and flavourful amber ale with flavourful aftertastes. Yum...

And now, before I wander off in to another busy day, here's the monthy meme I seem to have forgotten about this month:

Current clothes: Jeans, white tank top and cropped denim shirt, with my moonstone necklace and purple holey sole shoes. Black specs.

Current mood: Optimistic. I felt like crap most of the night from something I ate (????) but feel much better now and have a busy day ahead of me, so I feel optimistic.

Current music: "See the World" by Gomez off the "How We Operate" album. Good stuff.

Current annoyance: Well, we have a friend who's maxed out his friendship points and is being a PITA and has no clue...we're hoping he figures out how miffed we are at him by the lack of communication we've had with him lately...I'm guessing he's so self absorbed that he won't notice. I have issues with friends who only call when they need something from you. I'll give the shirt off my back to help someone, but lets just say he's taken a large part of our wardrobe with no thanks, gratitude or any sort of help or return and our patience is wearing thin...

Current thing: Making lists of all the things to do around the house...not that I actually get TO the list, but it's a start. I'm starting to realize how much I could get done if I just get off my ass and get busy, so before I collapse into lazyland again I'm going to go with it for a while.

Current desktop picture: A bright red picture of a gerbera flower. They're my favorite at the moment.

Current song in head: Well it was the theme from a favorite cartoon of mine called The Tick, but now it's "Girl Shaped Love Drop" by Gomez...mostly because it just played on my iPod.

Current book: The Drawing of the Three by Steven King. I've finally had time to sit down and read his epic set of books everyone keeps blathering on about. So far so good.

Current DVD in player: The second disc of the 4th season of Futurama. I was watching it last night to unwind with a beer after my landscaping extravaganza.

Current refreshment: Cheap coffee with cream & sugar.

Current worry:Hoping J will be ready for his DJ set next weekend...the learning curve for the software is pretty steep. He's got the song list, but all the little technical bits are a lot to do, and work out all the transitions and all the twiddling eh wants to do live...and all this working all evening and weekends while starting a new job that starts at 5:30 in the morning at the same poor love is so very tired.

Current thought: Where'd the summer go? I know i enjoyed it fully, but I"m not quite done with it yet. I was shocked to see the leaves turning this morning...fall is my favorite season, but I could use a bit more sun yet before I'm banished to the white wastelands...


Sunday, September 10, 2006


I was all psyched up to go about and move dirt and do some horrible work in the yard...but as I was getting ready to start I discovered that my iPod is dead and I have to charge it.
It'll take hours. And J has the nano at work...
Dear God...
I have to work without music!

And so I enclose a gratuitous cat shot instead...

OK, wish me luck. I've got to quit wasting time and I'll just have to get busy and do without.... *sniff*

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!

I am currently brewing myself a steaming cup of Twinings Earl Grey in milk.
I feel ever so smart having just learned all there is to know about Earl Grey and bergamot. I've always loved it and knew Twinings were the first to make it, but now I know more. Apparently in the 1830s the second Earl of Grey was given a gift of bergamot flavoured tea as a thank you - some say from a chinese merchant whose son's life was saved. His fellow lords contracted Twining to create a tea just like it and so - Earl Grey tea was sold by Twinings...and it still is. There's another company that swears to sell the original chinese blend, but nobody knows for sure. I just bought a tin of Twinings the other day - In my opinion it is still the best. I've loved it ever since I was a wee lass. Bergamot oranges are an orange that is a cross between a pear lemon and a seville orange or grapefruit. It is a small, pear shaped fruit and the peel is used to make essential bergamot oil that's in marmalade and tea and is supposed to help with depression and digestion.
I just think it's yummy...with or without milk and lemon.
Twinings makes a Lady Grey tea too which apparently has a few calming citrus additives to remove the hot wild attitudes believed to be given to women by tea. I like tea...maybe that's what makes me so crazy...perhaps I should switch to the lady version...

Friday, September 08, 2006

edo magis caseus

I'm starting on my new logo.
Oh yes it will be cool.
I've got afew ideas and tonight I plan to work on them a bit.
I also worked out a window idea for my glass studio which will be set up in my basement over the winter (involving a little paint and some new drywall to replace the many flooded moldy bits). It will have dragonflies. I will also paint my new logo on the wall in my studio if I can. Since J is hard at work on his DJ det for Symmetree in Edmonton in 2 weeks I won't get to the Mac to photoshop for a bit, so it'll take a bit longer than planned. I admire him - he's starting a new job and working his ass off at it and then spending all evening working on the set, as he's been lucky enough to be offered to play a 2 hour ambient, mellow set at an event. He has so many ideas, but he's still learning the Ableton software, so I think this set won't have too much noodling in it, just some nicely mixed tracks...there's just not enough time for him to get it all the things he hears in his head in there. But, hopefully there will be a next time. He's a whirl of energy right now - it's fantastic.
Me? I'm playing in the dirt and fixing large appliances...and catching up on all the stuff I always say I'll do but never get to. Plus I've been helping my brother paint and unpack. Tomorrow he wants some help assembling some furniture. They want to hang out tonight too, but tonight I just want to be a vegetable and relax and drink tea and work on my's odd. I really want to see them, but it seems like a bit of an overload....I should just be happy they're here.

I am glad it is the weekend soon. So very soon. Just another full day of work to go and then...vegetation of the highest order (or would that be lowest order?)

Gotta go do stuff and things and stuff. Bye.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My profound mound with an emblem conundrum

I am now the proud owner of a big pile of dirt.
It was delivered yesterday and is in my back yard and though it's not quite big enough to play king of the hill on, I think I might roll around in it a bit and make a few dirt castles before I fill in the trenches with it on the weekend.
I also think I need to make a little flag for my dirt kingdom to fly proudly until then.
Any emblem ideas??
There's the obvious, like a Seal of Rassilon...or an atom...but I'm looking for something classy. Unique.
I just can't decide....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Biking through the mists of time

I got to drive through fog this morning on my bike! At times I couldn't even see down the riverbank to the water or more than 10 feet in front of me. The sun was a big orange haze and the river was all mist and fog...and then as soon as it came it was going away again - by the time I got to work the sky was clear and the pelicans were out fishing for breakfast. I like living here... :)

Now, I'm in a fanfreaktastic mood, but very busy today, so to cheat and still feel like I'm not ignoring this weblog I present a list that I found somewhere...I'm not sure where actually. If I remember where I'll post it. If'll just have to live with the empty gaping hole in your field of knowledge.
And so - another list of questions:

What curse word do you use the most? F*ck a duck …but not often. Or the german pronunciation of sh*t. I honestly try not to swear though. Usually there is a lot of pain involved when I do. I just think there’s so many better better words to express myself than just a few crude ones.

Do you own an iPod? yessiree

What time is your alarm clock set for? 6:15 a.m. during the week. It doesn’t exist on the weekends if I can help it.

What color is your room? Light lime green

Flip flops or sneakers? Flip flops unless I’m sneaking.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture? take. I know what I look like.

What was the last movie you watched? Pirates of the Carribean 2

Do any of your friends have children? Yes. Loads. It’s making me feel old…and rather barrenish. Not enough to have any, just enough to think about it.

Has anyone ever called you lazy? Not today…

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster? Pah – never. I can fall asleep anywhere.

What CD is currently in your CD player? Futureheads, by the Futureheads

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? Regular…I am hooked on Earl Grey tea brewed in hot milk though.

Has anyone told you a secret this week? Nope

Have you ever given someone a hickey? Not for a long time…

Who was the last person to call you? A coworker

Do you think people talk about you behind your back? Most likely.

Did you watch cartoons as a child? All the time. Still do.

How many siblings do you have? two

Are you shy around the opposite sex? Heck no. It’s the women that weird me out.

What movie do you know every line to? Star Wars, When Harry Met Sally, and It’s A Wonderful Life

Do you own any band t-shirts? Yes – U2, Lemon Jelly, Thievery Corporation.

What is your favorite salad dressing? Any greekish type of stuff

Do you read for fun? Yes, often shouting “wheeeeee!” at the top of my lungs while doing so.

Do you cry a lot? Not really…I just have my moods. Any serious stress makes me blubber. And in PMS I’ll cry at the drop of a hat.

Who was the last person to text message you? No cell, no text.

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? Both

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? Yes. My belly is pierced. I’d like a tattoo, but the pain factor is holding me back.

What is the weather like? Sunny and warmish, with fading mist (~14 C).

Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos? Well, not now that I’m married, but if single I wouldn’t long as it wasn’t a Tazmanian devil or something equally cheesy/unoriginal like that. That’d be a big warning label for me to stay far away.

Is sex before marriage wrong? To be bluntly honest, I’m not sure, as I don’t see the act of marriage changing your relationship into one that would be better and thus better for it, BUT, I would say it would take away from the closeness of it being especially bonding with your partner. I personally can’t imagine sleeping with anyone else. I figure if you’re in it just for the shag, it’s not enough…

When was the last time you slept on the floor? Ages ago. Probably in high school.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function? I like 8 but 6 1/2 - 7 will do. Any less and I’m a cow.

Are you in love or lust? Both

Are your days full and fast-paced? Depends on the day. More and more it’s busy and I’m trying to keep it so. It’s so much more fulfilling than sitting around going “MAN I’m bored…”.

Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages? Only if it’s for truly bad junk food. Even then it doesn’t really matter - I eat things because I like them…just not a lot and not all of the time and I seem to do OK. I’m more of an ingredient snoop than a calorie snoop. Certain things can make me very ill so I’m on the lookout for them.

How old will you be turning on your next birthday? 33

Are you picky about spelling and grammar? On many things, yes. I can’t type very well, but some grammar misuse (like not using English spellings) drives me nuts.

Have you ever been to Six Flags? No. I have no idea what that is.

Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex? Opposite sex usually.

Do you like cottage cheese? Only in lasagna. Other than that the texture is too some sort of animal brains or something. My imagination is too vivid to get through more than a few bites of it.

Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back? Side and stomach…and back. I move around a lot.

Have you ever bid for something on eBay? Yes

Do you enjoy giving hugs? Well, it depends on the person. I've got a bit of a personal space thing. Lets just say I hate “forced” hugs…they seem counterproductive and a wee bit creepy.

What song did you last sing out loud? Yellow by Coldplay in the shower. I love this having the house to myself in the morning...I'm the shower diva

What is your favorite TV show? BSG the new series.

Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with? Dead - Marie Curie or Carl Sagan. Alive? James Watson or David Suzuki. Or, to be frivolous, the lead singer of Coldplay and his wife- but with him I’d just drool and gibber a lot and forget what I was talking about, so it’s less humiliating if I meet one of the others and talk science.

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? A few days ago when asked an awkward question by a family member.

What one thing do you wish you had? No mortgage

Favorite lyrics? "You mean more to me than any colour I can see” - Coldplay

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Misty morning muncheon

It was really cool this morning. As I walked and jogged along the riverbank the river had mist rising off of it. It's been chilly in the mornings of late, so this is becoming the regular thing...but on the soccer field near our hose the sprinklers were on so the whole field had a cloud of mist all over it, blocking out the sun in a huge orange haze. It was very beautiful. The world was saying good morning in a very nice way.

I feel like I need another weekend! Between all the work on friday with our house and then J's birthday and then my brother moving to Saskatoon, it was a busy weekend. Jay had a good birthday - the Galaxy theatre finally opened so we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean (finally) and had some of my really dissapointing Dalek Cake. It was supposed to be 3D but it kept tipping over, so eventually It just ended up on it's side. It had white chololate panels and pocky plungers though...I think the image I tried to make in my head was just too complicated. It tasted good though...I also helped my brother and his wife move a bit of stuff and paint a few rooms in their new house. The movers come with their stuff this morning, so they were living with us over the weekend. I felt guilty about it, but having the house all to myself this morning with them away and J at work already was wonderful after a weekend of rushing and working.
Jay and I started a wonderful new tradition this weekend. He came with me on my morning walk/jog on saturday and we found a tiny little beach in the wooded area off the trail I usually take, so sunday morning, when the house was seeming very overcrowded and life was a bit too hectic we loaded up the backpack and went down and sat on a giant rock and watched the sun glint off the river and ate some ryvita with salsa, cheese and avacado on top until we felt ready to hop back into it.
Good for the soul.
But, alas, I am babbling. There is much to be done here....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh yes, I am the man

People - I AM the man.

While J was at work I supervised the 2 hours of trenching and then glued the pipe together and put it in the trench and pured some water into drains out the right end...WOO! It cost more than a bit, but now I just have to wait until the dirt is delivered in a few days and bury the pipe and then all is cool...It's not totally done, but the pipe is in so even if the world falls apart and it rains a lot, the pipe is there and ready to go...and with any luck THE BASEMENT WILL NEVER FLOOD WHEN IT RAINS AGAIN!! (knock on wood) Oh yeah.

Plus a plumber and city people came and now our house drains properly and I can do a full load of laundry without flooding the place...even better.


The best part - the thing that is making me so freaking proud of myself is (tadah!) I fixed the dryer all by myself. Yessiree I diagnosed the problem and took the old belt into an appliance repair shop - they gave me a new one and some advice and I took the whole thing apart and put the new belt on and whaddaya know? $10 and I fixed the dryer. So now I can wash AND I can dry them too. I have an actual working dryer. Woohoo! It's like Christmas. I am now a fully functional laundry household. It's been a while let me tell you!
Oh yea, yes, I am the man...

But, now I am off to make my dear love a Dalek birthday cake.
It's his birthday today you know...

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