Saturday, March 05, 2011

Days like this make me understand morning people a little bit

It's hardly even started and today is fantastic.
The bonus about getting up at stupid o'clock all week is that it makes getting up at 7AM quite nice. J got up with me and we had a quick breakfast and got in to the recycling depot when it opened to see no lineups and happy laughing workers and customers, with no grumbling, no rushing. Then we took our well earned bottle and can money to the farmers market and picked up some delicious wild boar apple and spice sausages along with some pear butter, 3 kinds of scones (mmm), lettuce and fresh potato bread. Best of all, I found the cute old mitten lady and got a replacement pair of warm fuzzy knitted mittens to keep me toasty warm through the rest of winter.
Now I have coffee and tasty snacks and I'm in to work all day Saturday on my MSc.
But you know what?
Today I really don't mind. Today has been good, and will be good. Oh yes :)
Tonight we'll hopefully be out to see some live music and tomorrow? No work at all.
I can hardly wait :)

Have a wonderful day everybody.


Pacian said...

I'll never understand morning people. Much as I might wish to have and use time in the morning.

the Bag Lady said...

I am a morning person. Can't help myself. Always have been. Even as a little kid, I can remember getting up and sneaking outside to watch the sun come up.

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