My whole famdamily is coming over...Mom, Dad, Glen and Karen, Karen's mom...
I'm making roast beast.
Should be good.
Wish I had more thrilling things to tell you about my life but I don't.
That's all you get.

I don't even have any photos of my awesome costume from last weekend...because we forgot our camera. It was great - I figured out how to make appliques and used some glowing fabric paint to enhance them, getting glowing heiroglyphics that spelt out "psytrance" and "joy" on the collar and skirt. And I even had arm shields that glowed, with heiroglyphic H's on them. J had a sah with glowing rune symbols all over it and webbed hands...but I got no photos for ya. Maybe if I"m feeling fruity I'll put mine on some day and post photos. Because I keep forgetting my camera...
Hopefully people we knew who were there will send us some photos. It was a good time: three floors of music in the throne room, Atlantis and th undersea abyss. AND we got invited to the GOMP after party too. Cool.
J got to talk music more and I got to meet a lot of realle great people.

Gotta go baste the beast.


trent said…
"Gotta go baste the beast."

Sounds kinky.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hope you have a nice family get together, Geosomin.

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