It's odd. Work has gotten me a nice PC with dual monitors to do my job better and it helps with some of the data I have to work with but I just can't find the time to move over everything from the Mac laptop I've been using for work for almost 2 years and wrote most of my thesis on.
Thing is, I like laptops. After thesis research and writing it seems clunky to be at a desk. Consequently it's turned into a bit of an overpriced sticky note board. If I ever get some time I have to switch because I dread breaking my lappy and losing everything. The PC automatically backs up to a server, which I could then access from my lappy if needed...it's just not happening.

Ah well.

On the plus side?
I am now caffeine free -it's awesome. Now that I've reached happy normal again I will do my best not to go back.



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