Note to self

Never eat again...

Man I'm still full the next day.
There is really too much food in my life this time of year. AND I have to go out again today for a lunch with one of my bosses. I think I'll just have tea and moan. I mean there's no room for it to fit. I really feel like the bad girl who ate the blueberry candy in Willy I'm going to puff up and float away. And really, as much as I love to eat (and boy do I) there is a point where you just don't want to. I'm already at that point and the main holiday feasting isn't even here yet...

On the theme of food, here's a foody meme I found a while ago...seemed fitting, what with all the edibles I've crammed down my throat in the the past 24 hours...

Favorite food to crunch: popcorn or pretzels
Favorite comfort food: oatmeal with cream and LOTS of brown sugar
Food that makes the best noise: celery when you chew it. Crunchy.
Favorite picnic lunch: salsa, cheese and avocado on ryvita or cheese and crackers.
Favorite food scene/lines in movie: No contest: I'll have what she's having." I'm also fond of "I like oysters AND snails" but it's also a bit creepy...
Favorite food lyrics: "I know my chicken. You've got to know your chicken" ties with "Extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil and MSG, Shut up and eat,to bad no bon appetit" both by Cibo Matto. They had a whole album about foodish type songs (Viva! La woman).
Least favorite food lyrics: "You've got the peaches, I've got the cream" Def Leppard-so very tacky
Best food smell memory: Mom's blueberry pie baking in the oven, and barbecues on summer nights
Favorite summer snack: apples and strawberries
Food that reminds me of the ocean: salmon
Favorite winter snack: cheese and crackers
Most likely to eat for lunch: whatever I had for supper the night before
Least likely to eat for lunch: shrimp.
Makes me gag: steak and kidney pie...and don't even get me started on chitlins or haggis…
Food tradition I don't like: My family's need to put copius amounts of salt on or in everything. How can you taste anything?
Saturday night food: Pizza or curry.
Favorite wild foods: blueberries. (can I include venison?)
Favorite food for sex play: whip cream and chocolate.
Favorite medicinal food: peppermint tea. Makes me feel better every time.
Food that reflects my heritage: apple streudel and fresh baked potato bread
Food most like me: any kind of fruit…:)
Favorite raw food smell: garlic and lime

Gotta go.


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