Only 3 long days left.
Then the pledge drive is OVER!

La lah la la lah laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
I'm counting the hours.

On the upside, my favourite vietnamese restaurant is only 2 blocks from the station...and now that it's payday I will be paying them a visit for some deluxe wonton goodness this evening.
THAT will make the night better for sure...


FirstNations said…
nah, go thai. they have 'larb guy' soup. wouldn't you rather tell a waiter 'Please bring me a very large bowl indeed of Larb Guy my good man; nay, an unfeasably large bowl of same if you would be so kind sir'? I know I would.
the Bag Lady said…
Wontons - yum.
Sheesh, I missed lunch.
See ya!
Anonymous said…
I splurged on some shrimp and noodles.


So full of noodley goodless...

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