well whaddaya know

Just got feedback on my posters from my old MSc supervisor, and...(don't fall over now)...she liked them.
No really.
After getting a lot of negativity from her lately it was nice to have someone look at my hard work and just offer some constructive advice and be overall happy with it.
It felt good.
Just minimal changes before they go to printer on the weekend. Ideas for publication too.
A pleasant change form being told I'm simply not capable of writing up things to her certain level of quality. I appreciate her bluntness and know it's a croatian thing and she's not meaning to be insulting, but sometimes it can wear you down. In the end it made me push and work harder to say "oh yeah? What about THIS lady?".

What about this indeed.


grapecat said…
You're brilliant, Lady. Swear to god :)
Well done!!

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