How I spent my coffee break

Look, here's a bunch of silly questions I found floating around on Betty’s site:

I see: my coffee cup.
I need: a nap.
I find: biochemical pathways for cancer apoptosis.
I want: a nap.
I have: A job that pays money, which is why I am not at home.
I wish: My basement room of discovery was finished so I could hide up in it and make something.
I love: my cats…and J.
I hate: Cat puke… (Guess what I had to clean up last night at 3AM? On my frickin BED no less…grrr).
I miss: Firefly.
I fear: monsters in the dark.
I feel: lazy.
I hear: the air conditioner.
I smell: coffee.
I crave: a mint Aero bar.
I search: for the keys I lost earlier this afternoon.
I wonder: what I can accomplish tomorrow on my day off
I regret: sleeping in and not working out this morning.

When was the last time you ...
Smiled?: About 5 minutes ago I suppose…whenever I last talked to someone while getting my coffee
Laughed? Ditto.
Cried?: Last night while watching (*blush*) the last Doctor Who episode…
Bought something?: I ordered part of J’s Christmas present a few days ago – and a mint Aero bar yesterday.
Danced? On the weekend…all night.
Were sarcastic? During a discussion at lunch time
Kissed someone? This morning when J left for work
Talked to an ex? I emailed my most recent ex a year or so ago to congratulate him on getting married, does that count?
Watched your favorite movie? Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Had a nightmare? It’s been ages. Back in the summer I had a few nasty ones though.

A Last time for everything ...
Last book you read: The Encyclopedia of Irish Fairies. What? I was looking for costume ideas.
Last movie you saw: Theatre: Casino Royale. Home: Sympathy for Miss Vengeance
Last song you heard: The last track on “Okey Dokey” by the Orb
Last thing you had to drink: Coffee. Still at it.
Last time you showered: This morning.
Last thing you ate: The last piece of a mint Aero bar.

Do You ...
Smoke?: No. I have asthma, so that’d be silly. I love the smell of good cigars and pipe smoke though.
Do drugs?: Obscene amounts of caffeine.
Have sex?: As often as possible!
Sleep with stuffed animals? Just J and the cats.
Live in the moment?: Occasionally I daydream , but I try to.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: J = husband
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yes. One where I can fly and another where I’m wandering through a ginormous university looking for the class I’ve forgotten to go to all semester…and when I FINALLY find it there is a test.
Play an instrument?: I can hammer at the tin whistle, guitar and piano, but nothing to get excited about. I can sing well tho.
Believe there is life on other planets?: It seems pretty likely to me.
Remember your first love?: Yes...and the other other time I *thought* I was in love too.
Still love him/her?: Yes- I married him.
Read the newspaper?: No. Just CBC and BBC online. Our local paper is rubbish.
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: A few.
Believe in miracles?: Yes.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes. It isn’t a magical given though – it is a conscious choice.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try to be.
Consider love a mistake?: No. It can sure complicate things sometimes though.
Like the taste of alcohol?: Depends on the drink. Beer, yes. Tequila, NO...
Have a favorite candy?: At the moment Mint Aero bars. I’m not much for sweets usually.
Believe in astrology?: No. I find it interesting though - someone sure took the time to flush out every little aspect of life. It's more of a historical/amusement curiosity than a factual one I suppose.
Believe in magic?: Yes. Although I have a theory that magic to some is sleight of hand, energies or simply vastly advanced methods to another…or luck…or the all famous selling of your soul
Believe in God?: Yes. Themore I learn, it all just can't be random. It's too bloody complex.
Pray?: Sometimes.
Go to church?: Not regularly no. I’m working through a lot of things as to why- if I ever figure them out I will know whether I will go more or less often.
Have any secrets?: Not really. J knows everything about me, but there are a few from others. Can’t give it all away can I? I'm not that interesting to be honest!
Have any pets?: Two cats and a husband
Do well in school?: I did pretty well. I'm more of a theorixer and a doer than a thinker tho.
Go to or plan to go to college?: I got my BSc at university. I’d go further but I like what I’m doing now and honestly wouldn’t get to do much else even if I did – I’d do it if the project was interesting enough thoug (well and if I could afford to)
Have a major?: A double major actually - biochemistry and microbiology. It was a year more of fluff electives for 2 separate degrees, so I crammed in all the courses, saved the cash and did the double major instead.
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: Nope, well other than to tell them to bugger off because I’m at work and busy.
Have any piercings?: Yes – ears and bellybutton
Have any tattoos?: No. We keep toying with getting our rings tattooed on someday tho.
Hate yourself?: No. At times I’m unimpressed with the way I behave but for the most part I’m pretty OK.
Have an obsession?: It varies from week to week.
Have a secret crush?: I think the new Doctor Who is pretty cute.
Do they know yet?: Of course not. Besides I *LOVE* Jay.
Collect anything?: Darth vader stuff and penguins
Have a best friend?: J…and a few others.
Wish on stars?: Yes. One in particular. It’s binary.
Like your handwriting?: Nope…it keeps getting messier and messier every year. This computer age thing has made me a scribbler.
Have any bad habits?: Yes, mostly involving laziness and forgetfulness
Care about looks?: No, unless they’re obviously false or the person needs a shower badly.
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: Quite happy. I think J is handsome. ..I mean, have you seen his butt?
Friends and other people?: Why would I care? I mean I'd tell them if they had gunk in their teeth or spilled on themselves but other than that cares.
Believe in witches?: I believe people like to *think* their witches. Somepeople may have gifts and abilities others don’t but I don’t think spells and that sort of thing work.
Believe in Satan?: As an opposing evil force yes, but I don’t think whether I need to or not is relevant.
Believe in ghosts?: Yes…although I think it’s more of an imprint of someone or an emotion that is so strong that it’s remained behind as a residual thing. Not so much a being with thought and actions.

Ah…coffee break is over. Bye.


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