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A Meme For December
(stolen shamelessly from Betty):

Write the first sentence from the first entry of every month:

January: As 2006 begins, I find the need to answer a series of random, nosy questions I found.
February: I am SO bored
March: So much snow!
April: I am such a vegetable.
May: I am so stiff...I think if you listen closely when I walk you can hear me creaking!
June: I love these people.
July: Well it's over.
August: Well, I'm off on a crazy kick again.
September: People - I AM the man.
October: It's been a busy weekend so far...all sorts of obligations we forgot, but one of the things we went to has filled me with really happy hopeful thoughts.
November: I had a grand experience last night.
December: Don’t I know it…

Oh well...I was hoping for a secret message or something lucid and insightful.
Unfortunately all I learned is I use short sentences and never get right to the point.
SOOOOOO…a new year’s resolution of mine should be to try and be more forthcoming and concise. J often sputters in frustration at my ability to take 5 minutes to say one fact. Perhaps I should work on that and not try and give every detail...
Or not.


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