I know how to wait

Just ordered come bellydance practice gear online. It's the same stuff you can get here in Canada in the dance wear shops, only from the Chinese distributor directly instead of through a halfway local person. About half the price. Anything "dancewear" here in Canada is stupidly marked up, even when it's simple things...so I don't have a lot of dance gear I haven't made myself. Soon I will have new practice pants, a skirt, top, hip scarf and armlets. Not top quality, but not super cheap either...other people in my dance class have ordered from there so I know they're legit and the stuff they've recieved was decent, quality wise. And, since it was super cheap, I don't feel guilty spending a bit of my savings on it (I'm weird that way). Thing is, I was saving $$ for cool stuff at comicon, but since I'm not going to find cool things there, this is definitely a cool substitute for some of my $$...and I'll have something nice to wear to class and to the hafla in March. The tops will be nice in the summer sun too.
Now I wait...


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