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I was watching an episode of South Park last night and I was struck again at just how much the guys who do that show manage to say about things that noone else will touch and actually have something GOOD to say. IT was an episode about music downloading and Cartman forming christian rock group...and it was funny and true in a lot of ways, as he just picked any random love song, and replaced girl and baby with Jesus and it was an instant lame christian rock song. It was true ina way - I remember growing up and hearing a lot of christian rock and a lot of it was awful. There was the good stuff, like Steve Taylor and the 77s, but there was the crap, just like all other music genres. The idea that you could make crappy music, as long as it had "good lyrics" and still make a lot of money, because that was all people were looking for was a bit too true. I still remember when bands like Hokus Pick and the 77s made "regular" songs and got slammed - because heaven forbid you just write the songs and words that come to you...where am I going with this? I don't know. There is certain music that inspires me, often to tears, sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes it's an emotion that I recall when I hear it...sometimes it's just way too good and doesn't even have lyrics. You can't dictate what inspires people. And if you're in it for the money...well your music will suffer for it. soapboxing today. It's too early and I'm not coherent enough to put together a solid statement...I'm still taking in the morning coffee.

I will say though, that "ordinary life" is very nice. It’s been a while and I must say – I’ve missed it. I’m all for working then coming home and relaxing…deciding what to do (if anything) and then doing (or not doing) it.
Last night we just did a few things around the house and read for hours. It’s been eons since I’ve done that. It’s weird when life is normal again and it takes adjustment…

TO stop myself from further pointless banter: a meme
me me me me.

Current clothes: Jeans, orange and brown shirt, superstars and black specs.

Current mood: Dazed. I’m back at riding my bike to work in the morning after a few weeks off and my hip is sore, like I sprained it (can you sprain a hip?) but I didn't do anything to it... Plus I’m still thawing out. It was frosty this morning...

Current music: "Swallowed in the Sea” by Coldplay.

Current annoyance: Student loans. I’d love it if you could just make arrangements and pay them off like normal loans, but oh no if you ever have troubles, every 6 months for the rest of your loany life you have to bend over for the anal probe and see just what you owe them for the next 6 months. It should mention in large letters on the loan application that they own your soul once you apply. B*stards. I wish I could pay them off and be done with it. Someday…

Current thing: Reading. It’s been so long since I’ve had time for it, so I’ve been reading voraciously the last few days. I’m almost done the 3rd Dark Tower book.

Current desktop picture: Still a bright red picture of a gerbera flower.

Current song in head: Shake Break Bounce -Chemical's next on the iPod.

Current book: The Wastelands by Steven King. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read.

Current DVD in player: The second disc of the 7th season of South Park. I watched it last night while eating supper.

Current refreshment: Coffee with fake cream & sugar.

Current worry: Besides student loans? Well, life’s been pretty good. As long as the loan jerks don’t take the extra $$ J makes at this new job we can finally maybe go on a holiday or maybe fix our car before it explodes or something cool like that. (But they probably will, so I don’t want to get too excited) I’d just like a few months of soltitude and happiness with noone messing about with our lives and nowhere to be. It’ll be grand to just “live” and “let live” for a bit.

Current thought: What is my birthday gift? I still have to wait 27 days for it.
Meh. It’s harder to wait than I thought!


Trent said…
Not wanting to belittle South Park in anyway (though I probably could; I lost interest in that show after the first season), but your example of them picking on things that other people won't touch is...well, the Simpsons made that joke about five years ago.

Ned Flanders has been having an on-again, off-again relationship with a Christian Singer. When she returned to the show, she revealed that she had started singing in clubs, and made the comment that all she had to do was substitute "baby," for "Jesus" and it worked.

In fact, I wrote a proposal for a story a long time ago that started off with that very idea. I wanted to do a piece on the new face of worship music in church and how, while some of it was just sappy love songs where you could substitute Jesus for Baby, much of it was actually fairly profound theologically, as it had to be, as music defines the theology of this generation to a very large extent.

The story was never picked up, though not because of the theme. The magazine I was doing for restructured, and lost the features that made them so interesting.

Shoevay. That's almost a real word.
Geosomin said…
I know it's not like noone else has their ideas. I suppose Simpson's is another show to poke funat probably anything too...It's just that South Park seems to get away with saying it in a way I I usually find funny. I didn't really get the first few seasons..I'm more a fan of the more recent stuff. It appeals to the little crude girl in me I suppose...
Shoevay indeed.

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