Movin on over....

Hello everybody.
I don't know if you know but I have a few blogs. They just sort of developed...and, I am not really good at keeping them all up to date because...well...I'm not very verbose. It's silly to just cross post the same things on all three. I have a blog to track my fitness/workouts besides this one, as well as a sadly neglected recipe blog with my friend Magnus. And now, I admit, I am finding it recently a lot to keep up with...

So - if you find I'm not here much posting, do not worry. I am fine...I am dealing with my newly diagnosed breast cancer chemo and smiling and living my life with my lovely J and my 2 old cats. I am finding that I don't want to split up my thoughts right now and so I have decided that, at least until I'm done chemo, I'll begin to keep all my posts together in one blog for a while.

Sooooooooo...If you want to know how life is here at Casa Geo - please head on over to my other blog Uberfrau and see my posts there. Since I will be working hard to stay fit and healthy during my breast cancer treatments I will likely will be posting there regularly. Hope to see you over there :)

Much Luv,


Anonymous said…
I am very late to this news... am ashamed and upset. Have hopped over to your other blog. Hoping all is going well! We are wrestling with issues also, but I seem to be avoiding blogging about almost anything at the moment, so haven't mentioned it. I just rabbit about nonsense, occasionally.

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