Trivia contest

It's friday.

And so to celebrate that and a good night sleep I offer the following trivia contest.
And of course there must be a prize - if you get it right I will mail you a few dozen cookies made by the lovely me (you can even choose what kind, altho I make a mean oat-cocochip).
Now no cheating and googling for it...given my music tastes, it's a bit obscure, but I've been listening to this album non-stop for about a week and a half and this part of it always makes me smile - it got me going this here goes.

What DJ mix album, or what artist made this album, that has the following sound byte in it:

(girls) "Hey eveybody we're doin' it!"
(guy) "Doing what?"
(girls) "That THING!"
(guy) "...Aw YEAH!"

SOooooooooo think up and listen up and you might get some cookies.
Gotta run.


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