Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apple cinnamon protein oats rock my world

I'm just sitting about waiting for a telephone meeting.
Do de do de dooo...
I was in at work until 10 last night and up until 2 last night finishing up the final (yay!) draft of evil paper #1. I have this evil 7AM phone meeting, so I slept in instead of working out today to get a whopping 4 hours of sleep. It was so nice to get a bit of sleep and strangely I am not as tired as I should be. I could steal the car today too, so when I'm done it's waiting. :) After 30 minutes the meeting still isn't happening yet (*sigh*) but it will come. Today is going to be a long day again...

This morning I made an awesome hot breakfast for once - 1/2c oatmeal + 1 T wheat bran cooked in 1 c water with 1t vanilla and 1/2 t cinnamon. I stirred in a scoop of protein powder (vanilla or cookies and cream is good) when it came off the heat and served it up in a bowl with 1/4 c pure apple sauce, a splash of milk and 1 t maple syrup. Oh man....delicious apple cinnamon oats:) And now - a long day. I've got a paper to proof, a speech to write, cells to culture and a lot of labwork to do on top of my regular old day, so I'm off.
I hear the phone :) image

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