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Over at Cranky Fitness, on a rant about medical terminology, they posted a link to the Idiotic Table.
I love it.
The Idiotic Table lists all the *real* components of

Allergens : The Allergens, sometimes called the Flowergens, are emitted by flowers, and react readily with the human nasal system, in both pleasing and unpleasing ways.

Active Cheeses: The elements of the Active Cheeses are known for their property of readily bonding with other substances, such as Hamburger, Broccoli, Pizza.

Filler Materials: Substances which don't appear to conform to any given pattern are classified as Filler and stuffed in the middle of the table or shoved to the side. Their uses and properties are largely unknown: for example, nobody is entirely sure what Minnesota is for...

Alcohols: The Alcohols are known to cause increased levels of ambient Assium, and have been known to cause increases in Dissinum.

Innate Abilities: These elements are emitted by the brain during the use of psychic powers. Innate Abilities sometimes manifest in the presence of Tempertantrum and Hissifittium.

Fetishides: The Fetishides are inert, mainly because the other elements will not interact with them directly. However, Fetishides have been known to manifest in the presence of members of the Alcohols family.

"In 2003, many speculated upon the Element of Surprise, but it proved impossible to detect as just about everyone was already talking about it."


Altho I liked the elements of weaselpudgium, nutellium, geranium, hardon and delyrium, my favourite element...due to the sciencey wiencyness of it all was the molecule with atomic weight 999...Unobtanium.

Ah...geek humour is so hard to find. I'm still snickering...:)


Pacian said…
Now explain it all in terms of electron shells.

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