Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Actually - this IS rocket science!

I'm very proud to work at the university I do. There are a lot of amazing research groups, the synchrotron and a cool program I just learned about: the CaNoRock program. Budding space scientists from the University of Saskatchewan and other Canadian universities participate with Norway's Andøya Rocket Range in a novel rocket research program.

This year in January the CaNoRock-3 exchange program took 3 students from U of S and others from the Universities of Alberta, and Calgary. Students got to enjoy the the challenge of real rocket science and work with other students and researchers from Norway. This year's team of 3 students and a prof had a great time, spending the week with their Norwegian colleagues learning to analyze rocket trajectories, integrate payloads such as instrument packages in their rockets, and analyze data.

Along with all the cool stuff they learned and did they designed, built and successfully launched of a full-scale student-built sounding rocket. The “Aurora Arrow” was launched on January 20 and reached an altitude of about nine kilometers in 35 seconds. The students then got to take all the data from the rocket and analyze it. An incredible experience. There's a blog about their time there this year here. It's pretty fascinating stuff...

I sure wish I had the brains for a program like this...I'm so glad educational initiatives like this exist internationally. THIS is how education and future design of rocket and space science should work. It's tweedley cool!

Go team :)

Geek out.

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