utterly childish

"I don't want to share. They can't make me share"


Yes a grown man said this to me in the lab today as his lab moved in and suddenly disagreed with the fridges and freezer space that he has, altho he had agreed to the space previously.

There is a big 5 foot fridge, but he wants 2 of his own...because he doesn't want to share. He is ordering his students around and being an overall PITA and I wanted to just scream at him.  Why? Well, there simply isn't enough space for everyone to have everything they want and there's nothing I can do about it. There is no room for him to have them, which is why we got a larger one for people to share. Which he said he would share...and there is no way to alter the space. No way to change things - nothing at all. I am trying to be accomodating. To see a grown man act like this is pitiful... changing his mind...and then wanting the world to give him everything...like a 2 year old.

Lab managing is like herding cats. I'm telling you...


If he's a PITA, then shove some hummus up his... Or maybe not. ;)

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