Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Geosomin returned to her typing and dreamed her little dreamy dreams

So the night I left for the festival I had the neatest dream. It was very vivid and I can picture it even now. Everyone I've mentioned it to said it was kind of creepy. I didn't see it that way...I found it very inspiring. I still do.

I dreamt I was hiking through a woody path at sunset, with the sky all purple and red. I remember hearing dragonflies and a squirrel chattering. Up ahead, a few small girls (aged 6 or 7) ran up the trail ahead of me. They had shoulder length blond hair with flowers in it, and wore long light blue dresses. One of them turned and ran up to me, giggled and said “Come dance with us Heather! Dance with us!”...and when she looked up at me I could see she was a cyclops. Her face beamed happiness, and she smiled like all sweet little girls do when they're having a wonderful day.
I paused a bit and stared at her face and then asked her how she could see (as typically cyclops’s are blind as their eye doesn’t function) and she said “Oh don’t worry, I can see everything. It's wonderful." She took my hand and said"Oh, please come dance with us. Dance with us!”
Then they both turned and waved and ran giggling off into the bushes ahead of me.
I remember thinking “all righty then…” and then I woke up right before my alarm.

I took it as a sign that the weekend would be a good one and I was meant to dance in the woods.
And it was.
And I did.
But, more on that later. Lots to do…


Trent said...

Welcome back. Come, and dance with us.

Well, I don't dance, but how about a little dance for us. Maybe a jig?

Are you listening? I said DANCE! Kerpow! Kerpow!

Man, I could go on for days.

But I'm at work. And working, supposedly.

luuug. Hey look. A treble-u.

Thoth Harris said...

Reminds me of the girls in The Shining.

I find it a little bit creepy, too.

It's reminding you not to remain in the unconscious sleeping state and to wake up.

Thank goodness for reality and for your alarm, and that you are still with us!

Pacian said...

It seems like rather a nice dream to me.

The last dream I remember having was yesterday morning, when I dreamt that I was trying to sneak through Nazi Germany from one side right the way to the other, hiding under trains and in barns to avoid patrols.

That is creepy.