Evil friends and sewing machines

My friend Chris, in an evil plot to make me waste all of my time, has leant me some of his older playstation games. Chris likes some of the same games I do – the weird Japanese ones that don’t quite make sense and might be for kids, but are a whole lot of fun.
One of them is a game where you drum to the beat…there is even a drun with drumsticks. I suck at it but it is a howl. Another one is a fave of mine – Dance Dance Revolution…complete with footpads. Man – screw the aerobics tapes for the next few weeks! I think it’s fun but I’m too uncoordinated to do it in public…perfect for home (the game even logs how many calories you’ve burned!) The best game we got to borrow is one where you get to roll around collecting things, because your father the king of all things blew up the sky and all the stars. You basically go from world to world rolling a big sticky ball that gets bigger and bigger picking up whatever you roll over, people, trees…you name it. The ball gets bigger and bigger and eventually it can be used to rebuild the universe again. Sooooo very addictive.
J’s been hooked and playing it while I’ve been sewing the past few nights. I’ve actually resorted to the iPod so I can’t hear the games…cuz I want to play them, but I can’t until after the weekend.

You’re evil Chris. You know that don’t you?

I’m sort of on a crazy making overly elaborate costumes schedule. Most of the sewing for my costume is done – it’s mostly decoration now. J’s sash is done and he’ll get webbed hands with cuffs to go with a modified long black robe I made him last year that will go well into him being a driudish something of Atlantis (*not* a king, I have been told). Me? I am going to be some kind of watery woman...maybe Neptunes consort (anyone know who she was?). For me I’m ditching the webbed hands part for time as I’d rather finish the forarm armor, collar and decorate them and the skirt/belt and be happy with them than go nuts and try and make other stuff at this point and have nothing really finished. I can add to it later if I want to. What with bottling beer tonight at my brothers I’ll likely only get and hour or so at it tonight and then there’s just tomorrow night before we take off, so I refuse to go crazy. I have to work in there somewhere too, and I’m not about to put myself in danger in the lab from being exhausted from making costumes.
But they'll be so very cool...we’ll have something neatto wear.

I am bloody tired tho. Gotta go.


Anonymous said…
Why do people keep calling me that?


I taped Freaks the other night so you'll have to borrow the tape some time.

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