Friday, November 28, 2008

I am trying to not be so dissapointed in myself right now


I just made a simple error at work and fucked up a whole bunch of stuff.
When I make mistakes it means I wasted my time, and usually (cus it's in a lab) $$ in fancy chemicals and reagents...and I hate it...I'm way too busy with too many things at once and I keep getting interrupted. Once in a blue moon, I get too overworked, and I make simple errors and when I make matters. Try being 100% diligent all the time. Try it. You can't be. Errors are what happens sometimes. I don't know how doctors and nurses handle least I don't hurt anyone when I screw up...just make more work for myself and waste $$ and time. Noone is here to ask about details of course as they're gone for the weekend, so nothing for it but to try and use my brain to decide how to best salvage what I can (after I've had a good cry) and get back to the rest of it all....and hope people aren't too pissed off at me.
God I feel stupid at times like this.
Guess it is no lunch or coffee for me today while I try and fix this...

*sigh*I hate days like this. I'm glad it is friday.


friday miscellaneous thoughts running about in my head

Blimey. Busy here.
All my own fault, as usual :)
I just got fabric and such so I can sew christmas stuff for my new little niece, and am now committed (after last night's rehearsal) to no less than 3 routines at the bellydance performance in february. One of them is a solo. I learn the basics for that on sunday night. I'm excited, but I really have to get in serious practicing...about half an hour a day (all 3 routines full thru twice every day) to get them down well, tweak them and actually be able to smile and enjoy myself when I perform them. It should be fun. For some reason performing this way doesn't weird me out at all...
And the painting is getting closer. The priming and ceiling is done, so I hope to finish it off this weekend. Then we can start moving stuff back and put in a few shelves on the parent's are coming to visit the weekend before Christmas insanity begins and all the stuff from the room I'm painting is piled in the spare room...I need to really plan out december to keep my sanity...this way, I have a deadline :).
It'll be good to move the computer up there and set it all up-finally! I was peering thru old blog posts a while back and realised this painting the room for the computer was an idea we started almost 2 years ago...started with making the craft room in the basement 2 Christmases ago...then the wireless, lots of *finally* this. Hopefully it does what it's meant to and makes a lot more useful space and allow us to organise our life more. We're annoyingly cluttered in life, but a lot of it is due to no organised functional spaces...just piles of stuff...that we randomly move around...over and over...this will (I hope) stop a lot of that. I want to sit in my home and not have a "just ignore the clutter" filter on...just live and know where things are :)
Ah to dream...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I haz a tag

Taking a stroll through the blogosphere after painting a ceiling and priming a bookshelf I discovered that I have been tagged by the one and only Pacian.

This particular strain comes with a little awardy badge, which is still on Pacian's blog, as I haven't snagged it's perdy.

The Kreativ Blog award rules are: Link to the person who tagged you. (done)
Post the rules on your blog: Write 6 random things about yourself. Tag 6 people and let each of them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Go back to the awarder and let them know that your entry is up.
Allrighty then. Here goes...

1. I'm a procrastinating perfectionist. This is an awkward and silly combination resulting in an enhanced caffeine uptake and nervous twitches around deadlines and family holidays.

2. I love power tools. LOVE them. I catch myself often making whrrring sounds like a kid when I use them. Fun AND loud...

3. I hate pink. Hate hate hate blech yuck phooey. But I love red...

4. Whenever I have something complicated to learn I go to the candy store and buy one of those chocolate, foil covered red ladybug candies and study/work with the bug on my book. Right before I have a presentation/test I devour my little foily ladybug friend...and gain all his knowledge. My study bugs have brought me much smarty pantsness in life.

5. I always study to music - it helps me learn exponentially for some reason. It helps if it is very familiar last year of university I studied all my analytical chem and genetics to the sweet, sweet melodies of Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1

6. I like to eat the heads off gummybears.

Tags? Well... Pete, Grapecat, Magnus, Missicat, Bag Lady and MacCanuck...have at it. I'll tag yer blogs soon. Now? OK now.
Me? I'm having another solid whiff of paint fumes before I drift off to comes the whiteness...and on the weekend. Colour. :)



Stupid email.

I was sad because my bellydance class was cancelled
So I did lots of painting and am done priming...yay!
Then I discovered on an email this morning that class WASN'T cancelled after
But at least I still have rehearsal for my (eep) solo dance tomorrow...yay!
Oh, no I just checked and actually the rehearsal was after class...which I

(guess I'm gonna try and book an individual lesson on the weekend)

I gotta ask:
Whatever happened to *calling* people to let them know about things? There's only 6 of us performing in hard is it to call us.
I'm not entirely a fan of this modern age when crap like this happens.

Where's my pills?
I want applesauce!
I'm cold and tired and there are wolves after me...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quantum of Solace: akshun-UR doin it rong.

I was really excited about James Bond...I really enjoyed Casino reminded me of the Bond of the novels, a "do over" of sorts where they could get away from excessive gadgets, bad fighting and lame villains and make James Bond a calloused agent with a double O licence to kill again. It was my favourite James Bond film so far...back to Bond doing his thing...all in a well tailored tuxedo. Unfortunately, Quantum of Solace, which starts up a few hours after Casino Royale ended, isn't as good as it's predecessor. It looked at the ideas of revenge...of dealing with loss and trust. It wasn't *bad* just left me in a state of non-grippedness. My main complaint wasn't so much the story, as it was OK, but the editing style. It was all jumpy shakey camera quick cut shakey shakey swing punch cut cut action boom action...with random artsy cutaways to nothing in particular. Parts of the movie were stunningly shot, but a lot of the action scenes (involving more explodey things than should really exist in a hotel) were extremely hard to follow. Extremely hard. I'm assuming it was cut like *you* were Bond...trying to focus and figure out what was next and struggle to fight back...which is fine if you're the double O. I wasn't-I was the person who'd come to watch the fine Mr. Daniel Craig be the callous secret agent I've grown to love over the years...I think they went for a style, but then kind of forgot what it was. If the editing style leaves the viewer thinking "enough dammit, hold the camera still so I can see what the hell is going on!" in *every* action're doing it wrong. Pity really. It just left me with the feeling that it could have been more. There was too much action, not enough substance. There was a good basis for a story there, and a great idea for the reason behind what happened with Vesper Lynde and the "bigger" picture...even a girl companion with revenge on her mind to give Bond someone to help, and look at the idea of the emptiness of revenge and the meaning of trust and duty, and just sort of fell flat.
Daniel Craig and Judy Dench nailed their roles, and a lot of the supporting characters were very good...yet, the bond girl lacked in sexy and a lot of it just didn't work for me.
I'm just glad I used a gift card to pay for the admission, or I'd be a bit miffed...

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's been in my head since I woke up

I can't get this song out of my head: A&E by Goldfrapp off her new album.

Admittedly, I don't want to right now...:)

I'm rather upbeat-after a thick coat of primer the yellow is pretty much gone. Honest. The yellow bits will not need a second coat if you can believe it...odd. The room is already 243% more soothing than before. The trim will need another priming tonight and the ceiling took special smelly primer (blech)to cover up some waterstains, but it should be OK with one coat of ceiling paint now that it's been primed. It's already like a different room...unlike regular prep of rooms I've been able to *see* the difference as I prepped it. A nice change...
I didn't get more done because I took a break with my sickly husband to watch the Muppet Movie. I have never actually seen it before. I loved it. LOVED it...I mean Kermit on a bike and singing Rainbow Connection on a log in the swamp? How did I miss this when I was little?
Smile City...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speaking of a monkey with a hangover...

Actually it's not *that* bad...I did have a great time last night after a long day of prep and such. Herbaliser was playing on campus which isn't the best bar for *seeing* a band, but their sound is good. We ended up being a bit early, so we went down into Place Riel and played some Twilight Zone pinball for a while..Man I'd forgotten how great of a pinball game that was. I spent many a time as a broke student playing that game, driving the replay cost up. It is the only game where I get all the missions, know where all the little spirals and loops go and can do all the missions...even battle "the power". A good way to start the evening...there's a lot more on-line game stations int he arcade than the last time I was there...cha-cha-changes...
The opening act for Herbaliser was half hip hop half funk, and were very dancable...and Herbalaiser? well they always put on a good show. I mean, with a DJ, trumpet, sax, flute, synth, bass and drums and a lead singer who can, indeed, wail, how can you go wrong?

There was much dancing, and we ran into people we hadn't seen in a while...and they kept buying I drank more than I would have. Not *too* much...but, enough to find myself incredibly classy and brilliant at conversation :)
Now I'm making breakfast, nursing my slightly queasy self, and preparing to attack the yellow monstrosity upstairs. It may take a bit before I'm ready...Today is 2 coats of primer on the Walls, and primer and paint on the ceiling.
The tricky thing is picking the green for the walls...I know *abstractly* what I fact our bedroom is currently a happy bright green, which I'd like to match (we're painting it another colour soon but like it a lot) but all the green chips I brought home taped to the wall are all slightly off that colour...tricky paint. I'm leaning to a colour called leapfrog.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My eyes! They burn!

I'm pretty much prepped for priming and painting now...I'd do more, but I'm beginning to think "what's the point?"
Why am I so cynical?
Well, the painters of the room before me did a shit job of patching, filling holes or even trying to remove tape or other stuff from the walls...the perfectionist in me is cringing at it all. There's (mercifully) only 10 nail holes to fill, but I'm not trying very hard...there are a zillion *under* the paint glossed over and lumpy...and whoever put the window in was a twit. Honestly. A monkey with a hangover could have done smoother mudding and sanding. I take pride in my renos...having to settle is pissing me off. But it's just not worth the pain int he assness of it all to make it more perfect. I'm kiddingmyself if I don'tadmit that I will likely try and fix a few of the holes tomorrow when we pick up a bit of polyfilla with the paint, but it would take a bucket of filler and more time than I care to spend to fix it to my standards...


Oh well...The room is clean, and the holes *I* can fill are filled...I've tried to sand the worst of it, and tomorrow I'll begin the priming.
Oh the priming...have a gander at what I have to paint over.
Go on...feast your eyes.
See why I'm a bit cynical at the moment?

Of course I'm going for bright lime green with white trim, so the wall should be's the trim that will be a bit of work.
I'm taking bets as to how many coats of primer...I say 2. Anyone else care to guess??

On the bright side (and on a totally other topic - since I have the camera out)...the cats seem to like their early christmas gift. A place for them to relax...and scratch instead of the furniture.

So far so good...

Not-so Mellow Yellow


I'm emptying out the room which is soon to be painted and I'm losing the "fun", so I thought I'd take a break for a bit. I just want to get to the painting colour part...thankfully Cloe (she whose room it used to be) was not insane about coverng every inch of wall with some piece of antiquey crap like her Mom & Aunt were, so there's not a lot of holes to fill- just relocate the dozen or so plants in there (from the living room) to the spare room, empty out the bookshelf and wash the walls. She did pick rubber duck yellow walls and neon pink and orange and red trim tho - *sigh* - it hurts the eyes after a while...
Lots of priming to do...I have to paint the ceiling too, as she kept hitting it with the paint roller and didn't clean it off, so there are little yellow spots all over...Oh well. It's a tiny room, so it won't be too much extra work.
I admit I haven't decluttered the table or the kitchen counter which was my deal with myself originally to "get to" do this, but I don't much care at this point. It's big house and I'm done with that for a while - I need to do something other than sift through crap, sort stuff and vaccuum or I'll throw a wobbler. A big one...with party hats and fruit salad.

It's my friday off and J works most of the day so I'm trying to be useful and get all the boring stuff done so I can paint all weekend...there's a great band I want to see in town tomorrow night (Herbaliser) and J wants to go see the Sadies it's not all work. I'm just not in much of a mood to do anything really other than stare at all the fluffy snow and drink coffee.

Suppose I'll get back to it then...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What would Jeebus do?

"I know you're full up this week, have to stay late today and tomorrow to do the work you have and aren't here friday, but do you think you just run 30 samples in two experiements this week for me? You know, just fit it in somewhere? And I should clarify that it's 5 samples for each of those 30 samples, so actually it is 150 samples total...and they need to be done in duplicate. Is this possible? I mean, you don't have to do them *all* today or anything..."

Fuck no.

That's 8 solid days of work.

Jeebus people.

*I need a piece of pie*

Monday, November 17, 2008

You've got to give it away....

Things I have come across while carrying out operation clean sweep which are going to charity on wed:

-2 South Park ties...neither of which J remembers ever owning
-Mad Dawg suspenders in dayglo colours (may keep those for a laugh)
-An early 90s suit jacket with hammer time style arms and lapels
-Many pairs of shoes that I HATE but keep around so I have shoes of that particular colour...they are going away.
-A number of bridesmaid dresses from long ago (sorry Tabitha and Anna Lisa)
-A full set of ratty old luggage
-A solid brass vent cover
-My old favourite red winter jacket from many years ago
-No less than 3 old purses of varying colours and tackiness
-A sexy pair of boots I got on ebay for 2$ but I could never get zipped up all the way (damn)
-My old staff jacket from when I worked in the City of Regina water laboratory (nice jacket...way too big now)
-2 irons
-Old jackets and shirts from larger times

I did find some old stuff from our trip to London and our honeymoon...that was cool. I also found a paystub from university when I night managed a coffee shop for a whopping $6 an hour. Bizarre...

It's all getting put into one giant old suitcase and being given away. Lots more to go, but it's a start...

These are exciting times

This weekend was a busy one - started off quite crappy, but ended up just fine. I got lots done and managed to spend some time with J too...nice. J's Mom was in the hospital for a few days, but she is home now and is OK, so that is a relief. A sign that the weekend was to be a good one.
I had a tasty baked fish meal with Magnus on friday, and then visited with some family that were in town a tiny bit of time. That was nice. And on the weekend? Well, more tidying, and I volunteered at the CFCR art auction for most of was at a posh country club, but I was stuck at the money desk for the evening, so I didn't have as much fun pretending I was a wealthy heiress on holiday in Spain like I'd planned. We had a lot of nice pieces and most of them sold, and people were happy. Half the proceeds go to the local artists and the other half to CFCR, so that was good. There were some pieces there I would have loved to take home, but who am I kidding? They don't take bark and leaves as payment - I should know. I was the one taking the payments!
Sunday was attack the yard day. the snow we had briefly melted on saturday, so I took the chance to take out a borrowed rake and attack the yard and trim up the hedges. I love power tools. I didn't get to where the vines were, but after 3 solid hours in the yard, it's looking rather nice. The back and sides and around the steps and hedges are all done for winter. I'm glad, as I figured I wouldn't have been abler to get to it this year. I'm surprised I'm not stiff after all that, actually.
I've also gotten some primer and we've pretty much picked out the paint for the computer room...I have this week to patch holes and wash walls so I can start painting it this coming weekend - I'm very excited. Add to that that operation clean sweep is pretty much done except for the bookshelves near the computer (J's job) and the kitchen clutter (*sigh*) and it's pretty exciting. Instead of looking around and seeing lots of things to do, I'm seeing all the things I've gotten *done*.
THAT is a good feeling.
I also dusted some of the plants above the door and we put some plants back in the living room. We also picked up some frames for some stuff we've wanted to hang up for ages, so that is a step closer to being hung up too...
Exiting times at Casa Geo.
Moving on up we are. Yessirree.

Best of all?
I finally got to spend some of my birthday money and I picked up this:
Veganomicon. I've been eying it up for's set up like the Joy of Cooking (my cooking bible) with comments on how to cook and prepare all the grains and beans and other things mentioned in the book, and then 250 yummy looking vegan recipes. I'm not vegan, but I find a lot of vegan cooking is delicious, as they actually rely on the flavour of foods, and not just a slab of meat, for tastiness. So I have lots of things to try out and now I can learn how to cook all these things I've read about but have no idea what to do quinoa.
I'm excited. Anything yummy will get posted on my foody blog.

Gotta go...busy day. Talk amongst yourselves :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happiness patrol

Another day, another cookie...
This morning I sincerely smiled at a stranger and he blinked, looked a bit taken back and then his eyes lit up and he smiled. His whole face lit up. I tried it again at the bus stop...and another smile.
Geo was curious.
I am going to do a smile survey today...anyone I do not know, I will look at them straight in the eye and smile sincerely and see how many people smile back VS look away or frown. Granted I don't work around a lot of people, so I don't know how many people I'll be able to inflict smiles upon, but I figure it can only be a good thing...the nerd in me may even make up graphs of results...I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slowly but surely

The house is now 1/3 defurred, ubercleaned and dusted, and thanks to J, decluttered and reorganised as we go. Good god, you'd think the cats spent days at a time actively shedding their body weight in fluff...lucky they are so cute...
J and I have been going to town, and I'm trying to keep at it all ALL week, so that at the end of the week all will be organised and clean and we can start putting things on the walls, and arranging furniture in the living room. It's very's like we've been in limbo for months, and suddenly the house is being restored to an *actual* house...not just rooms full of stuff haphazardly placed in groups. You don't realise how mentally oppressive that is until it's fixed. It's time to get rid of lots of things we've found and went "WTF is this for?", and have giggled at finding things we thought were lost forever...
I feel like we should have people over at the end just to show it off somehow...Christmas party anyone? :)

Unfortunately, my allergies are going haywire...what with me being allergic to mold, dust and catfur, but if I can hold out a bit more, it'll all be over. It's the reason FOR all the end I'll be much happier. And I'll have my house back.
Plus, at the end I get a reward of sorts. THEN I'm able to start to paint the old yellow craft room upstairs to turn it into a computer room, so J can finally set up his music gear's currently a tiny rubber duck yellow room with violent orange and pink trim (I'd like to state that I didn't do it, BTW, it came that way). I want to prime it and make it a nice lime green with white trim...THAT is my reward for cleaning the house. A redone computer room. I only planned it, oh, a year ago...he heh. By my standards that is a bit ahead of the game :)
And then... december and operation christmas...blinky light time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Operation clean sweep

Whew...we're gearing up to clean the whole damn house top to bottom.
I am not looking forward to it, but being cooped up inside in the winter requires an anti-furring of the domicile to keep me well.
Plus, I'm feeling guilty about not having things all back together after the renos, so this will help get things back to a semblance of all the things I tucked away for "safe keeping" while we painted.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


It's finally snowing...lots of big fluffy flakes.
It's not so bad actually...considering it's been this long before it came, I can't complain.
I'm more excited that J's shoot was cancelled tonight so he has the evening off!
Pizza and movies and me...oh my!
Oh, and yesterday I made the best pancakes ever.
Make'll see...Check my food blog for the recipe.
I also made up a feta spinach stuffed chicken breast with oven roasted balsamic veggies for supper. It also was droolingly good...if I can remember how I made it I'll definitely do it again :) Yesterday was truly the day of deliciousness...

Gotta go...I'm off to the pet store to see what weird things I can find to get my cat to stop scratching the couch.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Thank god it's friday.
This has been what has seemed like the longest week ever. Lots do do...
FINALLY, J gets a day off tomorrow. Why is this significant? Well he hasn't had a day off since Oct kidding.
So it will be much napping and relaxing.
Tonight, the Fort Knox Five are in town along with Matt the Alien at the Odeon-this is a good thing. I do believe I will dance off some vibes by shaking my butt at the speed of sound to some great funk and breaks.
...and then veg out saturday...raking, trimming a hedge, making yummy food. Watching the new Futurama film. you like normal people.

Because I'm too bleah and lame to do a full out friday favourites, let me just say that today, my brain has been stuck on the Cranberries older album actually.
No Need to Argue is a great old album...and so, because the song has been in my head all can hear Zombie too. Go here. Universal is being a ponce and won't let me embed it...

Later tater..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Gay Conspiracy

Just to poke a stick into things:

After discussions at work today, I am all fired up. The more I think about it the more I am angered: How can you annul someone's marraige with a vote?
It is bad enough that people feel that they can vote to disallow same sex unions. It's a whole giant leap backwards...
What supremely disturbs me about the whole thing is the fact that people who were already married, have had their marriages annulled. They, in essence, never existed. The vote cancels not only future marriages, but PAST ones. Vows at civil unions (not religious ones) that had already happened. I thought there was a separation of church and state? This is evidence to the contrary

This is so very wrong on so very many levels.

What if your community got together and told you they'd held a vote, and that you and your partner were deviants, not like them, and that your marriage was not real. That it had never happened. You're not allowed to be married to the person you love. And you should probably leave town too, as after all, you deviant, you don't live a socially acceptable relationship with the person you love...we won't allow you to, because it's easier to hate you when we can pretend you aren't like us.

Take any openly harsh statement against homosexuality and replace the sexual/gender references with racial ones. Go on...try it. If you said them at a pulpit or podium you would be strung out to dry and publicly condemned as a bigot and a racist. I'm not talking about agreeing to disagree, or your own private opinion...but public statements that inspire hatred and hate crimes on a regular daily basis. Grouping all homosexuals together as deviants or child molestors, out to corrupt your children and destroy your society. Do people honestly believe this stuff anymore?

Sadly, still, homosexual hatred and slander is still OK.
As for me, I just don't care, honestly, if you're gay or straight. It's a non-issue. Who you are, how you live your life and treat others is proof of your quality as an individual...that's it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well whaddaya know...

Hmmm...apparently optimism and hope do still exist on American soil.

I stayed up after class last night to watch the polls roll in and hear the speeches. McCain and Obama were both gracious and kind, but what really impressed me was seeing the lines of voters...the polar opposite of our Canadian election a few weeks ago. It really filled me with emotion to see so many different people from so many walks of life caring about their country...feeling like maybe there was a chance they could fix things... to see individuals feel like their voice counted and that they were a part of making their country honestly brought tears to my eyes. It was inspiring to hear the end of Obama's speech and know he really realises what he's in for...that he is inspiring his whole country to change. Hearing him ask everyone to help...the very fact that his motto for the campaign was "yes we can" is a fundamental change in attitude for the American public.
My beef about modern man is his ability to isolate himself and put himself first. If we have any hope for our future and little ones like my new niece Zoe, there has to be a shift in attitude...a return to a sense of community and doing things for the greater good. We can't hole ourselves up and look after number one and hope it will get better...we did that. Look where it got us? Greed and selfishness built up faulty loans that fed our greed and resulted in the world economy falling to it's knees. We're all falling together...and I really believe that unless the whole world bands together to try and address our future we will fail. We have seen first hand what greed and selfish oppression gets us. We have to learn from our mistakes or we will burn like Rome, and those we have failed will delight in our fall...dooming themselves in the process.

In the past I heard songs like "the spark that bled" and would think "why don't we do things differently? When did apathy and the hunt fro an impossible selfish life become the accepted way to live? How did we become so resigned to things being a different way?"

I accidentally touched my head and noticed that I had been bleeding
For how long I didn't know
What was this, I thought, that struck me?
What kind of weapons have they got?
The softest bullet ever shot
I stood up and I said, yeah!

I stood up and I said, yeah!
I stood up and I said, hey! Yeah!
From this moment on blaring like a trumpet

Coming from above us and somewhere below
The confidence of knowing descending to relieve us of the struggle to believe it's so
I stood up and I said, yeah!

I spoke up and I said, hey!
I stood up and I said, hey! Yeah!
And it seemed to cause a chain reaction

It had momentum, it was gaining traction
It was all the rage, it was all the fashion
The outreached hands had resigned themselves to holding onto something that they never had...and that's too bad
'Cause in reality there was no reaction
(The spark that bled - Flaming Lips)

Like the 60s, there seems to be a resurgence in the need and desire for change - An unjust war on foreign soil...a younger generation questioning why thing are the way they are when they only benefit some. There is a whole generation coming up who've seen the bullshit of the baby boomer era and they want something different. My generation just sort of whined about how sucky it was and grunged our way into electronic distractions, expecting others to do the work for us.

This election gives me hope seeing the desire for change come up from a new generation and spreading out into the general population. What was a dream of the young and innocently optimistic has spread to the rest of us.

I feel we are all the better for it. I hope this will carry forward and everyone will feel the responsibility to work at change.

I sincerely believe this will not be a sound and fury signifying nothing. When people unite for a common cause and put each other before themselves, things will change. We may not *have* more, but we will be united. We will care for each other and the respect and dignity that will arise will make our lives and our communities better.

I have to believe's how I live my life. I'm inspired to think that maybe, just maybe, other people think the same thing...and maybe it *will* get better...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Honey- Where is the rake...?

Would the person I leant my rake to please stand up?
I can't remember and I need to rake. I'm assuming I leant it out, as really...who steals a rake?
I know that as soon as I buy one it will be returned and then I'll have 2. save the hassle, could whomever I leant it to in a fit of generosity please bring it back?


Congratulations! It's a Zoe!

My little niece Zoe was born a few minutes ago. (8 Lb 12 oz for those of you who like to know that sort of thing...)
My sister in law Jen had a rough time of it - in labour since about 6 yesterday, and then after the baby being face up and not delivering they eventually gave her a c-section late this morning. Ouchy...but in the end, the safest thing for Zoe.
Zoe and Mom (and much relieved Dad) are doing much better now. I just popped up to say hello to them and say welcome to the little widget on my way to work...I'm so glad the maternity hospital is the one where I have my lab, so I can pop up and see them all while they are in the hospital recovery over the next few days...she has so much hair!!

Welcome little one! :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cunning Plans

 Life is wierd ya know. It seems a lot of things have been hitting me hard lately. Been distant from people, including my partner who is dea...