Monday, March 28, 2011

Crunch time

I had a lovely day yesterday hanging out with J, eating pizza and watching Frisky Dingo and laughing like a kid. Saturday I worked a full day, but then got to dress up in full indian sari and go to a vegetarian banquet and then meet friends for drinks after. It was nice to be able to spend some time with J. He's finally feeling a lot better from his cold so we could spend some time together and relax. We both needed a day of chilling to prepare for a week of insanity...we'll both be very busy this week. This week will prove to me whether I can ride the line of nutsville without jumping in and wearing my tinfoil hat. Full on 17 hour days are here to get it all in. Yup -it's crunch time. I have 2 papers due, a speech on friday along with the "usual"- 9 cancer cell lines to grow and blocks to make plus work, plus PMS and I'm coming down with J's cold. After this, it will taper off a crunching and starting on my semester end meeting/report, to get some numbers from all my semester's work. Once these papers are done, I can focus more on my actual project. I'm wanting them to be A one perfect, but realistically I'll settle for grammatically correct and not sucky at this point. Just some solid work...proper referencing's been a real bitch for these things...

From my initial cold symptoms I feel not too bad -bit tired and I'm enjoying the fact that currently I sound like Leonard Cohen. It's amusing... I'm going to roll with it and I *WILL* make it thru this week. I'll just do all I can do, make sure I get enough sleep and I am all set with lots of healthy lunches and pumpkin carrot muffins (so goood). I'm just going to do all I can every day and then sleep the sleep of the dead and get up and do it all over again. If I have to skip workouts for sleep and rest I will...I just need to survive it.
One day at a time. I can do it. :)

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