eh? What's that whippersnapper?

I'm going to be a crazy old lady. I know it.
Already I love taking in the recycling, talking to the handicapped workers at Sarcan and taking my recycle money to the Salvation Army to wander through the store for bargains with my "free" recycle money. Yup, that was my swinging saturday afternoon before I did a few hours of work. I recall as a 13 year old wondering why my grandma's favourite thing to do was wander the sally ann store on saturday afternoon.
I totally get it now! :P
To be fair, I had a few boxes of stuff to drop off there and wasn't planning on going to go in, but there was a 50% off the whole place thing going on...sooooo I wandered in for a bit...and came out happily with a pair of cargo pants, pair of workout pants, pair of jeans that fit perfectly, some nice clunky dress shoes for work and a shirt I plan to harvest for bellydance stuff...all for $14.35.
Oh yes, you may mock me, but I'm styling for cheap :)

Honestly, I'm a sucker for buying used jeans...they're already preshrunk and generally about $10 or less a pair, so I can be my destructive self to them and not feel guilty. I have a pear shape with large hips and tiny waist and generally when actually I find a pair of jeans that fit right I'm scared to wash them, because usually they don't fit right lately, I've gotten all my fave jeans at charity shops.
Now I have a new pair...

I'm also thinking abotu learning to knit so I can make myself arm warmers.
yup...I'm doomed I tell you :)


grapecat said…
Learn to knit!! You'll love it :-) very therapeutic

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