so close

I noticed to day during my second fine options shift at the Sally Ann that the racks requiring most work were the mens racks. There were so many take off an item to look at it or try it on and then drape it over the rack and hang the hanger back up. I ask you...why not just hang it on the hanger and hang it up?
Ahem, men I'm talking to you. :)

I will say though -I will definitely not ever put anything back where it doesn't belong in a store again after doing this fine options work. Realized just how annoying that can be today :)


the Bag Lady said…
Doesn't surprise me.

Hey - are you going to the rodeo this weekend?? I just learned that the chuckwagons are racing there this weekend for the first time in a very long time!! Go - root for Hughie Sinclair, or Mike Vigen, or Kelly Sutherland.... all my homies!
(Or, if you must, root for someone from Saskatchewan....)
Geosomin said…
Chuckwagons? No, I'm missing it. Spent the weekend with an old friend. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

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