Here's a special phone number, so you can call me

So we finally got our digital phone set up last night.
I'm happy - unlimited long distance and call display.
Plus - No more dealing with Sasktel anymore, but same phone number. As a poor broke student they were awful to me on a number of occasions and I'm glad to tell them where to get off.

The thing is, after the hookup guy left I sat around waiting to see who would be the first to call on our "new" phone (yes I lead a very busy life can you tell?)

And who elase should call?
A telemarketer...



Anonymous said…
And as deregulation takes effect next year, you can expect even more telemarketers to call you. The ohone companies figure it is the best way to get your business.
Of course, if telemarketing were so unpopular as to be unprofitable it would dropped in a second. So some people out there would actually seem to like it...

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