Just chillin at the sally ann

I had my first saturday shift working off my traffic ticket (2 more left) at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and I liked it for many reasons. While it took away form time I need to spend on my yard and house (Oh, I have schemes for this summer let me tell you!) it felt good to give back to the community instead of just handing over some cash (which admittedly I don't really have to hand over). Everyone I worked with was really nice and I actually enjoyed the time - didn't seem like work at all!

Something that really struck me was that since I have a great deal of pressure and responsibility at my current job it was so utterly soothing to just do simple repetitive tasks and let someone else tell me what to do. I swapped out old stock for new, tidied shelves and by the end of the day was very relaxed. I felt like I was helping. If I had the time it is something I might volunteer to do given the option. As a 40 hour a week job it would get tedious, but for me right now where I am it is definitely more than I thought it would be. Definitely less a punishment and more a therapy. Add to that the bonus that I found a neon green leather jacket for $20 and it was a kick-ass day overall!

Unexpected joy in little things.
Gotta love it :)


Every time I go to a thrift store, I ponder volunteering just to organize their bookshelves. Then I give up the idea when I realize how frustrated I'd end up because people wouldn't put the books back in the right order.

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