Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strength in numbers

You know, there are times when I feel like life is kicking me in the teeth...and yes, it does sometimes. But then I talk to someone else who is being buffeted by a large trebuchet full of iron filings and lead weights and I feel a bit weak for even commenting. Today even J today is going in to his job where bigwigs from high above are flying in for god knows may be nothing...or it may be Something. I'm hoping when I get home he (and his friends at work) will have nothing other than a few ridiculous stories to tell me. Who knows?
And I've friends dealing with serious LIFE shit...strange irreversible and odd things that can't be ignored or stopped...just reacted to. I've been faced with things like losing Mum...and I wish I had something to offer them. Give them something to cling to for encouragement, but I don't want to make up shit or pander to them...give them false hope. But I also don't want to worry them by saying too much. I want to tell them "'s not easy. It hurts like hell ...but one day it just won't so much and you'll realise you're stronger than you ever dreamed you are-so don't give up. You'll get through. Somehow."
I've learned in the last few years that there are people out there who love me a lot. And I also know that from all the dark things I've had to face that I've gained immeasurable strength. I know that if the ones I care for ask (or even if they don't) that I'm there for them. If they can't walk I'll sit with them until they can. I'll carry them to a place they feel safe and fight off the dragons so they can be alone until they have the courage to come out again...because I had people do that for me. Even when I didn't know it.
Sometimes you need a cave...a sword...or a stiff drink and a shoulder to lean on. A megaphone to shout your anger and rage...a pillow to sleep on.

We're all in this together my good peeps. Let's roll it together :)


grapecat said...

so true. that's good to remember in many ways :)
hope J has no nasty surprises...

Pacian said...

Tell me about it.

Anonymous said...

Bags I be Merlin. :-) (Talk of caves and swords).

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