The tree people came and trimmed all our dead branches and trees on friday...I had no idea how bad it was until they were all gone - now we have happy healthier trees and probably twice the light in our yard we used to. There were some dead branches taken down before they could fall down and now the yard looks rather spiffy. They had all the cool cherry pickertrucks and tools to do it right - and they took all the trimmed stuff away after. If only we didn't have to pay them...ah well. I love living in an older neighborhood with grand old trees...I want to keep the ones we have around as long as possible. It's actually gotten me excited about doing stuff to the outside of the house next is time. We've only lived here 6 odd years...can't ignore the yard forever...
Saturday was relaxing...went for a long walk in the woods and watched the leaves fall and went home to make yummy food and read books and nap in the sunshine. Even watched a movie or two. A fitting day off after 2 weeks of insanity.
On sunday it was the Cancer Run . Again this year we had a team from work, but there were 18 of us this time. Some of the girls couldn't run so we all walked was a really good time. Our team raised $4000 for cancer research- not too shabby. It poured rain the whole time, but it wasn't a cold day, so we all just got wet and had fun anyways.
On sunday after I warmed and dried up I made an experimental pie: Apple gjetost. It rocked.
Check out my food blog if you want to know more (I even remembered to take pictures this time...) I'm trying to put all my recipes in one place. (Cuz I'm a scientist and I feel the need to classify and organise...and I *do* make good food, if I may be so bold).
Hope you all had a good weekend. I did.
Now it's back to it...


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