here we go again

My old supervisor (true to form) just let me know about a deadline next week that I didn't know existed that conflicts with work I already had to do...but means, if I can survive, I will have my MSc results presented as 3 posters  at the CAP conference in the US next month. She will take them as she is attending. And likely wants to cover them in red ink prior so I'm getting them to her with a weeks notice prior to their printing on the 25th... I just have to make them. In a week. Heh heh. I thought I had until May.
*whistle* ...apparently MA means MARCH not MAY.
I have the first one nearly done...I just wasn't spending a lot of time on them since I figure I had a few months.
I also have to complete the draft of my first paper for both of them to read over. Thankfully THAT is nearly done, and is my project of the evening, but with me having migraine headaches the last few days (due to weather I think) I am not done like I'd hoped to be at this point.
So...I am going into hiding and working on these. My "holiday weekend" this weekend will be one of work...but in the end, it means I will have lots of time in all of March to work on my poster for the conference I get to go to in April. And to spruce up my paper as well...
I'm calling on this little guy to get me through.

Just have to work hard like before for a few weeks. I can do that.

Talk amongst yourselves until the end of the month, K?


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