The Fountain

So J and I saw The Fountain the other night.
And, it has made it onto my very short list of all time favorite films. So good in fact I may not watch it again (if that makes any sense). I can be easily impressed, I'll admit it, but this movie was something else for me.
It really effected me, and every once in a while you get the feeling a film was made just for you - this was that for me. It was visually beautiful, but it was more than that - the story, the was really something I cannot describe. Lets just say I really enjoyed it and think you should see it too and leave it at that.
I just had to crawl in out of the snowy mountains here to recommend it to you all.
But now I must be off to the snowy lab of soltitude.


Trent said…
Coo. That's one that I really want to see, too. That and Children of Men.

Oh, and Flushed Away.

And the new Bond. I really want to see the new Bond.

Flushed Away is playing this week, and Bond has got to be showing up in the next couple. The other two, though, I am not holding my breath.
Anonymous said…
Maybe I'm being cheesy or tacky, but I want to see Ghost Rider.

Flushed Away? That kind of leaves me indifferent. I skipped out on that one here.

I do want to see the new Bond. Quite interestingk, how Craig was able to remake the Bond image.

And in reference to you post, I do want to see the fountain, too. I liked Pi. A lot.

Geosomin, I recommend you see the Taiwanese-made film, Silk. It's really amazing. You get to see what Taiwan looks like. And it's a very powerful film. I posted about it one month ago.
Geosomin said…
Ghost Rider looks like it will kick ass. I read the comic as a wee lass so I'm very excited.

Thoth -Is Silk released here on DVD? If so I'll try and find it.
magnus said…
I can dig not wanting to see the film again, I felt the same way about The Sixth Sense.

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